Life Tapestry Creations: Logic is Illogical

Dear Ones,

Likely, you have a need to be different – and yet the same. You want to return to your normal life – the life you knew before COVID. But doing so does not seem to spark your interest. As if you are a five-year-old attempting to be interested in a rattle.

Even though we, of the Universes, have discussed this topic previously, now that it is becoming part of your being, you are questioning your sanity, life, and relationships.

The difference between reading about disease and having it is two different layers of understanding. If your friend is ill, you are likely sympathetic and caring. But if you have the same illness, such as the flu, you are not necessarily thinking or caring about others, for you are focusing on you.

So it is now. Reading about ending your cocoon stage with new interests and actions is far different than experiencing it. Some of you may even worry that you have lost your mind. And, of course, you have.

For your new world is about accepting your heart instead of your mind as your operational focus. That is not to say you and others will no longer be interested in learning, but that you will unite that learning with a heart focus. Just as before, you once united your learning about the pain or fear of others with your heart feelings.

Your mind or intellect most often directed your 3D actions and thoughts. Now that you are beginning to direct your actions with your heart, it feels wrong somehow. And so you return to, “Did I do this right?” “Why am I doing this?” “What will others think?” Not because you do not know the answer, but because you do not yet trust that answer.

Logic remains important, but logic is no longer key as it was in 3D. You are now focusing on heart issues and concerns. Neither of which necessarily have a logical base.

So you might do or say something that surprises you as well as others. Actions that almost seem counterintuitive. For 3D, counterintuitive was to be ignored, wrong, denied, and ridiculed. Counterintuitive meant you had no basis for your decision – options were just selected randomly.

The new meaning of counterintuitive is that you are basing your decisions on logic instead of your heart.

Perhaps you will continue to rely on logic for a short time, perhaps not. But please be aware that logic is no longer logical. For you can only live in fear if logic is your deciding factor. Logic allows you to be wrong. If you were only smarter, wiser, younger, wealthier, older, a different race, had a different sexual preference, etc., you would know how to respond. Logic is an allusive target with no basis in your reality other than you could be wrong – and you often based your 3D guilt on believing that you were.

Decisions based on your heart/intuitive messages cannot be wrong, for those decisions are based on your current needs and interests. So it is the fears and guilt of yesterday will fade as you implement your new directives from within instead of outside of yourself.

Logic was vital in the past, given that you did not trust your inner voice and you had no other instructions other than the history built by your friends, family, and community. “If I do this, my life will be wonderful because that is what happened to others.” Logic is created on the history of what was instead of an inner-knowing of what is.

No longer will you fit within a cookie-cutter/logic life. Just as a caterpillar has few options for movement, so too did you when you were of 3D.

Now that your world has exploded – and exploded is the correct word – into millions of options, you no longer need to use logic or to qualify your actions with “That’s what everyone does.” It is almost like your teen years when you argued with your parents that you should be able to do this because everyone did it, even though your parents saw the larger picture of what those actions might lead to in the future.

You are you and no one else. So there is no right action that anyone has taken or will take that is the same as yours.

Logic or no other word with a similar meaning can describe your interests or actions. Your new world word is freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to not choose. The freedom to be. So be it. Amen.

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