Sananda: Connecting With the Higher Self

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Beloved people,

God is revealing Himself to you in these days. While the pressure outside is increasing, God is settling in your hearts. Slowly you are beginning to realize that the turmoil in the world is only a reflection of your own thoughts and emotions. To come to peace, to become still inside – that is what it is all about now.

So I invite you to daily introspection, daily meditation and daily prayer. In this way you will strengthen the bond between you and God, and through this you will become more and more firm in your faith, and in your trust in God you will remain constant.

The difficulty that many people face today is that they keep “tipping out” of their center and are caught up in the maelstrom of this time. As soon as you leave your own four walls, it is important to be awake and aware. It is important to be mindful and attentive to the whole environment.


So I urge you, please protect yourself when you leave the house. As soon as you step outside, build an energetic protection around you.

I, (state your name here), AM PROTECTED!

Keep saying this until you feel it is so. This short and simple phrase creates an energy field of protection that is more urgent today than ever.


The turmoil on the outside continues to increase, a big storm is coming and it is important to be prepared for it – and this is the aspect we want to focus on now. The best preparation for life lies in a good connection to the spiritual light and to the HIGH SELF.


The HIGH SELF lives detached from the earthly heaviness and is nevertheless connected with you in the closest way. It is omniscient, it accompanies you and directs you in the right direction. A constant connection with the HIGH SELF is elementary and existential.

Through an intact connection to your HIGH SELF you never go astray. You can only fulfill your tasks as a human being through this.

People who are cut off from their HIGH SELF feel alone and always reach the point of despair at some point.

Therefore, open yourself to this transcendent perception of your existence. The more present your relationship to the HIGH SELF is, the more oriented you are and the less events can frighten you. Only those who do not establish a connection to themselves or to God lose the thread of life and must despair of the world as it is now.

In all external activities to which you feel obliged or urged, be aware: the constant connection to your inner “soul guide”, to the divinity within you, is the key to get through this time sane and healthy.

What makes you, human, is much more than you think – and it leads to trouble if you disregard this fact and roam the energetic jungle of these days on your own.

God is with you and your HIGH SELF sets the impulses in your life, which you need for your spiritual growth.

So that you can experience tomorrow and survive the upheaval unscathed, an intimate cooperation with your HIGH SELF is urgently necessary today.

Take up the contact in meditation or in prayer and thereupon stay connected forever – with your HIGH SELF.


**Translation from German to English by

**Channel: Jahn Kassl


2 Replies to “Sananda: Connecting With the Higher Self”

  1. Wayne Hansen

    “So that you can experience tomorrow and survive the upheaval unscathed, an intimate cooperation with your HIGH SELF is urgently necessary today.”
    One meaning of upheaval is: an upward displacement of part of the earth’s crust.

    The Tartarians made the mansions and cathedrals
    The Tartarians made the Star Forts, the Star Cities
    But the Mud Flood came
    A civilization was being destroyed
    All hope was lost
    That is when the Golden Light flooded in
    That is when the Ships of the Sky came
    The people of the Light were ascended up