Message from Babaji: Mature Into The Creator



People live their lives until they wake up and see who and what they really are. The great circle is completed as soon as man has added his unique experiences to the infinity of God. Then the angelic host rises and travels with you to the world of light, from which you never return to this world.

To perfection you continue to strive and the closer you come to the source, the more you are drawn into the light.

Beloved human being,

this is the path on which you walk – with heavy boots or with light steps.

The Great Transformation is underway on this earth. All entities seeking the Light, longing for the Light, will find the right path and fulfill their Soul Plan.


Before a human being enters the human body, a plan is worked out that defines what you want to experience, with whom you want to experience it and where you want to experience it. The closer you get to your life plan, the more fulfilling your life is, the more right it feels, and the greater your developmental steps toward becoming a fully conscious creator.

If the journey goes there with you, then everything is won.

So now I invite you to no longer attach great value to earthly appearances.

The outside is the mirror of the inside. So turn inward if you want to change the outside.

The spiritual path is a path from the inside to the outside. Move first inwardly and revolt first in your own cause! Where does the shoe pinch and why are the boots heavy?

Your soul knows the life plan for this life – and if you ask yourself, what is my task, this is a sign that you still have to clean up, clear away and dissolve something. The free look into your soul is necessary so that you can recognize your assignments.

Work on yourself in silence, then it will be revealed to you what makes you restless and what every waking person asks for. Have patience, be calm and respect your path.

Do not hurry, do not avoid anything and accept every challenge. Consecrate every step to God.

You are spirit, you have a soul that fills your body with light – and you have a High Self that directs you through your human life from the realms of light.

To recognize this is the task that has brought every human being on this earth, that is, to polish the mirror so that your field of vision of yourself becomes free.


Many people tend to rush into assignments. They rush into work and they seek self-affirmation through activity on the outside. Please develop serenity and patience.

The earth ascends with all people who are of good will. The ascension is a joint project of the people and the Earth Mother.

Although there is no time to waste and although it depends on your diligence – do not hurry!

– Go your way into clarity and joy, into peace and love step by step – but go it.

– Enjoy breaks, but do not rest so long that you find it difficult to get up again.

– Choose detours, but change the path as soon as you realize it is a detour.

– Forgive yourself. This relaxes you and brings joy to the transformation work.

– Welcome the fears, for they remind you where to look and what to resolve.

– Dedicate every undertaking to God and make friends with the heavenly beings. The light wants to reveal itself to you, God wants to reveal himself to you.

Mature into the creator and give yourself time for it. Then everything is done. I am with you.


**Translation to English by

**Channel: Jahn Kassl