Goddess of Creation: BE the Transforming Love

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomOne of the things I love about these meditations is that each one is filled with so much energy and light. There is a far greater presence of just being and of aligning with the energies. We are at a very pivotal time in the ascension process and this channel gives us the tools to be able to balance not only ourselves but the space around us.

The Goddess spoke at length about the many, many times during the years in which we are given opportunities to be in the flow of the higher light vibration. This channel took place on the anniversary of the 10 commandments being given to humanity. It was 3, 333 years ago! So the Goddess tapped into that time and the influx of light and the guideline for how to live in the light. She also spoke of Buddha, Yeshua, and the various civilizations that had a high frequency She spoke of how ascension occurred these times, but the dark energy returned. What is different about this time is that the entire world is aware, the entire world is ascending, Gaia has ascended, and this is the culmination of Eons of change. That is why this will work this time.

So many people want to ignore some of the very negative practices that have been going on for thousands of years. It can no longer be ignored, we have to acknowledge what has been and what is so that we can shine the light of love and it can support all in the change of ascension.

When you choose to BE light and love, you accept that you are more than this life and that you have a continuous flow of love moving through you. Nama Sika — I AM the One, I AM the Whole. You open to your flow of love and light and it takes you into a much greater potential for transformation and love.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours; I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

Nama Sika: I AM the one each one of you affirming you are one; with yourself, with your soul, with your divinity. Venia Benya: I AM the whole you are a part of something much bigger than just one person. You are a part of the consciousness of the world. And you have the ability to tap into the consciousness of the universe.

If ever you feel separated, alone, lonesome, I invite you to say that phrase and it will reconnect you within yourself and it will help you to know that you are not alone. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

The time of ascension is here. It has been moving faster and faster and faster upon the earth. Sometimes you notice it, sometimes it’s just working in the background and you’re not paying any attention to what might be going on. The more that there is light energy through the conscious awareness, the faster the energy will move.

You as humanity become set in a rut sometimes. And within that rut, the perception is that nothing is happening, nothing is changing; we’re still sitting here stuck. However. If you simply allow yourself to look to the side, look up, look down, just change the focus of that of which you are observing, you may begin to see, ‘Oh, there’s something different here. There’s something there. There’s movement here. There’s movement there.’

In the new consciousness of the fifth-dimensional frequency, the way in which you look at the world is going to be different. Telepathy will become much more evident. The awareness not only of yourself but of others will become much more prominent within you. This is why it is so important that you understand not only who you are as the person in this life, but who you are in the big scheme of things.

I invite you to take in another deep breath in which you breathe deeply into your heart center so that your heart center expands. From there, you send that energy down through your energy bodies and it goes into the Earth. As your focus and your awareness moves into the Earth, feel the vibration of Gaia. Sometimes you have that perception of a heartbeat. Sometimes it’s that sense of just deep, deep, deep awareness.

Gaia is here moving through her own ascension, and she is here to assist you with what you are moving through. You let that flow of energy from Gaia come back up within you, it goes into your heart center once more. And you send that energy up, it moves up through your upper energy bodies and it aligns with your higher self. Look around, when you align with your higher self, you may have a sense of seeing the things that are going on within your life as if you are walking through and practicing potentials. As you look at all of that, maybe some of it can be released, you let it go.

This is a place where you consciously and unconsciously flow very, very easily. When you go inside and ask a question, you pop right up in here, and oftentimes your answer is right there. You then let that flow back down within you.

You follow that stream of energy that is your cord that links you to your divinity, your consciousness moves even further up. As you do so, you can feel as you merge with your divinity. Your divinity is your I AM presence, your God source for some, you immediately feel the blend or, the merge. For others, it’s as if you see it as separate from you and you need to make that conscious choice to blend with your soul essence.

There we go. I can literally feel more and more people merging to expand and feel that alignment with source. I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I move within this space, I reach out to embrace you in this moment.

As our energies merge, we move into the All That Is. As you arrive within this space, take a moment to look around. As I spoke of the rut before, even here within this high frequency, you may get stuck in the same place. So, I ask everyone to take a deep breath in. And as you breathe out ~whew~ Send a wave of energy and light moving through all that is here. As it clears out whatever has been, it allows you to refocus, rebalance and reenergize. Feel the love, feel the energy, feel all that is here.

Prior to this channel, someone indicated that today is a very sacred day because it was the day in which Moses received the Ten Commandments and an affirmation of what that means. Some may be aware of these commandments, some may be unaware, some may have heard about them in the past and forgotten about them. The intention at that time was to give people a specific guideline that would assist them in living their life in a way that was not only about being conscious of who they were and where they were; but also, of how they were going to treat other people and how they were going to live and blend as a community.

They have not been forgotten these many thousands of years since then. At times, it seems that they have, but indeed they have not. But consider that moment in history, it was a time in which the light of the universe came down into the earth and it created a rift in the heavy, dense energy, offering people hope and potential and a higher vibration.

You had the time of Jesus, the time of Buddha. You’ve had multiple different times throughout the years in which there have been infusions of light and energy. So as to create a shift in the potential of what was happening upon the Earth. Your earth is a free will society. Meaning that people can choose. How they’re going to live their life, how they think about things, how they look out at the world. If you look at a pendulum, there are times in which it might be further one side or the other; but it is what it is, moving gently in that center space that people are within balance and their greatest potential.

There has been so much. That has happened since the fall of Atlantis, in which that massive wave of energy lowered the frequency of the entire Earth. And you have since that time been seeking the way back to what it was to be upon Lemuria. Avalon was a bridge between Lemuria and Atlantis, and they, too, shifted off the planet. There have been pockets of civilizations that have brought in that higher light frequency, it survived for a time, and then it went away.

How often have I spoken in the last several years that now is different, not only do you have eons of consciousness coming together at the same time over the last 15 to 20 years, but the world itself has ascended not just a peak over here in this country, not a peak over here in this civilization, but the entire world has ascended. That’s what is different.

I would therefore say to you, remember that this ascension is about the spirituality the world has tried being in the mindsets or the mental body and that’s what’s kept everything held back. When you have a spiritual ascension, you are manifesting your own divinity and looking out at the world. And there is so much incredibly, incredibly low vibrational experiences that people have had that have been hidden. And it will not be hidden. Not any more so at this time of transition, remember that you gave the ability to shine the light of love and divinity. Into everything that is going on. When you hear things try very hard not to get caught up in the horror, the pain, the sorrow, the negativity, you will because you are a loving being, but don’t stay there.

Acknowledge what has gone on and be a part of the change through love. Love is something everyone understands and love is what will manifest.

I had so much I wish to say to you, and I wished for you to hear it here in the all that is because as I spoke, many of you were seeing images of that which I speak. There has been this controlling frequency upon the Earth that has been broken, but people don’t realize that and they still keep doing what they were doing. But, you know, you understand and you can shine the light. No longer do people need to live in fear and be controlled through fear. Now you have the ability to shine love and light into any situation.

And that being said, take a deep breath in and I’m going to step back from where I have been speaking to you and I ask each one of you to once more go within your heart center. We are here in the All That Is, you have just aligned with your divinity. So take this moment and literally open up your heart as wide as you can and allow your divinity to merge with you. And as you do so, you will feel your heart getting bigger and bigger. And as you look around at your life, look through the eyes and the frequency of that big open heart.

This is how everything is going to move forward. If you see things within your own life that are guided by fear or lack, take this opportunity to bring that up, bring it up into this moment ~whew~ let it go. It is much easier to release fear while you are here in the All That Is. And if you find that you have multiple things in your life that was tied into that, then take a moment to pull all of those multiple different experiences. Bring it up within you ~whew~ let it go, OK.

I invite you to now have a sense of sitting back as if you are just sinking into the vibration of your divinity. And as you sink into that, let that love, that unconditional love, that unconditional support just flows through every part of you. As it moves through, receive it. Make a choice to receive the love, the light, and the frequency of your own divinity. Let that move in.

As that continues to move through you look at your life again. Do you see anything within your life? That has kept you in a rut, kept you from moving forward, kept you in that old vibration and frequency; perhaps due to fear, perhaps due to not becoming aware, perhaps due to boredom. Whatever it may be. Just feel as if, OK, I saw someone get a shovel, get the shovel out, open up the door, do whatever it is that you need to do. That you may let go of anything holding you back. ~whew~ Automatically, you are filled with even more of the love and the light of your divinity.

OK, I just heard relationships. Every one of you have relationships, the first one, of course, with yourself and then with your family members, your work, your friends, those people that you deal with, but you don’t necessarily know them personally.

Allow your energies to focus upon that for a moment. And then, bring that memory, that experience, that entrainment within you; bring it up again ~whew~ and let that go. That actually had quite a bit of energy stuck to people, so just one more time, just flow through your energy. ~whew~ and let that go.

OK, now, as I look at you, there is much greater clarity within you, there are much greater amounts of light. And here is your opportunity to begin to look at your life through the heart of this expanded integration of love, light, and your divinity.

Consider different ways in which. You may speak to some of these relationships. Consider the choices that you make in your life every day. And in all situations, send the love, the light, the frequency of this high vibration. And as each one of you becomes more and more immersed within your high light vibration, have a sense of looking at the world; and we’re using the linear timeline because humanity understands that, but looking at the world and at the ways in which those very, very low frequencies and truly just a small group of people have gotten to the point of controlling many.

Consider like when the commandments came in, consider Yeshua, consider Buddha, consider all the many, many different experiences. And you can utilize those energies, plus the light frequency of now, and just send it into everyone. ~whew~ That they can no longer hide, their cheating, their abuses, the horrific ways in which they’ve treated people, the human trafficking; it goes on and on right now. But again, this is unveiling what has always been there, and now is the time to stop.

You have so many tools available to you. Be present and be kind. And that will shift the patterns of energy and light around you in your everyday life.

OK, as I did this because we tapped into some of that negativity that is really coming up right now, I could feel people going into fear and people going into despair. So, for anybody here or anybody that is not here, that moves into fear or despair or betrayal, a betrayal that people that they had respected are actually not in the least what they seemed. Let all of that energy and focus come up, bring it up ~whew~. And clear it out.

Let come a wave of love and light right behind it. That it may flow through clearing things out once again. In just these few seconds, you could see as you looked at that timeline, how much was able to clear. I wish you to understand that you are really powerful! The vibration and the frequency of love outweigh everything. And the more that you are present in the space of love, the more that you were increased not only for yourself but for everybody else.

The awakening is taking place. The ascension is spiritual. However, the blend of awakening through consciousness through becoming aware of what has been but you did not know, is what is opening the doorway and allowing more conscious spiritual frequencies and love to come in. There is a flow and a balance that moves back and forth. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

Nama Sika, Venia, Benya; look at what that phrase does in this frequency. It makes you stronger, it makes you a part of the whole it makes you have the ability or it gives you the ability to be all that you are. You are not alone. You are an integral part of the love and the light. That is here.

I invite you to come back together as a group. There are many of you that are still integrating those energies, feel free to stay as long as you would like. But the remainder I invite to come back into a circle. As you see that hologram coming up within the center of the group, take a moment to send a very clear intention that that which is hidden will be revealed to all and that people can no longer pretend to be one way when they are, in fact, another. Send that clarity and that light into the hologram. As you do so, as all is revealed, said the flow of love right behind it to create the shift that will help all.

The hologram integrates this. It becomes it sparkles. It sends out sparks of light. And as it begins to move and rotate, there’s a piece of it that goes out through the universe and the remainder of it goes down into the earth. As you see it moving through the earth, you can see where the expanded magnetic field or the Matrix, whatever you wish to call it, fills up with this light and this clarity. It continues down going into the center of the earth, anchoring within the center.

It then moves outward that ball of energy and light comes up through all the many layers of the Earth. Your own clarity and openness to divinity come up within you through your link with Gaia, it comes up through your energy bodies anchoring in your heart center. And it is happening to all of humanity, some are aware, some are not, but it is creating a foundation that is there for all. It’s also moving through the grass, the trees, the water, it moves through the frequency of the Earth.

You then bring the remainder of your consciousness back down. It follows back to your soul plane coming down to that port of light that links you to your soul and it anchors within you. Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Feel how you are integrating that much higher light frequency. Recognize that you will just emanate out from your heart love and light. You do more than you realize simply by being in the frequency of love.

You are here, walking upon the earth, living your life, at one of the most important times. In the history of your planet. The conscious ascension through the spirituality is going to transform all the mental and analytical, or ego-based reality that has been so prevalent.

You are here in this meditation, so you have already you’ve already opened up your heart. And you are in that flow of love and light. Remember who you are, remember that you are this massive light! Allow that to flow within you and be that beautiful light being that you are.

Know that I am always with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net