Sananda: Make A Choice

sananda image eraoflightdotcomDear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

Today my message will be very brief. On your planet today there is mention of my body. I will not comment on these traditions and beliefs. Once again I want to remind you that I did not go to the cross to redeem anyone’s sin, I did not go to the cross to absolve them of their sins; I went because I bothered; I went against the interests and concepts preached at that time. And continually my words, my teachings, were being interpreted according to the interests of those who wrote the religious books.

I will not simply condemn those who follow such beliefs. I will not judge them, nor will I separate them from my flock. They are all sheep; whimsical sheep, careful sheep, sheep that follow my words, but still get caught up from time to time, still attached to beliefs and dogmas taught throughout their lives.

I don’t ask anyone to change their beliefs. Each one believes what he wants, changes when he wants, and doesn’t change if he wants. I only say that sometimes it is quite inconsistent to follow the two paths; because the cult to my death, to my body, does not fit anymore for those who have already studied my Letters; it does not fit anymore at this moment. But I repeat again, I am not judging, nor will I judge those who still follow these concepts. I only ask that you analyze from the bottom of your soul what you really believe. Do you do it only because of an imposition? Do you do it just because you are used to it? Do you do it because you believe in it? What is the real reason?

So, I say, follow everything I teach and show, follow the truth of what Father/Mother God created, of who Father/Mother God is, of what Father/Mother God’s love is, and of what my life has been, which I explicitly relate in the Letters, or follow the precepts of a religion or several religions that cling to a totally untrue Christ within the concepts they have put forward.What do you want to follow? What do you want to believe? For some who are listening to me now, they are scared, because they have not asked themselves what path they follow. And again, to follow both paths is complicated; either you believe everything I have told you within my Letters, or you believe what is said on the other side. To believe halfway in each is strange, and I would say that it is not leading you anywhere, because you are confused. Neither do you let yourself get totally involved with my Letters, but you don’t let yourself get involved with the other side either, because you feel that there is no full and complete truth there either.

There is no more time to stand on the wall. The wall has already fallen; and you have to choose a side. You can’t go on with both sides. So I say it again for the avoidance of doubt: I am not passing judgment on those who are worshipping today. I am just making a statement, and asking you a question: Why? What is the reason? Ask yourself this question, and find the answer within yourself.

And truly understand that you can’t go both ways; either you follow the path of truth, the path I show you in my Letters, or you let yourself be led by outdated dogmas that are not entirely true. Make your choices. And it doesn’t hurt to insist on one point, should you choose to remain within the concepts and truths of the other side, I remain the same for you; nothing will change between us, I will always be your Christ in your way of seeing; I will continue to be, always by your side. I would say only a little disappointed, because after all I have taught you, after all I have written, after all I have passed on to you, you still don’t believe me. Not truly as I would like you to.

Make your choices. You cannot serve two ways. The Way, the Truth and the Life only I will show you. No other way will lead to these words. So make your choices. Search within your hearts, whom you want to believe; whom you want to truly worship. Choose, because one thing is for sure, to follow both paths is no good, because you would have to have two consciousnesses: one that follows my path, the one that I teach in my cards, and goes on towards ascension, or the other path which is all you have been taught, the path of religions, and which will not take you to the Fifth Dimension.

But you have only one consciousness, so you can’t choose between the two paths; you either choose one or the other; you can’t choose both. So once again and in closing I say, make your choices, don’t try to fool yourself, don’t try to fool us, because we truly see into the heart of each one of you.

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6 Replies to “Sananda: Make A Choice”

  1. Kelly Hanson

    One ship sails East, another, West, with the selfsame winds that blow,
    ’tis the set of the sail and not the gale, that determine the way they go.

    As the winds of the seas are the ways of fate as we travel along through life,
    ‘Tis the act of the soul that determines the goal, and not the calm or strife.

    Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  2. Rose

    I m Catholic because I was brought up that way and I feel awake now and these words here about choice has pulled the rug from under my feet and resonates with me .I have two kids that I m trying to bring up. Now wondering how to explain SOURCE to them and give them a good foundation in Life.

    Thanks for bringing forth this information.
    Any advice on how to explain SOURCE to kids?

    1. Adrienne Smith

      Rose, Wayne Dyer had written a book for children – although it may or may not conform to your beliefs.
      You might want to check out Hay House publishers. There may be several children’s books.
      It’s a rough time to be raising kids in many ways. The Old is gone; the New isn’t yet up and running.
      The world sorely needs books for kids.
      I think I’ll think about that.
      Meanwhile, for what it may be worth, I advise helping the kids to connect with the Divine Energy that runs through their bodies, and to connect with their angels.
      Teach them to listen with their hearts.
      Ask, What did your angel tell you?
      A physical experience is worth way more than any words can convey.

  3. Silke

    Sorry to ask a bit confused….which Letters exactly Does Sananda refer to? Not the Bible, Right?
    I do Unverstand, That if you read this, you are already have These two conciounesses, so you are aware what you Chose now

  4. Malissa

    I’m w/n truth lite luv
    I’m 1 consciousness
    I’m w/n sacred heart
    Ready return 2 Mity Maker