The Pleiadians: Frequency and Time

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomDear ones, we, the Pleiadians, are you from the future. You could say we are a higher evolved version of humanity.

In your understanding of time you could say that a long time ago our DNA, amongst others, was used to create the human race.

We made deals with other beings who also contributed their DNA. By the time our decision was made we had good intentions and it all seemed to be a good experiment.

The creator gods we made deals with back then, turned out to be different than what we had expected.

You thought you were living in a free world, following your day-to-day lives and living what you thought to be your destiny.

But in reality, you are living out a fully controlled dream. An illusion that has been purposefully created and imprinted into your consciousness.

You were not informed about the true origins of your race to keep the capacity of your mind limited. So that you would think that this reality you’re living in is the only reality.

But in truth there are endless many realities. A reality can be compared to a radio station. But you can only tune into its program if you know the right frequency.

Your frequency has been kept low and within the last few years and decades you have arrived at an all-time low.

Your existence on planet earth is based on the frequency of fear.

Fear is the frequency which those who rule over you feed off. Fear is what empowers them. Fear is how you allow them to play with you like masters play with their puppets.

Time is not linear as you have been taught. The only time and place that is real is now here (nowhere).

This basically means that there is an infinite number of possibilities regarding the future outcome of your current situation on planet earth.

You may imagine that some of these probabilities do not look too exciting.

What is happening on earth is impacting the entire universe. Many civilizations from other stars are suffering under the “future” development of earth.

We are only one of many Star Nations who have decided to incarnate into human bodies, we have chosen certain experiences to awaken within this life and to ultimately guide humanity into a higher frequency In which you will thrive and be free.

We, the Pleiadians, are your cousins from another planet. And as it is with members of a family, we have come to help you and by helping you we are also helping our own civilization to thrive.

Today we would like to inform you once again that many Star Nations have come together as the Galactic Federation and have decreed to send their bravest warriors of light to earth to assist humanity during the inevitable shift in consciousness.

You are not alone. We are here with you.

You will recognize Pleiadian earth incarnations by their fearless attitude, their artistic sense, a strong sense of humor, their great healing abilities, their unusual wisdom for their age, their high level of intelligence and ultimately their deep compassion and love for humanity.

They will also look much younger than their age. This is by design. It is the blueprint that was chosen for Starseed incarnations. It serves as a trigger to remind you and activate the part of you that has been manipulated and brainwashed to believe that aging is natural for your race.

Pleiadian incarnations refuse to age on earth. They will not look older than being in their early 30s while they might be in their 40s and 50s already. This is to make this frequency accessible to you.

As your planet is ascending and your DNA evolves your body undergoes changes.

Aging, disease and death are concepts that were planted like seeds in your minds by your malevolent masters. We are here to eradicate these malfunctioning thoughts from your minds by being living examples who prove the opposite.

Many of you ask, “How do we recognize a Pleiadian on earth?” It’s simple, whenever you come across a person who is a healer, a teacher, an artistic soul, and a guide out of the matrix, you have found one of us.

We are here to guide you home.

ET is not coming, we are already here.

We are here amongst you, incarnated in human bodies to help you elevate your frequency from fear to love. That’s what a high frequency means, to vibrate with the resonance of love.

Open your hearts, put fear aside. Love is the answer.


Blessings of divine love & light to my family of light,

**Channel: Aurora Ray

Ambassador of The Galactic Federation


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