The Highest Truth of Your Soul

lightworker eraoflightdotcomThis huge shift is bringing us back to the highest truth of our soul and the reason we all incarnated.

So many souls give their own soul power away, to other people and often to those whom they think they serve, but then resent them because they feel powerless.

Nowhere was this more seen and indeed is still seen, in women who often falsely believe that they need a man in their life to validate their existence, or to make them complete, or to fulfill them, or that they need to have had children in order to be a true woman. All of this is false programming which has been handed down and indeed is not true. Many women live their lives through their children. Yet the children have their own unique soul purpose and calling to live and indeed, be soul empowered.

Every woman and every man are deserving to live a Soul Empowered life, empowered from deep WITHIN, and then radiating this forth into the world with great love.

The truth is that no one can validate you, nor make you feel worthy, nor indeed empower you. All of this lies within yourself and your own relationship with yourself and your Maker.

Indeed, when the heart opens and soul is fully present, in its profound genius and fullness, there is no void. For the soul is now living life from a much higher perspective, knowing itself as Divine, and living its highest truth, with unconditional love, for self and others. It embraces both its deepest shadow and its highest light, knowing that BOTH are necessary in order to bring about balance and harmony within.

More than this, when a soul is deeply fulfilled from within and living its highest soul truth, it vibrates at a much higher frequency, and then, indeed will attract the soul into its orbit who is indeed the perfect match. They indeed enhance each other and thus there is beautiful balance and harmony and unconditional love, which gives each other the freedom to be, simply themselves.

Each soul then can stand fully in their own light, without the one overshadowing the other, or one being more or less.

There has been a huge release in the last few days of the collective imbalance and indeed the patterning of pain and suffering, which so often came about because of souls allowing themselves to be disempowered and indeed forgetting the truth of their own soul power and living this.

By stepping into our highest truth, we indeed live it.

There is nothing as powerful as a soul who is indeed at home within its own Divinity and lives a soul empowered life. Yet it is a power steeped in unconditional love for self and others and one which indeed creates unity and harmony, for indeed, it sees no competition, no need to judge, no need to shrink itself nor blow itself up.

The soul indeed becomes the unconditional Love which changes the world.

**By Judith Kusel