Soul Initiations

lightworker eraoflightdotcomYour soul is monitored day and night by the Divine, the Ascended Masters and Archangels who work with your soul and Higher Guides.

Before you incarnate you meet with these Beings, and your soul contract is created. The Soul Contract involves:

1. Your Soul purpose and mission while on planet earth, in highest alignment with your soul Name (which indeed holds your soul genius, the attributes the Divine Created within you and which you are meant to express so that the Divine can experience its own Creation THROUGH you). Indeed, during a soul’s evolution it will forever express this and thus the highest master of a soul, will involved the mastery of its own inner genius to ever greater degrees. Indeed, the inner purpose, mission and calling of the soul, will remain the same, no matter where it exists or sojourns in its infinite journeys and existences on through the Universes.

2. The Soul lessons in highest Master you wish to obtain.

3. Whatever you need to work through with other souls, where you created certain patterns and these need to be dissolved, so that new and higher healthier patterns can be created – in essence the return to pure, unconditional love, unity and harmony.

4. The Collective Purpose and Mission and Higher Calling of a GROUP of souls who have worked for many lifetimes towards the immense completion now, and thus to collectively transfigure and be reborn in the New Earth and the New Creation, and in process anchor in the Collective Work, the Collective Vision for the New Golden Age. Most importantly to return what was lost along the way, but in a New Creative Form as one with the Divine Source.

When your soul is ready to master certain soul lessons, as you ever evolve (hopefully), and are ready to raise your light quotient and thus step ever higher into the truth of your soul and indeed its purpose and mission (but in a far higher way than before) your will indeed be purified, challenged (to see if you have mastered the lessons and are applying them as a Master). These are INITIATIONS. Once you have passed the initiations, you will always be gifted with more than you ever asked for, and these gifts bestowed upon you, will then lift you to next tier and next until your soul indeed attains the mastery it chose to attain.

Often during incarnations, the most dedicated souls, will indeed be given more and more of the Divine Gifts, as they are ready to receive them and often far more than initially agreed upon, because the soul was so dedicated and pure in its intent to attain even higher degrees of Soul Mastery. Some however, simply be the choices they make while incarnated, and some because they sunk into the seas of forgetfulness and ignore the wake up calls, will sink ever lower than before. All is indeed the soul’s own making for here on planet earth it has free will and choice.

Initiations are never easy to go through. You will be tested to the core, but once you gain in mastery, and pass the initiation, you can never go back to where you were before. You indeed have transcended those lessons, and thus need never repeat them again.

This is the moment of the greatest of soul initiations, as we are now in the deepest purification ever experienced before.

All of these initiations are geared toward our finally mastering the lessons of being truthful, being authentic, indeed, of living our highest soul truth AS ONE with the Divine. Thus claiming the Divinity within for indeed every soul is powerful in its own right and indeed there is not one single soul who cannot stand in the fullness of their soul powers and utilize them, as a master!

All initiations bring the soul back to Unconditional Love – for self and others and even more so, the Divine Love, which is Omnipotent.

For in truth the Kingdom of Heaven is found within you, your own heart and soul. You indeed were created of the same stuff with which galaxies and star systems were created and indeed, you carry the whole Omniverse within you. For what is above, is below and what is within – is without.

Soul lessons in mastery are indeed but the remembrance to apply the Power, which is within you in co-creative ways, AS ONE with the Divine and within the Divine Laws and more than this, within the Power of Love.

**By Judith Kusel