Life Tapestry Creations: Beyond the Veils

Dear Ones,

We, of the Universes, wish to congratulate all of you for allowing the energies now pummeling the earth to become part of your new being. It is as if you graduated from a university with special honors. For if you are reading this message, you have evolved far beyond the point you anticipated before birth in this earth life.

That is not to say those not readily accepting the energies are bad or slow learners. But instead, that they are in a different phase than you.

We wish to address your new being instead of encouraging those following to hasten their pace or reduce their fear.

Those of you at the forefront are discovering the new thoughts and actions we have addressed several times. But by doing so, you are beginning to feel lonely in new ways. Such is true for those of you in relationships, as well as those in more isolated lifestyles.

This loneliness has little to do with your romantic relationships and everything to do with discovering your Universal family, your beings. Now that you crossed beyond the veils, you are ready to rediscover those you have been interacting with within your dream state, in-between earth lives, and likely, throughout many of your earth lives in various ways.

Perhaps you heard or read that you are never alone. Such has always been true. But until now, you were unable to access your special friends, family, and cohorts beyond the veil – except in your dream state.

Most of you still believe you cannot do so. We beg to differ. Even though you tend to label any new skill as possible for others but not you, you can access your Universal beings whenever you wish. And when you dare, you will allow your beyond the veil family and friends to project a physical presence.

Most of you do not believe such is possible. That you are not that skilled or spiritually talented. In truth, you merely need to release your disbelief to know you are not alone in your sleep or wake states.

You have no difficulty believing you travel the Universes in your sleep state, yet you cannot imagine you are skilled enough to do the same when you are awake.

It is time to shift your beliefs – both of your skills and your world. Many of you are in awe of those who channel, time travel, or do whatever you feel is a difficult Universal skill. Yet, you wish to do the same.

It is time to accept your new being in all its glory. For you are not the you that you believe is true.

It is as if you are a new fairy princess believing you are the Cinderella of yesterday. So you continue your Cinderella house cleaning duties while your nasty sisters direct you to do this and that. And all you would have to do is wave your hand, and the tasks you were once responsible for as Cinderella would be completed by your magic skills.

Even though your skill level has increased immensely in the past few weeks, you do not believe such is so. Perhaps you remain in your cocoon state or have a few AHAs, but that is not enough for you to believe you are a Universal being fully able to do what you find interesting – in your wake state.

There is little skill difference between your wake and dream states. Of course, many of you will immediately attempt to verify our words and fail. It is not because you are not capable, but that you are not yet ready to do so.

There is nothing you need do now other than be aware of your abilities – all of which will become clear once you truly feel the need to exercise those skills. Cocoon now or slip out of your cocoon. It does not matter for you are on a unique path.

But once the loneliness we speak of begins festering in your new being, realize you are fully able to quench that need when you wish with your new skills. And once you do, your friends and family beyond the veil will entice you to new worlds, thoughts, and actions. Some of which will be applied in your current world, while others will be applied in different places and times.

You are a new being with new skills, which will be expressed when you need to do so. Not because of shoulds, but because of loneliness, boredom, and new interests. So be it. Amen.

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