“Can I Trust This Message?” – A Handy Guide To Discernment

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomRecently, there was this one super-controversial article posted on here in which a (purportedly) channelled spiritual entity was basically advising people to take the jab. And, with that article, ensued a flood of comments (and a raging debate) as to whom-to-believe and whom-not-to. I see this as a rather delightful occurrence myself, given that I wanted a nice little excuse (for quite some time now) to take the said topic head-on myself, and strike the iron (needle?) while it’s still hot! So, here we go folks!

RULE #1 OF DISCERNMENT: If it makes you feel like a VICTIM, it is NOT in your highest interest.

Because you’re so NOT a victim. You’re a Living God. A Creator Incarnate. Divinity Embodied. Perfection. Love. The ONE. To suggest otherwise is to straight up mislead you and LIE TO YOU, and is usually done by individuals, groups or energies who wish to take your innate power and sovereignty away from you. That course is best avoided by all those who seek to fast-track their way towards spiritual liberation, empowerment, enlightenment, ascension and what-else-have-you.

A few examples of Victim-Consciousness messaging:

“Be warned! DANGEROUS EVENT #69420 is coming soon and there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that you [= LITERAL GOD BEINGS] can ever hope to avoid it!”

“Be patient. “The Aliens” will soon come to rescue you [= LITERAL GOD BEINGS] all!”

“THEY are responsible for all of your life’s problems. Blame THEM for enslaving YOU! [= LITERAL GOD BEING]”

NOTE: I’ve highlighted all instances of the word ‘You’ with ‘[= LITERAL GOD BEINGS]’ to show you all as to just how friggin’ ABSURD all of that even is to even CONSIDER (let alone SAY out loud!)

RULE #2 OF DISCERNMENT: If it makes you FEEL BAD, it is most likely NOT in your highest interest.

Some people take this rule as some sort of a blanket statement to mean that anything that makes you “feel bad” is against your highest interests. Not so. If there was a Siberian Tiger sprinting towards you at crazy speeds right now, you ARE totally going to feel a Fear Response come up — which is just nature’s way of attempting to save your life (and to continue your species further). Also known as the ‘Fight or Flight’ response. Similarly, your Intuition or Higher Guidance can often warn you of impending dangers ahead, so as to get you to choose a better, safer course of action. This is NOT to be mistaken for messages that are outright designed to DISEMPOWER you. A key here is to watch out for the overall tone of the message, and decide / discern things for yourselves accordingly. Does the overall TONE / IMPLICATION of the said message sound EMPOWERING to you…or does it sound like the very OPPOSITE? Is it a soft, nudging, gentle voice of divine guidance giving you useful instructions for navigating (potential) pitfalls ahead…or is it literally a doom and gloom news forecast that has you scared for life? Is it coming from a calm, collected, WISE and PEACE-FILLED, All-Accepting place of Love and Balance and Wisdom and Guidance…or is it that Crystal Gazer who also moonlights (heh) as a Horror Movie director? Now, this sense may well take a little time, effort and practice to develop (given the nuances and subtleties often involved with regards to these things), but it IS INDEED something that you’re going to have to do at some point or the other. So might as well start right away, eh?

Some examples of Feel-Bad messaging:

“Be afraid, oh VICTIM [= ACTUAL GOD INCARNATE] of omniversal proportions! For you are but another corpse-to-be for all of these exotic plasma weapons should the bad guys choose to detonate them in your (collective) face AT WILL!”

“The REVAL / CRYPTOCURRENCY BOOM / GREAT DEPRESSION / GOLD BISCUIT MARATHON will happen soon and all of your [= ACTUAL GOD INCARNATE’S] problems will be solved then and ONLY THEN! (Hidden Subtext: Until that day arrives, suffer.)”

“You [= ACTUAL GOD INCARNATE] want your Happiness and Health and Love and Abundance delivered to you right NOW? Nope! Wait for THE EVENT / SOLAR FLASH / THE GREAT AWAKENING / THE LANDINGS / What-Else-Have-You to happen first, you absolute dolt!”

A GOD commands their reality AT WILL.

A GOD commands infinite abundance AT WILL.
A VICTIM awaits “Prosperity Packages.”
(Harsh, but it’s true and deep down YOU know this all too well too)

A GOD knows how to MANIFEST all that they desire by following their heart, their joy, and their breadcrumb-trail-of-excitement.
A VICTIM waits, and waits, and waits FOREVER for things to happen.
(Spoiler: They do not.)

Yeah, some of those realizations provided above can sure be rather inconvenient truths for many, and some (extremely) unpleasant eye-openers as well most likely. But I’m not here to be all cute and cuddly (that’s what your Teddy Bear’s for), I’m here to teach ya’ll The Art (and Science) Of Discernment. And so it is.

Moving on…

RULE #3 OF DISCERNMENT: Blame Games, Hatred, Negativity, Division, Anger, Victim Consciousness, Separation, Unkindness, and Name-Calling are NOT in your Highest Interest.

As a general rule, Higher Consciousness seeks UNITY, and NOT separation. It wants ONENESS, and NOT infighting. It seeks folks that FORGIVE and ACCEPT and SHOW COMPASSION towards one another as they are, and not Nuke and Eliminate and Annihilate one another out of existence. And this is but common sense, really. Like, come to think of it, when was the last time you heard of ‘Nuclear Jesus’ going to holy war against ‘Bomber Buddha’ and ‘Trigger-Happy Tirthankara’…all for the glorious cause and celebration of promoting rapid planetary enlightenment no less?

Never happened, never will.

Please note here that there are some messengers from groups that are often described as ‘New Age’ and such, who ALSO speak of Love and Light 24×7, but which seem (note the word, SEEM) to have less than your highest of interests at their heart. The simplest way to identify such (traps) is to see as to just WHERE these beings / groups / messages are LEADING YOU TO. In other words, if the messages do not EMPOWER you in any way shape or form, or CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER through that which they are offering you, they’re probably not meant FOR YOU. They could well be right for some others, and that’s all good, but since they are just not ASSISTING or UPLIFTING or Empowering YOU in any way, shape, or form; they’re probably not meant for YOUR consumption at the end of the day. Ultimately, we all want RESULTS from that which we consume (this very article included). And if the said articles / messages / messengers in question aren’t really EMPOWERING YOU, or making your life BETTER, more JOYFUL, more EXCITING, more FUN, and more LOVING in any way, shape or form here; then perhaps, an alternative course of action/s is due!

Some examples of Division-Friendly (lol) messaging:


“This is a WAR between the Light and the Dark…between US [ = ALL POWERFUL SOVEREIGN GODS WHO CAN ALTER REALITY ITSELF] and THEM!”

“THEY are the enemy. WE are the personification-of-all-that-is-kind-and-good-and-loving and it is THEY who corrupted US!” [= ALL POWERFUL SOVEREIGN GODS]
(This one always gets me. Like Every. Single. Time! Think you’re so cute and saintly? Go look up some of your “interesting’ past lives at a hypnotic regression session near you (if not your present one itself). Get enlightened real darn quick.)

RULE #4 OF DISCERNMENT: Those who Hide, Mislead, Distract, Gaslight, Distort, Lie, Divert, Delete, and Censor things are NOT in your Highest Interest.

If the “Galactic Federation Of Light” wanted to imbue those jabs with healing and helpful technologies that would “repair your DNA for you” (that too WITHOUT your knowing about it like, EVER) as has been alleged, THEY would do it OPENLY. And after (and ONLY after) taking your due, FREE WILL permissions in there no less. From EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE of us all INDIVIDUALLY (and EXPLICITLY), that too. And from all of us COLLECTIVELY as well, here. Not to mention that literally ALL higher channels bringing through messages and broadcasts of the LIGHT would be mentioning the said fact 24x7x366! After all, they’re not called the ‘Galactic Federation Of DARK’ the last that I checked, so why keep us in the DARK regarding their true intentions, here? Why all the hiding and secrecy? And for WHAT and for WHOM? And if they were THIS OPEN to helping us out by invading our God-gifted Free Will anyways, why not just save the whole planet from the negative ones (and clean things up from top to bottom) while they were at it anyways? Best grill themselves some Prime Directive Sandwiches too, while they’re at it!

It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Talk about desperation. (The word itself sounds a whole lot like ‘separation’, no?)

So that was your example for point #4. Basically, question EVERYTHING. And trust ACTIONS more than WORDS.
IGNORE NOT a person’s / organization’s HISTORY. Be AWARE. Eyes open. Ears open. All senses open. Trust your gut.
Then, verify it all with your Intuition AND your Logic. Seek answers from ALL POSSIBLE OUTLETS AND SOURCES.
Seek INNER GUIDANCE from WITHIN. Compare and Contrast your options, just like you do when you’re shopping online.

See what FEELS right. FEELS empowering. FEELS true to the CREATOR you (and NOT the “victim” you).

Is something you’re reading / receiving coming from SEPARATION or UNITY? From AUTHORITY or SOVEREIGNTY?
From FEAR or from LOVE?

Take your call once clear.

Witness it. Discern it. Decide it.
Take a call. MOVE ON.

And yes, you WILL INDEED get it wrong sometimes. Which is perfectly fine. Don’t fret over it too much.
Learn from it. Course correct. Keep going. No need to beat yourselves up over any of this. For mistakes are made by those bold enough to EVOLVE.
EVOLVE. That’s 2/3rds LOVE.

FORGIVE yourself, ACCEPT yourself, and keep on forging on ahead.

Your sincerity towards reaching self-realization and ascension is all that matters here! The rest shall take care of itself!

That’s all I have for today in the Discernment Department. If I’ve missed out on something, feel free to add it in the comments!

Also, PLEASE FEEL FREE to share this message across ALL of your Social Media profiles, Spiritual Communities and Groups (BOTH Online and Offline) and such, should it so resonate. You can also FREELY TRANSLATE IT for those who speak other languages, or Audio Record it as a service for the visually-disabled, dyslexic, and illiterate ones etc. You can also be bold and bring this topic up for discussion in your chats with friends, family members, neighbours, coworkers, acquaintances etc. should they show an openness / inclination to listen to any of these ideas at all; or if not, simply share an intention (prior to going to sleep) that you’ll share all of this info with them in the Astral Planes (Dream Planes), where they are far, FAR MORE open to receiving this info, and SUCH WILL BE DONE!

I humbly thank you ALL once again, for your incredible and most noble service to Humanity, Mother Earth, and ALL BEINGS THAT RESIDE UPON HER at large!

Stay joyful, always! 🙂


For Era of Light

12 Replies to ““Can I Trust This Message?” – A Handy Guide To Discernment”

  1. Kathleen Adair

    Thank you for having the courage to speak your truth! I have to say that I love this website but sometimes I will read something that makes me very, very confused. It has taken me a long, long time to grasp the concept of what duality really is and to move away from that. Duality has been our reality for so long that it can be hard to shake. Sometimes it seems so much easier and safer to have someone else tell me who the “bad guys” are so I can “hate them to death”, or have someone else tell me what is right or wrong. My truth is that “we are all one”, and to me that means that God made us all and loves us all, no matter what choices we have made. That means that God actually loves my ex-husband, Trump, Biden and anyone else that I felt harmed by, no matter what. I have worked hard to get to that place, and that is my truth. If something does not resonate with that I am not obliged to make it my truth. We are all at our own level of growth and understanding and it is not my place to tell anyone else that my truth is better than theirs. I am having a lot of fun, though, in making a conscious effort to see God in all and everyone. I SEE YOU!
    I think that my confusion came from no one saying what you have just said, and your words have given me the courage to trust in my discernment without judgement.

  2. Crystal

    Yes “I am Spirit, limitless, almighty, animating everything, eternal, sovereign and free”.
    Yes, also, our life can be made very challenging, and it will be so very much more comfortable once we’ll be a planet of living love, with all it implies of gentleness, as well as comfort without the need for money.
    And as for the DNA upgrade through vaccines: not to speak of the aspects of lies and of ignoring our integrity, it wouldn’t need such a thing to upgrade our DNA. It would rather be that those who are co-caring for us will find a way to give a 180° turn to the impossible to ignore harmful intentions of the inoculations.

  3. Janet

    So glad you addressed the latest ‘grenade’ message in question, and Discernment, overall. That flip-vaxx msg accelerated my heartrate, but I’d already been feeling queasy w/other msgs from the same ‘transmitter;’ so, I put it on the back burner, and am pleasantly surprised that ‘I AM Aseim’ brought it forward!

    One of the most ‘irritating’ (like that grain of sand irritating a pearl into existence?) aspects of timefolds, dimensional bleed-throughs, and unrelenting plasma bombardment, is that it’s challenging, ‘time-wise’ to find that ‘stillpoint’ where discernment is a “no-doubter.” Being “pinned” for an instantaneous response, or action, leaves a gap, or ‘shield weakness,’ where damned near any cracked idea can ‘sneak in’ as if it’s ‘Truth.’ Reminds me of getting a static shock from walking on a carpet; it’s always unexpected, no matter how many times it’s happened!

  4. Vera Spacy

    Very informative. We can’t go off half-cocked every time someone who claims to be channelling writes something. The spirit world has different levels of evolution, of development and often times a channeller himself will not know who the heck he is tuning in to. If you’ve been getting advice from masters, don’t toss it out because of something an 8th grader told you. Think of channellings as a buffet; take what you like, what resonates with you and leave the rest.

    1. Barbara

      I’m printing for discussion in my spiritual circle, too. Clear, concise, and thank you for the humor, too. Well done, Aseim!

  5. Mary

    More shredding for the mind? Kind words for rational thinking are always appreciated. Do I think “Farmers” have played with our DNA before all Covid vaccinations? YES. Does it resonate with common sense that upgrades are possible through injections, YES. I like details to substantiate ideas. I was thankful for that article to calm fears for people who have been vaccinated. Now, let’s see who addresses all the earlier experiments in History?

  6. Spark

    I would add here what helps me to discern : 1. I go under the layer of the words – to the layer of the energy that is transmitted – in that place I feel from my heart whether it feels true or not.
    2. After reading the message ,do I feel that energy has been added to me from it ?, or not. If not , These are empty words that pretend to be true channeling.