Message from JFK: Postscript re. the Vaccine, and Our Future 5D World!

jfk eraoflightdotcomMy beloved Patriots, Lightworkers, and all who are working for the Light…welcome, welcome!

Before I begin my message, I would like to address my most recent message through Losha, regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

In it, I stated that the vaccine had the ability to “upgrade” the galactic DNA which is not of the Light, that is inside you…there have been both light and dark galactic species inlaying their DNA into your physical vessels throughout the millennia. As such, the vaccine has recently been altered by the benevolent galactics to provide the upgrade about which I speak.

Now, there is one caveat to what I am proposing…one must “believe” the vaccine can truly upgrade your DNA, as opposed to killing you, as is being purported by many. Yes, there have been deaths related to the vaccine…however, just as with any other cabal-created event, those who have crossed over from the vaccine have generally been fulfilling their “contracts” with God and are blessed and protected in all ways. As many of you already know, each person has their own contract to live out in this lifetime, and each of you is contributing greatly to the greater good for all!

The reason I brought up such a controversial and extreme subject in the beginning was to demonstrate the power of “creating our own reality”. There is fear being generated on both sides of this issue. Now, since the vaccines have been made more benevolent in the last few months, it then comes down to whether or not one is willing to reach outside their comfort zone and “believe” that the vaccine can indeed be beneficial, rather than destructive.

My Losha took on this very challenging “test” for herself because she is learning that she can truly change her mindset regarding a very extreme topic, such as the vaccine. Prior to receiving the vaccine, she was very “anti-vax” as you would call it. Now she has proven to herself that she can indeed change her mindset, and create positive outcomes under even the most challenging of circumstances, and she continues to utilize this way of thinking now and is experiencing beneficial outcomes, no matter the subject. I ask you this…is not the Divine living within everything?…including a vaccine? Whatever one thinks and feels, one creates.

Again, I state that neither I, nor Losha, are advocating that anyone else receive the vaccine, unless they are truly open to changing their way of thinking about it, and to see a positive, instead of a negative, outcome. Therein lies the difference I am addressing.

I understand there is a plethora of “evidence” out there indicating the opposite of what I say, is true…and I leave the decision of which you will choose to believe, up to each one of you…and I send all of my Love and Protection to shine upon you.

With this said, I believe this matter to be closed, now. Thank you.

Now, let us move on to much more joyous topics…that of our brand new world…and within the United States, our newly restored Republic. I am so very happy that we are getting closer and closer to this reality.

As I mentioned earlier about creating our own reality, that also applies with regard to our new world which we are currently “creating.” It is being created with every thought, action, and feeling that each of you experiences. Even though there are still some rather daunting and challenging events which need to happen first (in order to help wake up those humans who are still “sleeping”), those of us who are already awake must remember that each of us is integral to “creating” our future world.

You will hear of many sad and upsetting events which will cause you to feel helpless, however, you are not. These moments are the exact times when all must send Love to those who are in peril, but also to send Love to yourselves, so you might be able to look beyond what is happening in this 3D world, toward your future 5D, world. That is where your thoughts, deeds, and prayers are needed most, right now…your 5D world!

Your 5D world is based upon the Love that is shared for one another, and the actions of “community” become so very important…and it is here, NOW…and it requires each of you to contribute positive thoughts and emotions toward its creation.

However, if you allow yourself to stay mired in the 3D way of thinking, which is primarily “negative” in nature, it will take much, much longer for your 5D world to manifest. I personally believe you all have suffered long enough under the cabal’s dark ministrations, and you now “deserve” the better life which all beings in the Universe truly deserve. It is our inalienable right. You have heard that before, yes?

I wish you all could see how glorious your future is to be…it would make your heart sing! I would join in the singing with you, however I was never blessed with a voice that could carry a tune very well, so I will leave that to you (smile).

As I have said many times before, I Love each of you with all of my heart, and I am watching over you, always. Until we speak again.

Your ever-devoted, Jack.

**Channel: Losha


23 Replies to “Message from JFK: Postscript re. the Vaccine, and Our Future 5D World!”

  1. Star_struck

    Losha is just doing what her soul contract is and it maybe leaving this realm soon. Yes we can transmute things but why would a conscious person who knows what is in it, knows what the agenda is about, and knows what time it is …..put that in their body!? Vaccine is the 3D solution we are moving to 5d and the higher energies will not support a body that is devolving.

  2. Carly

    Considering logic,

    The first conclusion I have come to is that Donald Trump is cabal. He promotes the vaccine and takes credit for it. He therefore is in the pocket of the cabal. This being the case there is no difference between him and Biden and there is no point in getting him back in office by overturning the election result.

    The second conclusion I have come to is that if the vaccine works and kills 90 to 95% of humans then those that remain will be either cabal or their slaves and if you’re not cabal then life would not be worth living.

    Discarding logic and going with my intuition / gut feeling,

    The vaccine will not kill 90 to 95% of humans because it has largely, but not completely, been negated. By who or what means I do not know.

    That is my gut feeling. And no I’m not saying take it. I just 100% believe it isn’t going to kill the vast majority of people that do take it.

    Where does that leave Donald Trump – is he cabal or does he know something more about the vaccine?

    I honestly don’t know. I’d probably go with my logic statement on that though. Which is disappointing for me because I believed in him.

    With regard to Losha, she isn’t channelling JFK, she is just another in a long long line of fakes trying to make a name by being controversial and then sell you stuff so I would disregard everything written by her.

    1. Davey

      Hi Carly, just wanted to share another perspective on what you wrote :). I don’t believe Trump is DS, there was a potential that the DS wanted to keep this novid crap going for many years. This would have led to massive impoverishment, a breaking down of economies in all countries (except china of course). Huge numbers of people would have lost their lives. So I believe although the V is trojan horse, he was backing the JJ V, which although has all sorts of crap in it, wasn’t a DNA altering version. The idea was to bring a swift end to this by taking the lesser of the two evils. Most of the unawakened had been mind washed into believing that the only way out was with a V (don’t forget, Trump tried to roll out, early on, therapeutics such as HCQ, etc.) but got trashed and accused of all sorts for doing so. The trouble is the MSM brain washing people to believe garbage. So it seems this was the only option left for a viable shut down of the novid BS. So I appreciate your perspective, though I see things differently :).

  3. Tammy

    There is an inverse to everything; an antidote for all nefarious activity during these times, just as it has been that everything good has been inverted by the dark which we are undoing. The galactics dumbed down the pathogen that was meant to depopulate the world by 90%. Why is it so hard to believe that they may do this for the jab? I will never get a vaccine but my mind is open to the possibility that we might not know everything going on with the plan.
    It actually makes sense that this has been twisted as well in ways we don’t currently understand.

  4. Phil

    Ultimately, if we *want* the vaccine to harm, it *will* harm. No one is suggesting that anyone takes it if they’re not comfortable. But think about your loved ones who took it. Do you want their condition to be transmutable, or intransmutable?
    Thanks to Losha for going off the beaten path.

  5. Sean

    Is this some kind of ‘woke’ channeling? It’s frustrating to read a message like this. Being coerced by governments and corporations into a depopulation vaccine might backfire and improve people’s DNA because the people taking it believe it’s safe? Is fluoridated drinking water making us smarter and GMO foods improving fertility too?

    If a large majority of people all take the vaccine it becomes much easier for our overreaching governments to mandate them. If people don’t make a stand against this type of abuse of power we’ll continue down this road of giving up our liberties and freedoms in exchange for vaccines and lockdowns. It’s not just about health risks.

    I believe in positive thinking and law of attraction, but I would never purposely risk my health. It seems like some kind of inverted law of attraction where you purposely do something negative to see if you can force a positive outcome.

    Like I could shoot myself in the head believing I’ll survive, maybe it’ll even change my brain and make me smarter. The galactics will alter the bullet into a benevolent rainbow-colored bullet of love and light. Right JFK? Seems like the bullet in your head lowered your IQ a bit instead of turning into love and light after reading this one.

  6. John Sutter

    This message is about turning water into wine. Maybe if we get to 5D we will have this ability, but the fact that you are reading this and posting here indicates you are still in this 3D reality.

    This shot is intended to depopulate most of humanity and transform the survivors into something other than human.

    So, advocating for this shot in any way is malicious.

  7. AlwaysLight

    Just thought I would add a few things here:

    1) If you were looking to see if you could change your reality or bodily condition using belief, why not just do that as it is, why the need to inject a third party element that is doing such harm to ‘see’ if you could make it do good for you? you do indeed have complete power over your reality as it is, an additional outside serum is not needed at all.

    2) I believe in the original message, Losha wanted to take it for reasons unknown and wanted to justify the take, could be wrong, this is just the energetic read I perceived from the message itself

    3) Even if this was a genuine attempt at a self challenge, what about all the other things in the V, it’s not just a gene altering soup, it contains nano tech and a host of other things, did these factor into your plan of self change?

    There are literally people walking around who have taken it who are finding that bluetooth devices want to connect to them. In other words, they now have tech in their bodies.

    So I would kindly suggest that this a message from a person who wanted to justify this to themselves and needed others to support this idea.

    In peace and kindness 🙂

  8. Derek

    If you jump off this cliff, and truly believe you won’t die, you won’t Why do I need to jump off the cliff? Nothing resonates here. Sorry JFK. You seem to be spreading misinformation. I have noticed my strong reaction to that idea. I’ll give you that.

  9. 一个深爱生命的人类

    i know that DNA natural upgrades code is in nature itself……. ture precious things are all free and open to all life… sunshine never choose ,it just shining…the sunlight already have the DNA human body Upgrade Code…everyone can choose for youself . you want ascension or not…nature is very easy and clearly. nature don’t play trade or treat. nature just exist Beings. Vaccine…hhhhhh. nature loves life. don’t need such complicated things. universe nature just use winds. starlight. water. fire. in life’s soul and heart… up life.
    so simple things. don’t use JFK ,s name.

  10. Phil

    Here’s the issue. The vaccine supposedly protects against Sars-v2-coronavirus, which has never been shown to exist. If your point of view were true, it would mean:
    1) they made up a viral disease
    2) so that they could vaccinate people about *another* unrelated genetic disease
    3) which has been undisclosed to the recipient of the vaccine
    Does it sound like something a being of light would do?

    There are a lot of things to transmute here… if you can channel technical information on how to do that, please share it.

  11. Daedalus

    I have created my own reality by strongly rejecting any vaccination.

    There wasnt any fear in particular, there was merely a rejection – I didnt want it, and there was no reason for me to get it no matter from which side I would observe it. It was and is pointless for me.

    Instead of thinking about vaccine – how about thinking about a massive global economic and financial change ? The money chase ruined so many people and many died in that … many many from stress accumulated over time from futile chase.

    Once the money is not a focal point in our lives anymore, much more will unravel immediately for billions of people.

    1. Claudia

      Hi Daedalus,

      you´re saying “I have created my own reality by strongly rejecting any vaccination.” but do you actually know what THAT means?

      1. “The MEANING/POWER of words” have changed “on the way to ascension” because at least everybody coming to pages like this should by now have realized that “THERE ARE NO OPPOSING FORCES IN GOD” or “OPPOSING FORCES” HAVE BEEN PART OF THIS ILLUSION…

      2. “OPPOSING FORCES” were needed within this illusion for “THE PRESSURE” or “TO PRESSURE” because THE LID WILL/(can only) COME OFF BY “ITSELF” which is why “nobody” can tell “WHEN EXACTLY” this will happen.

      But if “IN TRUTH THERE IS NOTHING TO REJECT” then it´s pretty clear that “YOUR REALITY must be” already missing something… that´s how easy it is “TO RUIN THE WHOLE” before it has even started I´d say…

      “WELL DONE STRONG MAN”… well done…

      1. Daedalus

        It simply means this – wont take the vaccine, its pointless. This is what I reiterated above in post. I took decision based on my free will.

        “There are no opposing forces” – maybe on higher aspect of view, but neither I nor you know this yet, because were now in this state of being.

        Explain the opposing forces logic if there are murderers, rapists, pedophiles in this reality ? Its very obvious there are opposing forces here, and we need to do something based on our free will instead of sitting plainly doing nothing and singing “Kumbaya my Lord”.

        1. Claudia

          “THANK GOD!” you never charged anybody for that ton of “information” you´ve shared with thousands of people…

          1. Daedalus

            You dont understand that this is about principle first and foremost. When someone charges for “spirituality”, they overlay even potentially beneficial information with a good layer of greed.

            Then, that returns to them as even more greed. They become more dependent on it. They become more miserable, even if they do earn more. Why ? Because they only want more… and thats a futile chase they cannot ever win.

            I wont go down onto your level of attempting to mock someone else just because you think its ok to spread more misery in this reality. Its anyways the game you set up on yourself, and similar individuals like you.

            And that game is already lost by all who are into it, they just havent realized it yet. Thats about their awakening from their slumber – but not my problem if theyre stubborn or ignorant of it.

    2. John Sutter

      If I have the ability through faith to transmute the poisonous MRNA shot into a benevolent genetic transforming force for good, then why do I even need this poisonous shot at all? Should I not have the ability to upgrade my DNA directly? Another specious argument for taking the so called “vaccine”.

      Just because this Losha has not died from it does not mean she is out of the woods. This is made to have a delayed effect. What good would it do them to inject you and you die within minutes. Even the most brainwashed would refuse it.

      1. Daedalus

        Im unsure how someone thinks that majority of people, who are concerned with survival matters to large extent, bombarded constantly with fear and who also project fear outside, think they can transmute the potential threat ?

        It sounds like taking a big risk for them. And if people dont know – its 2 years period of vaccine “trial”. Which means that anything could occur in those 2 years, its unknown.

        Why should I risk my own health just to be a part of sheep herd and to get that one jab because of conformism ? I dont care about travels, or “normal life” – which was never normal to begin with.

        I see the collapse of illusion as very real and necessary. It needs to happen and it is happening. The sheep panic and fear… Im completely calm, even calmer than before. In one sense I was prepared in years before for this, and the whole lockdown means nothing to me, as Im job independent from it, but also mentally and emotionally independent from it, too.

        The whole vaccine situation is not about “transmuting and hoping” … its about taking a strong decision on it. Strong decision projects responsibility, and responsibility and self-responsibility is what guides forward into new society of far emotionally stronger and more balanced people.

  12. Kieran laffan

    Or we could upgrade our dna by connecting to our Christ self and our i am presence and not play mind games with vacines at all.

  13. Elizabeth

    This is the second post with you almost promoting the vaccine…. seems odd to me and a lil off

    But you do you and I’ll do me✌️