UFO Expert and Whistleblower Luis Elizondo May Run for Congress

era of light alternative news newsThere is perhaps no name more associated with UFO disclosure in 2021 than Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Pentagon’s secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) and current whistleblower who is anxiously awaiting the National Intelligence report on what the government knows about “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

Unfortunately, Elizondo already knows enough to be concerned that the report will be watered down and not contain the “truth.” If that’s the case, he has recently announced he wants to become the second-most-well-known UFO politician besides former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (sorry Marco Rubio) and run for office himself to do what Reid and others couldn’t – release the full and unredacted X-Files.

“If the Pentagon’s Public Affairs officers, and those who give them orders, continue to obfuscate and mislead the American people about the reality of UAP [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, a k a UFOs] and what our government knows about them, I may have no choice but to put my boots back on and run for Congress. If that’s what it takes to get the truth out, that’s what I’ll do.”

It wouldn’t be unusual for Luis Elizondo to put his boots on since he’s rarely seen without them, but the announcement that he would run for Congress, which he made in an interview with The Black Vault, is a first. Elizondo is upset that the emails and attachments – schedules, calendars, transcripts, etc. – from his time at the Pentagon were confirmed to have been destroyed. That revelation may have turned Elizondo into an angry political Incredible Hulk, as he warns in the interview.

“If I get a seat [in Congress], I will make sure [there is] total transparency on everything, not just UAPs, but all the other crap that I know that goes on behind these closed doors. I can assure you that there are elements in the Pentagon right now that do not want a cat like me sitting in Congress.”

If the report is as weak as he expects it to be, Elizondo describes it as an “intelligence failure” as major as 9/11. He bases this assessment partly on the fact that the 9/11 Commission Report took three years, while the UFO report was completed in 180 days. That means it won’t contain what Elizondo has been saying to anyone who will listen — that “someone, from somewhere, [is] displaying beyond next-generation technology … in our controlled airspace.” In was sounds like a campaign speech, he tells The Black Vault that if he were elected, he would force Congress and the Pentagon to disclose:

“Everything that can be safely disclosed without harming our national security. Our tax dollars have paid for answers. It’s about time the American people start to get them.”

Spoken like a true politician. Is Harry Reid his campaign manager?

Would you vote for Luis Elizondo? Does he have a chance of winning? Is the presence of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in our airspace really the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11? Is a promise of disclosure – both of UAPs and other secrets — enough to get him elected?

Will the aliens allow it?

Stranger things have happened.

**By Paul Seaburn


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