Sananda: Of Trees, Dinosaurs, and Giants


JJK: Today, on a mild late summer day (this interview was conducted on September 3, 2020 for the book RESOLUTION), I went for a walk in the sun-drenched forest that surrounds all of Falkenstein. After an hour, when I decided to take a short rest and leaned against a tree, I received this message from the trees: “We are much bigger than what you see!” Pondering this, I continued on my way.

SANANDA: Trees, like every living being, have an aura. This has a very large extension and exceeds the physical size of the tree by 30 to40 times. They truly grow and reach for the sky.

JJK: What is this message meant to say to me and to all people?

SANANDA: That the power of trees is much greater than most people realize. Trees also work in the subtle realm.

Just by their presence on earth, healing happens to all living things that surround them.

Strengthen your bond with the trees, they are true friends of man and guardians of the healing energies of creation – that is the message.

JJK: I have heard that many years ago, when there was more CO2 on Earth, the trees and grasses, animals and even humans were much larger. Did the giants really exist and trees as tall as skyscrapers?


SANANDA: There was all that and much more! Humans were true giants and lived in great harmony and peace with all living things. Dinosaurs, which did not eat meat, lived with humans at the same epoch on this earth. For a long time your science has been able to show this.

However, this is avoided in order to maintain the old narrative and to conceal the true nature from man.

The less man knows about his origin, the better the system of exploitation and oppression works.

JJK: There were also lions drinking from the same spring with goats?

SANANDA: There was all that and much more! Humans could communicate with all living things, including the trees and the grasses, with the animals and with all life that presented itself in the water. Man was highly developed and fully aware of the responsibility for this earth as the guardian of all life.

That time has long passed and is now being resurrected. After the reconstruction has taken place and the humans have been separated from the inhumans, the lost paradise will be entered again. This is now underway.

JJK: How can we contact the trees now?


SANANDA: By embracing the trees and becoming still. Ask your questions and listen to the answers that the tree gives you. You can learn inner listening very well from trees. Just do it, try it out, and engage with the wisdom of the trees. Trees are as alive as you are. They feel pain and love, as all living things can feel. Be aware:

Although humanity has fallen out of unity: everything is one! This is the unchangeable truth.

Connect with the nature beings and with the trees. Everything breathes through the spirit of the Creator. The trees are permeated by divine light and they give everything for people to become aware of this. Love the unlimited abundance of life and love as you want to be loved.

Open your heart to the love that surrounds you everywhere. Then the giants will return to this earth and the lion will sleep with the lamb under the same tree.

Beloved human being,

if you want to see who you are, go to the source, if you want to know where you come from, find the origin, and if you are full of longing for God, love everything created by God.

Love you infinitely.


**Translation by

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl