Roger Stone Exclusive: Deep State To Indict Donald Trump By July 4th

Appearing on Tuesday’s broadcast of The Alex Jones Show, political insider Roger Stone predicted the Deep State will soon indict Donald Trump on fabricated charges.

“I would be shocked if they did not come forward with a fabricated indictment for bank fraud or tax fraud against the former president [Donald Trump] by Manhattan District Attorney,” Stone told Alex Jones.

He continued, “Because they fear Donald Trump. They don’t want his name on the ballot again because they know how beloved he is by the American people.”

Roger assumes the multiple ongoing criminal investigations around Donald Trump, members of the Trump family and the Trump Organization will eventually lead to fabricated charges.

“I never said these charges will be legitimate,” Stone clarified. “These are fabricated, politically motivated charges brought by Cyrus Vance Jr., an epicly corrupt partisan prosecutor in Manhattan.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office are both investigating Trump for allegedly inflating the value of assets for tax purposes as well as supposedly paying hush money to two women before the 2016 election.

Roger is familiar with how politically biased judges, district attorneys and prosecutors can ruin the life of nearly an American, having personally dealt with such attacks.

“If they want to go after the president on fabricated charges, then we will establish that this is a partisan witch hunt,” Stone told Jones.

Roger also suggested prosecutors might reveal their phony indictment around the same time news breaks revealing the audit of the 2020 election taking place in Arizona found evidence of foul play.

**By Kelen McBreen


2 Replies to “Roger Stone Exclusive: Deep State To Indict Donald Trump By July 4th”

  1. Debbie

    I’m thinking more “TRUTH” about the virus, human trafficking, voter fraud comes before July 4th, than this nonsense.
    Sometimes, I think they say things just to rile up the sleeping, and give the truthers an opportunity to discuss it.

  2. Frances Rose

    I do not think they can legally. Uncle T signed the Insurrection Act, Mil is in control, he is still President. The debacle in the WH is a staged event, for various reasons. The people are not having any of this nonsense again.