Path of Faith

What I have found that the path of ascension is a path of faith, and trust, even if you cannot see the final outcome as yet. I had a profound experience this morning, when I was suddenly, during my early morning meditation work, called upon to do massive energy work.

When I had completed the work, and indeed finally saw the whole picture, after so many years of just being given little pieces of the same, I stood in awe and wonder.

So often I just did things on blind faith, trusting that all will come together, when and how it should. I did what was needed to be done, even if I did not always understand the higher meaning, the higher Will behind it, I knew that one day I would. With it I did three tours to France, Greece and Egypt, on sheer faith.

Now, seeing it all come together in one powerful work, I felt lifted higher than ever before. I then understood that I first needed to be slowly but surely, be prepared to work at much higher vibrational frequency levels, firstly to be able to tap into those energy fields, and then secondly, to be able to work in those fields, without disintegrating.

Indeed, I know that I am being called for much greater work, and this morning was just a confirmation of this and with it, intense insight and understanding dawned.

We need to understand, with all the upgrading happening, that we will only be given as much as we can handle at one time. We may think we are ready, when indeed we may not be quite there yet.

Each will be given to the measure that they can handle it and can indeed incorporate this.

More than this, you will find that you are changing so much that you will not even recognize yourself in two months’ time, never mind a year or so from here onwards.

I was told that the whole process will last 10 years and then we need to be in the 7th dimensional state. That is how fast things are developing. Indeed some of us are accessing the 12th dimensional state now, and even higher.

Things are certainly happening and a lightning speed – even faster!

**By Judith Kusel