Empower Your Soul Connection Part 9 and 10

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About the Soul Simulation Technique

With the Soul Simulation technique, you will be taking an excursion into the soul’s world of infinite possibilities. Now that you more completely understand the nature of your soul, you will be able to work with your soul to create a reality simulation.

The principle behind the Soul Simulation technique is that you can set an intention to create a version of you – an alternate, simulated version of you – who will explore a path of action to develop any potential you wish to investigate.

Your soul then goes through the motions of creating that alternate path of action in a way that is truly real – just as real as your daily life, in fact, but running in a different compartment of consciousness than your daily awareness. At the culmination of the simulation, there will exist an alternate version of you who can answer your questions about what their experiences have taught them and, therefore, what you can learn from them.

It’s the ultimate shortcut to achievement. It’s like having the answers to a test before you take it.

Once the need for this alternate version of yourself is over, your soul discontinues paying it any attention and it will cease to exist. However, if you later wanted to go back to that version of you to ask more questions, your soul will simply re-create the necessary self. It is literally like starting and stopping a dream, then deciding to re-create and restart the dream at a later time.

A soul simulation is perfectly real because your soul lives in a realm where all souls are connected and can communicate with each other as needed. As you know, your soul is creating a dream that you experience as your daily physical life. Daily life is like becoming totally immersed in a movie to the point where you feel you are in the movie, yet much more real.

Having freedom of the dimension of time, your soul lives in a realm where the eternal Now is the reality. Running up and down timelines is an exercise in research and literally takes no time at all. Even if the simulation involves years of specific effort, the results become available right now, in the eternal Now, ready for your inspection.

In the soul realm, what we think of as the passage of time on a clock or calendar are seen as what they really are – a sequence of different viewpoints of the same great Now moment.

Change is another concept that is different in the soul realm. While we are used to change taking place over time so that we can gain from the experience and learn from it, change in a soul realm simulation is instantaneous. Once a choice is made, that decision instantly reflects on the present, future, and even the past aspects of the timeline in question.

In the next exercise, when you meet face to face with an alternate simulation of you, remember that, although you will have set the intention for that simulation just a moment before, your alternate self may have just spent years traveling the path you set into play with your intention.

The information you can gain from such an encounter is priceless. Years of trial and error can be bypassed through the use of the Soul Simulation technique and the fruits of your labors applied in a way that ensures the success of your endeavors.

The Soul Simulation Technique in Detail

Begin by sitting upright in a chair in a quiet place with your hands resting loosely in your lap and the palms facing downward.

With your eyes closed, breathe in through your nose. See the universal life energy that fills the air as a white light coming into your body and down your spine all the way to the base of the spine.

When you breathe out through your nose, see the white light rise back up the spine to the heart chakra, positioned outside the body just in front of the breastbone, filling this energy center in front of the chest with its vibrant white light.

Breathe into the base of the spine and then out to empower your heart chakra, which is the gateway to spiritual consciousness.

Continue this cycle of in-breaths and out-breaths for a total of nine times. See the heart chakra as a sphere of energy which intensifies with each and every breath.

Next, allow yourself to feel a beautiful sense of gratitude. Gratitude for your soul, for being alive, for simply existing and for being in the flow of the adventure of life.

See the energy sphere of your heart chakra as a miniature sun, radiating outwards and yet being constantly replenished by the unlimited supply of love that fills the universe.

Now, with your eyes closed and yet looking slightly upwards above the horizontal, take the bright ball of energy which envelops your heart chakra and move it up to your “third eye” chakra, just in front of your brow. This will activate your perception of all aspects of soul consciousness.

Now, tune into the feeling that is the unique signature tone of your soul consciousness.

Next, decide on the intention of this soul simulation session. Decide on a version of you who already has what it is that you want to develop. In that case, intend that you will visit a potential version of yourself who has taken that path of development to a successful conclusion and has fully achieved that personal goal.

Having set the intention of this session, in your mind’s eye look out from the brow chakra and see a large, light-filled tunnel ahead of you. This is a ‘magic’ tunnel that will transport you to an alternate, future place where this requested version of yourself has achieved the goal.

As you move into the magic tunnel, you perceive an even brighter white light in the distance. Travel through the tunnel to the light at the end. As you emerge from the tunnel, you find yourself in a white room where the walls and ceiling appear to radiate a soft, sunshine-type of light.

In the room, you see a person – the requested version of you – who turns and looks at you. There are two chairs in the room. You say hello, noticing how it feels to look at a created version of yourself, and then both sit facing each other.

Ask your other self what he or she knows that will help you meet the goal of this exercise. Your alternate, simulated self will have been through all the work and the trial and error necessary to discover success in this endeavor.

Tune into your other self’s mind to see what they do when they are in their goal-related work, to see how they have learned to do things. Merge with their mentality to see how they think and feel and notice how they have become slightly different than you because of the experiences they have gained. Keep asking what you need to learn from them so that you can develop in the desired direction more easily and surely.

Finally, take a “snapshot” of the vibratory signature of this ideal version of yourself. Their sigtone will be very similar to yours, yet modified to include that which has been added to their life. By adding their vibratory signature to yours, you now know what they know and you can feel what they feel. Mentally say, “Make it so” to fix this vibration in your memory. What this version of you has can then unfold within your life at a pace that is ideally suited to you.

Thank the other version of you, say goodbye for now, and depart. Travel back through the tunnel to your third eye, drop down to the heart chakra and relax while contemplating what you have learned. Remember the sigtone of this ideal, simulated version of you as it can always be there to help you as needed.


The Barking Dog Dilemma

Imagine a dog living in a suburban neighborhood, where detached houses are arranged in closely-packed lots along each street. The dog knows that it is supposed to bark at people who get too close to its home. So, naturally, every time one of the neighbors comes out of their home, the dog barks endlessly at the neighbor.

Hopefully a solution can soon be found to such a situation, but I mention it here to illustrate a situation which can arise with the human ego.

The human ego’s function is to protect the boundaries of your individuality. If it feels that those boundaries are threatened, its natural function is to make warning noises.

Most spiritual seekers have already found ways to be at peace with their egos when it comes to exploring ways that may expand their consciousness. Any steps toward higher consciousness are steps of exploration and – let’s face it – they are the essence of life itself to the adventurous soul!

Spiritual seekers live to explore higher consciousness. Our mission in life is to find ways to continually raise our consciousness, whether through insights, meditation, or the experiences of life.

In general, the egos of spiritual seekers understand that pursuing such avenues of exploration is perfectly fine because that’s where the fun in life lies! There is no way that we would shy away from the excitement of new discoveries in our pathway toward higher consciousness.

So, off we go, following a magical yellow brick road with our ego-sense of identity happily in tow because adventure is afoot!

But, what happens when you meet another version of yourself face to face?

Is your sense of identity threatened? Do you feel horrified and say, “Oh, gosh, that’s me, standing there… just like me, but a little bit different.” After all, you’ve never met what seems to be a clone of you face to face. It would be like suddenly finding out you have a twin, but even stranger than that. All because your sense of identity has been surprised by what must, at first, seem very strange.

However, like the barking dog that is trying to help but actually causing an unnecessary problem, your ego needs have no fear that its identity is threatened. That alternate you is a created projection, a simulation that will cease to exist the moment your sense of curiosity is satisfied.

It is curiosity that creates alternate versions of you and it is the satisfaction of curiosity that ends the simulation.

A more appropriate reaction to seeing a created version of you is to see how it is different in ways you intended and then figure out how to gain from such information while you have the opportunity.

To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes’ favorite saying to his friend as he prepared to rush out on an exciting quest to solve the next mystery, “Come, Watson, the game is afoot!”… and so it is with us.

Come, the adventure is afoot!

Exercise: Soul Guidance

Next, repeat the Soul Simulation technique given in Part 9, but make the following change to the procedure. This will be an opportunity to gain direct soul guidance in creating a better life in a way that is most meaningful to you.

Instead of deciding on the intention of this soul simulation session, ask your soul consciousness to provide the potential version of you that would be the most educational for you at this time.

Empower Your Soul Connection Part 7 and 8

**By Owen Waters


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