Divine Guidance

“When we trust our Divine Guidance and start to put action steps into motion, even if just on pure faith, we will find that synchronicities happen, that suddenly it seems as if the whole Cosmos is conspiring to open doors where we before this, could not even see them.

Fortune does indeed favor the Brave!

So many Lightworkers never get going because fears, insecurities, etc. keep holding them back. They are like turtle hiding in its shell, too afraid to come out into the sunshine and truly live their highest soul purpose and calling! Yet, once the turtle actually does stick its neck out and feet out it can indeed get where it wishes to go, fairly quickly, one single step at a time. Indeed, the turquoise often does gets to the finishing line before the hare because it is determined to get there, and it will not allow anyone, or anything to distract it from a chosen path.

I have so often had to take those leaps of faith and trust my inner guidance, even though I had no idea where this would all be leading me. Yet, the minute I started putting those first action steps into motion, things started opening up for me, and synchronicity set in, and I often stood in awe and wonder and had tears of gratitude running down my cheeks.

At this momentous time, when we truly need to take those leaps of faith and trust our inner guidance more than ever before, it is wise to not allow anyone or anything, to pull you away or indeed to drown out your own inner guidance and indeed the infinite knowledge of your own soul AS ONE with the Divine.

My totem is the Eagle and I have so often been inspired by a beautiful passage from Isaiah: “Those who trust in the Lord, will have wings like eagles. They shall run and not get weary and weak….” Indeed, they shall fly ever higher and higher and into the new embodiment and the New Earth.

Judith Kusel