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Well its been a long week with a grand finally. The UFO activity is escalating globally and we have filmed some rather remarkable footage. We released that footage in the show along with other footage around the world. The massive mother ship we filmed was also filmed in Illinois, Canada, Australia, and does not fit any Star Link launch. Only one small Star Link was over Trout Lake when filmed.

Now for the Latest multidimensional breaking news. The galactic core or central sun is connected to all the other suns and consciousness and energy is flowing down those connections becoming exponentially stronger. Did you know there are light beings existing on the Sun, NASA has photos of them and they are replete throughout our ancient history known as the Sun Gods.. Our sun is blasting us with one CME coronal mass ejection after another. Add that to the recent full blood Moon and the eclipse it is a perfect storm for change and changes like never before are unfolding. The Schuman resonance has whited out off, the scale. There are explosions on several dormant volcanoes or mountains, pressure releases and a series of quakes here in America. We are going to see a lot of symptoms, aches, pains, extreme lethargy along with emotional outbursts as these energies continue to come in. Some call this ascension sickness. In the spiritual community it is called energy sickness. To much energy coming in, bottling up in chakras with blocks and not being able to ground. There will be an increase in severe weather, lightning and storms never before seen. There will also be an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity globally. As we speak people are fleeing from new eruptions. On a political scale we are ascending into in the last days of the tyrants. They are not frequency specific to the new earth energies, their deeds are being made known for all to see and their karma is being accelerated. Finally, an event that so many people of moral character and integrity have been waiting for is finally here. The roll out has begun. Although many arrests have already been made and justice dispatched by the military courts it is finally coming to light in the public arena. Those who have been watching the theater with discerning eyes have been scratching their heads. Mr. T has always been in the ring. Why do you think he is still riding on the real Air Force 1, and Marine 1? Why does he still have access to the pentagon, why doesn’t Joe, and why didn’t Joe get the football, access codes to the nukes? What is with all the bad acting, the 3d printed masks they forget to tuck in. This is for those who have eyes to see and to educate those that don’t. Prepare for some shocking news concerning the Election fraud, Child Trafficing, Stay tuned to Scott McCay, Mel K, Charley Ward, veritas is good and other citizen journalist. There are a few politicians and news anchors stepping up to the plate that cannot be silenced. Almost everything you have been told about the demic and the errection was a complete fraud.

Speaking of coverups and planned opposition we offer our condolences to many in the UFO community who have lost their allies, funders and dance partners at their annual event at Boheimian Grove. Unfortunately many have met with unfortunate experiences with the military courts, are on vacation in Cuba and are no longer in the game. No sense in continuing name dropping to bolster your self importance because they cant hear you and it has been shown for all the world to see they are morally and integrity bankrupt. Because of my knowledge of who is morally and integrity challenged, who is planned opposition, and those who cannot get past the nuts and bolts I have been crowned as the enemy of disclosure. There are those in the global elite, Santanic/Luciferians, and certain politicians that deem the benevolent side of contact as the enemy. For some reason they have made me their enemy but in truth I am the enemy of the posers, the shills, the planned opposition and those who continue with the controlled narrative. Merely by telling the truth without an agenda which mirrors back to them what they should be doing. We can all get along and prosper, there is no lack all we have to do is get right with Creator and find our own unique purpose for being here. Now lets talk about the latest UFO footage and footage taken around the world, real disclosure. Consider this a military and political briefing for those who do not know what those fuzzy tic tacs are doing. By the way we have been talking about what is now unfolding at ECETI since 1986, before that in other venues. Imagine that? Its time for the censorship to end.

I am finally out of farcebook Jail. It seems I was given more time for bad behavior despite not being able to post while in Jail. If you’re not shadow banned in and out of farcebook jail you’re not doing the work. It seems real science, facts and saving lives go against the farcebook agenda and community standards. Major law suits and state legislation are coming down the pike against social media for banning anything concerning E fraud as well, which is now firmly established. Posts or articles concerning jab hesitancy despite evidence by senior executives on staff of the jab companies, researchers, noble prize winners, internationally known scientists doctors and nurses with first hand experience are being censored. We are talking Real Science. Insiders are exposing algorithms, deep state agendas and censorship within social media. As far as Election fraud, states are flipping like pancakes almost all of the US was red when the poles closed. The switching and deleting of votes by those who owned and operated the voting machines, the drop off of hundreds of thousands of counterfeit ballots with no water marks began just as the poles closed. We went to bed with Trump the clear winner and woke up with a mathematically impossible win by Biden. The tabulations of which were done in other countries, Italy, England, Germany, even Australia were all heavily involved with the fraud. The truth bombs concerning E meddling are being dropped all this week and weeks to come with states eventually removing their certifications. It will all be made known and those involved will be held accountable. Buckle up we are entering the Storm.

Speaking of the Jab, The European Data Base of Adverse Reactions to the jab is now 12,184 dead 1,196,190 injured. It was my understanding after 50 die any drug or vaccine is automatically taken off the market until further research. Why not now? What happened to the lab animals and is the same thing now showing up in human guinea pigs? This experimental gene therapy and operating system injection some of which has aborted human fetus matter, they are falsely referring to as vaccines are not sanctioned by the FDA. What is the attraction other than magnets sticking to people’s arms and your bodies interacting with computers via blue tooth? Has anyone asked why magnets are sticking to people who were vaccinated? Danger Will Robinson. Why take that risk with a 99.9 percent chance it will have little or no effect other than a mild flu unless you are old with a compromised immune system or previous life threatening illness. In fact with children it is a nonevent. Why are they pushing so hard to get children vaccinated? This is all fear and profit driven taking advantage of the critical thinking and research impaired. It also has another very dark future agenda.

Are you listening parents? Did you know they are giving out free ice cream to kids in Canada if they get the jab? Why are the ones giving the jab under military guard. The genocidal socialist dictators of the past would be proud. Can it get any more insane? Not for long.

It is all coming out, the jab companies, Gates, Fauci, the plan by the eugenicists lockstep with the Cabal making billions at the expense of humanity carrying out what now can only be defined as global genocide and population control. We are entering the last phase the fall of the Tyrants. Ignorance and denial will be deadly in the days to come. The information has been out there, so many refused to listen in fact many attacked the very people trying to save them. You know those awful conspiracy nut cases we are now finding out were right and ahead of their time. It was said those who are not connected or listening to Creator are getting the jab because they are listening and aligning themselves with another force. In the days to come the world is going to find out listening to main stream and the social medias social engineering was not in their highest and best good. They should have gone within, listened to their gut, known the past history of big pharma and these eugenicists running the show. Do you really think there is anything benevolent behind the jab?

So what is coming, what are we going to see in the days to come? There are three things you need to know about. 1 Your ancient history and the prophesies, 2. Frequency, cycles and incoming energies the real drivers behind social, economic and physical earth changes, our evolution in general. Did you know the weather is driven by the Sun and the Sun is driven by the central sun? Co2 does not drive the weather. CO2 is .04 % of the air. Humans create less than 3% of the .04%. Our C02 footprint is barely negligible. The oceans are rising one millimeter in the northern hemisphere a year and zero rise at the equator. If you want to know who is behind the Global Warming hoax follow the money, where does the money go for carbon credits? The global elite and their corporations the major polluters. Ask the media where do the billions go for carbon credits? You will hear crickets. This brings us to 3, The goals of the Cabal, their agendas and how they think or view the rest of humanity. None of this insane inhumanity will never be understood until you know the plans of the global elite and their non-human evil seen and unseen overlords. It would also be wise to learn about your multidimensional self, past lives, UFOs, their goals and agendas past present and future. Remember Enlightenment means being in knowledge of, the whole story, both sides of the coin. One more thing I might add is being religious in most cases is very different than being spiritually enlightened. Those who are aligned with Christ, Buddha, the Ascended Masters, Saints and Sages of all cultures have transcended all cultural and religious boundaries, they are in or aligned with the 5thdimension on up, Unity Consciousness. Where the Creator in all Creation Matters. So where are we going.

Ancient History and Prophesies. If you are unaware of your past your likely to repeat it. We are reliving the trials of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Lemurians worshipped the unseen God, the Creator within all creation. The Atlantians worshiped in general worshiped knowledge and technology. They began to use that technology to control dominate and overpower others. Sound familiar? Instead of heeding the warning of the Lemurians that they were breaking universal law they instead anailated them with their ships and beam weapons. The glass shelfs under the sand in the Gobi desert are still there. The Lemurians who were space faring dropped a very large meteor on Atlantis. The end.

Colonies from the stars have come and gone for billions of years, some of them are being recycled under the oceans, ice and the older ones are becoming molten rock as the slide beneath the plates. Pole shifts, natural cataclysms and great wars have ended some very advanced civilizations some more advanced than todays.

There was a human which translates to God Man developing naturally as on all planets capable of sustaining life. There was a lot of genetic tinkering with that human. There were also the survivors of the past cataclysms. We are a melting pot of off world genetics along with the humans evolving naturally. Your science will verify this though censored by those in officialdom that don’t want to rock the status quo based on recycled ignorance. The advanced civilizations left great stone monuments and artifacts that cannot be duplicated to this day. They call it forbidden archeology or oops art. If you really be lie ve they built the pyramids with found rocks and chisels in the time allotted it is an impossibility.

Next we have to factor in our images of God. Where did they come from, why were most of them very large and bearded? There were the Greek Gods, Norse Gods, Egyptian Gods, Hebrew Gods, yes Elohim the word they use for God is plural. Some of these Gods were benevolent, some malevolent or self-serving evolved technologically but spiritually backwards with a taste for genocide. Reason this, How can the Christian God be Jealous wrathful practice genocide and in the same breath be all loving and all forgiving, polar opposites? If you knew the real history of earth you would know the answer. Jehova and Yaweh were two different beings. Did the light just come on? Is it now making sense? Why did Jesus say I bring a new covenant, and speak of an all loving all forgiving God? The 99 dollar question is who created them and did they have a mother? The demigods were half human half God or better described as off world genetics. The first images of God were female, they gave birth to all creation and all creation is family which is a lot closer to the truth. We would be a much more peaceful planet if we were to avoid the patriarchal images of God and live according to Universal Law.

I can give you my image of God gained through endless research and two near death experiences. It is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. In its most unlimited expression it is a pure unconditional love, joy and bliss no words can explain. No book or intellect can capsulize the vastness of God and the lessor Gods of old were nothing more than off world visitors. Again some were benevolent some were not. Some I might add were female yet scrubbed from history. Many are returning with the new divine feminine energies to bring the planet back to balance.

So who are the players in the restoration and liberation of Earth? Let us begin with the Creator of this Galaxy. Many great masters ascended over time to become one with Creator becoming unique yet one. Some have very little identity left. The Andromedans and their council is one of the highest councils. They are mythologically known as Archangels. They have magnetized light bodies, travel in light ships and have merkabas they create themselves to travel instantly to where ever they focus their thought. They are 8 to 10 feet tall have energy fields around their bodies that feather back when moving into this dimension like wings. They are one of the highest councils. The Orion council of Light 6thdimensional beings that transcended the great wars are also major players in the planetary liberation. There are the enlightened Annunaki who did not fall and continued to evolve mostly in the 6thdimension here to deal with the fallen ones that fell from Universal Law. The stories of Enki and Enlil are true as well as their leader Anu. One of the greatest set backs in history was when Marduk made a pact with the Reptillians against his own people for total supremecy of the Earth. We are finally breaking free of those draconian energies with the help of the benevolent Annunaki. There are also feline beings on the 5th, 6thand 7thdimensions assisting. The 5thare humanoid cat beings, the 6thare upright panthers 12 to 14 feet tall and the 7 D Lion beings are 14 to 17 feet tall. They were once known as the protectors of the Gods. They left and returned to Lyra and Sirius when the fallen Annunaki fell and strayed away from Universal Law. There are the Pleiadians which are usually on the 5th, 6thand 7thdimensions depending on their spiritual evolution. Many drop into the 4theven third on missions to assist humanity. Many have incarnated as Saints, Sages and Masters in service to humanity and the Earth. Starseeds are being initiated, many who have incarnated from very advanced civilizations are waking up and getting on with their work. There are also the Masters, Saints and Sages from every culture assisting in the awakening and healing. There are civilizations billions of years old beyond the 7thknown as the Laka and the Jasai yet few can access them. There are others to numerous to mention observing and participating in the Great Awakening. They are all in service to the Creator within all Creation here to restore Universal Law and assist us in joining the Greater Family of man/woman throughout the multiverse. The ground crew are often referred to as the White Hats, they come in every size shape and color, they are men/women of integrity, they understand Universal Law as best represented on Earth as the original constitution. They are lovers of freedom and are willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain it. Some are aware to one degree or another of the higher forces at play, some are not, just good people doing what is right.

It would be irresponsible to speak of the light side without giving a balanced message concerning the dark side doing all it can to keep humanity enslaved and in darkness. There are ancient ones who fell, shifted into self-service. They are morally challenged, void of love, joy and bliss and have little or no empathy. Although they may be intellectually or technologically advanced, they are spiritually backwards. They are as disconnected to humanity and nature as they are disconnected to God. Satanic/Luciferian groups worship these seen and unseen entities. Some of these entities are reptillians, there is the Grey Alliance mostly responsible for the abductions and experimentation on cattle and humans, a host of other malevolent off worlders along with what some refer to as demons, discarnate corrupted humans in the 4thdimension. This includes some incarnate humans that have sold their souls in their lust for power and wealth to these dark overlords participating in sacrificial and other dark ceremonies. These satanic/luciferian groups are replete throughout the global elite, politics, Hollywood and the music industry. They are master manipulators, experts and social engineering, division, the source behind the disempowerment and social engineering of humanity. They are the war and disease profiteers many of which feed upon human suffering. Those who swallowed the red pill are fully aware of them. They are on a downward spiral no longer frequency specific to the awakening and healing process, earths evolution. There are so many different off-worlders it would take a few books to cover the subject these are the main players.

In the days to come the light shall prevail. What is pressing in on the Earth is an unstoppable force. God/Creator/Great Spirit and the beautiful many servants of the Creator within all Creation is exponentially pressing in along with the spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders. Benevolent Inner Earth beings are also participating in the Awakening, Healing and planetary liberation of Earth. The white hats or what some call patriots are the ground crew whether of not knowing where their inspiration is coming from. We all need to get on the right side of the fence and do our part.

James Gilliland


7 Replies to “ECETI News and Updates”

  1. Larry Marcus

    The higher beings are watching movements globally. Earth vibrations, synergies between astral bodies, deities, spiritual beings all coalesce to separate truth from fiction. Higher beings will align with people of strong will and spirituality who will be preserved longest. Weaker beings who self-empower with falsehoods will perish first. It’s complicated but the pieces all fit at the end of the day. Seismic activity in unexpected places will devour the weaker beings.

  2. Naginder Manhas

    Really enjoyed this article. It has been a very delicate and complicated process to get us to this point. The higher beings are preserving as much life as they can while facing setbacks. People wonder why it can’t happen faster but it is not that simple. Thank god we are now making so much progress!

  3. Tammy

    Our world has been out of balance of masculine and feminine energy for eons of time. The feminine having been ridiculed and suppressed to control our World. It serves the dark agenda for the masculine to dominate the feminine, as seen in our history as “Gods” as well as treatment of women in our history. It is not about gender, it it about balance of energy. The balance must be restored. Thanks James for your no nonsense, unsugar-coated perspective.

  4. Bill

    It’s interesting how this individual tooting his horn about visions and near death experiences, can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that physical gender of a “god” means very little in the scope of what they’re supposed to represent. They’re usually depictions of natural forces, ideas, planets, or powerful individuals of their time. all these things change over time especially how people relate to them.

    So implying that if we replaced male gods with females as a basis would have made us specifically more peaceful is puzzling to me. Would Mars be any different if they only used a girl to depict it? They do have war goddess’.

  5. Wayne Hansen

    “We would be a much more peaceful planet if we were to avoid the patriarchal images of God.”

    If the pictures of Odin the Norse God is too masculine for you may I suggest the study of the Krishna temple. See the Deities of Krishna and Radharani on the alter and chant the Hare Krishna mantra in the temple room. The ladies of lightworker keep talking about the Goddess. Here she is. She has been standing next to Krishna for thousands of years in India.

    For those that want to see the patriarchal images of God I have an article called Odinist Pictures.