Solar Eclipse in Gemini; 6/10/2021; Physical Transformation

Today we face a rare Solar eclipse in Gemini that is already strongly felt. As we are in different stages of our ascension journey, we will all experience different physical sensations, for we are all unique. If we are at a stage where working with our physical bodies is what we most need, then we will experience exhaustion, as what is taking place is a massive energetic transformation in our subtle bodies that implies the removal of old energies and the embodiment of lighter ones that our bodies may not recognize and know how to digest, at the moment.

This is why it is so important to consciously work with our bodies, healing and dissolving all blockages that we are aware of, as every block the new energies find, the harder it will be for them to settle down, for they will not coexist with a lower frequency. Our job is to make sure we clear these energies without resistance, so the new ones can be anchored.

Plenty of sleep, pure water, and acceptance are key at this time, for we cannot control how our bodies, as we are not conscious of all that they experience in its totality, for as you know we do not only dwell in the 3D but in 12D. So, it is pivotal that we allow our bodies to take the rest required for them to do their functions in a new way, for this transfiguration is happening, at all levels, in all dimensions in which we dwell and not just in this present timeline, for what we shift in this present one, shifts in all.

For others, the current energies will be about the conscious communion and subsequent integration of information, wisdom, from their Unified Self. As the building of a conscious bridge between our human self and our soul, and then Monad, is one of the most important things to do when we being on this evolutionary journey. This phase takes time and it is one of the most important ones to receive clarity for our new path. Lastly, others will be in a phase where their kundalini is awakening, rising, and for them, the initial phases of ascension will begin.

All the process involves a conscious intention of working with our bodies of surrendering and above all, letting go, for as humans, we get attached, as well as our bodies, to old energies, people, and situations that are familiar, and it is then when resistance, and hence pain, comes. Not because we are being punished or because someone is doing anything to us, as this is a false belief that again puts the power outside of us, but due to a conscious agreement we made before incarnating, not just with others but with the energies, to align with them and integrate them for the purpose of personal transformation.

We dwell in many dimensions, in many timelines and it is just now that many of us are beginning to regain awareness of what being multidimensional truly means. This is why it is so important to stay in the moment, without traveling into other times that no longer exist, for we may bring not just its remembrance but their energies, and hence the repetition of old cycles, that we no longer desire to repeat.

It is pivotal that we choose, at every single moment, no matter how challenging this moment can be, where we wish to reside, if in the past, in the possible futures we imagine, or in the only time that exists, in the Now. Every time that we decide to use an excuse not to stay in the present, taking responsibility for who we are and for all that we have created, we give our power away, allowing other circumstances to create for us.

Decide where you wish to belong and remain in your illumined choice. Do not let anything outside yourself move you from what you know is authentic.

Decide where you wish to create next for your human unique experience and the highest good of All.

Decide that all you create from this moment only comes from a space of unconditional love, compassion, and joy, and so be it.

I choose to always remain in the Illumined Essence of my Soul, for it knows my journey, my challenges, and also the many blessings that are yet to come.

Do you?

Happy eclipse, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba


3 Replies to “Solar Eclipse in Gemini; 6/10/2021; Physical Transformation”

  1. Frances Rose

    Could it be possible that some of us are picking up on what is going on in other parallel universes, or time lines? I have not seen anything today about the solar flare, or flash.

    1. VAARRR

      may be…..
      in dream- we cover someone with energies” we already have” and feel that this is for these situations
      in dream- it may be (parallel universes,(time lines,( something……
      I refer to sleep as an undefined experience- “where is it”
      in meditations- it is felt- e vision live- and I know – because I saw where it is
      all individually + –