Heart Opening

An intense heart opening is happening as the shift now intensifies.

The heart will be cleaved open to the reveal the core of the Soul and the eternal Truth, which is indeed showing us, whatever still is there within us, which needs to be resolved, left behind forever, and indeed is still keeping us from totally stepping forward into the New and Much Higher Dimensional frequency bands and indeed way of life and living.

I am adding LOVING here.

In the past few weeks I was wondering what was happening, as things started to come up which I thought I had resolved a long time ago. Now it came back persistently. I was at loss of how to deal with this, even though I had intense opening as never before and indeed was working with the White Flame in the highest degrees, and indeed was told to bring this to humanity, hence the last weekend’s webinar.

I was brought back to love and loving relationships. More than this the Twin Flame Relationship – which for me did not work out. I have long since made peace with this, and indeed, love is never absent. Other souls will always immediately step in to fill the void, and these can be many – and not just one! Such is Universal Law. Indeed, for me the many stepped in and indeed powerfully so.

It was this week, that I was brought back to the core of the truth, that Love is eternal and indeed can never ever be turned off, like tap. The soul lives on and thus souls are always eternally with each other, in love, and with love, for in truth the SOUL is LOVE. At its core TRUTH, there is not one single soul who is not LOVE and does not incorporate Divine Love. It is impossible.

It may seem that some people are lacking this on the earthly plane, especially in the 3D, but this is an illusion. They merely choose to play out certain actor’s roles but in the truth of their soul there is Divine Love, which will always make its presence felt through the entire incarnation of the soul. As souls had free will and choice in the 3D, they often rejected unconditional Divine Love, and indeed closed their hearts and cut themselves off form their own souls and thus indeed created pain and suffering.

I was shown, the Core Soul Fires this morning and I was shown, how in Truth Love is eternal. So even if it seems as if one has parted in this lifetime, the Souls cannot part nor be apart, for in truth all is ONE. We all embrace Divinity within us, and we all indeed stem from the Self-same Source. Twin Flames indeed stem from the same Soul Fires, and thus indeed cannot be separated, although they may indeed choose not to be together during an incarnation.

It is most important to also understand that most Souls on earth DO NOT have their Twin Flame Incarnated. The souls agree to this before incarnation, and some of the Twin Flames who did NOT incarnate then act as higher guides and are always with the one incarnated during their sleep-state. Again, nothing is ever missing!

At this moment, we indeed are being faced with this eternal truth. When we open our heart center and get back to the Core TRUTH within, the Divine Truth, we can only expand in Love.

This truth is all the more POWERFUL at this time, because by Divine Dispensation on the 5 July 2020, when the Old Earth ceased to be and the New Earth was fully born, by Divine Dispensation ALL KARMA was lifted off all souls on earth. We were freed from the karmic wheel.
This is immense!

Note you have free will and choice: You can choose to hold onto the old for dear life, all the unforgiveness, and shame, blame and guilt OR you can choose to finally let go and indeed free yourself and others.

Now, there comes a time, when you will indeed, find that you will be reminded now of the love you felt for the soul concerned, in eternal form. It will be there. It will show up now. Why? Because we indeed are now leaving all behind which we ever created in the 3D, and this includes all the negative patterns we may have created during incarnations here before. Nowhere holds this truer than with the Twin Flame.

I was shown my Twin this morning, in his glorious innocence – and the truth of his soul.

It is not that I never saw this before, it was just that I was now seeing him from an elevated space, as I had shifted immensely in the last few months and years, in all aspects and indeed have transfigured – indeed all seems to have happened lightyears ago.

The Divine then showed me, that indeed all souls are freed and indeed all souls in the New Earth, will experience love in such an expanded form, which we cannot even comprehend right now. This is what I was being prepared for.

In that moment I was speechless. Such Unconditional Love welled up within me, that I understood: – the highest love indeed is when we finally attain the wholeness within ourselves, and thus find the wholeness reflected in the other. One is loved as SOUL and not for anything else but the SOUL. It becomes a MERGER of SOUL within SOUL, yet never one losing its wholeness in the process, but indeed expanding into a greater Spiral, a Torus of Creation itself!

When I was shown this, I simply could do no other than totally surrender all into Divine Hands.
What I was shown I cannot put into more words.

All I can say, is that indeed, if you think you know all about Love, the Power of Love will open more gates, and more portals, and you will find you know indeed no-thing and that what is there to still experience and discover about Love, is indeed infinite. There is no end and no beginning. One starts to step into the vastness and the Power of Love, which goes beyond description!

I am sharing this today, because so many had a deep misconception about what True Love indeed is. Some seek it so desperately, when in truth all paths lead within, for only if we truly experience the deepest love within, for ourselves and the Divine can this expand into another soul, even a Twin Flame.

The GNOSIS lies within.

More I will not say.

This is something you need ot find out for yourself.

For indeed, all paths lead back to yourself and your Maker and indeed the Infinite Core Truth.

And you will only be given the truth to the degree that you are open to receive it, and indeed surrender to the Greater Power of Love.

I have been asking for many years and months that I would be able to experience the deepest Love and the profoundest. Never knowing where this would all lead me, just like my Quest for the White Flame.

And now all is coming together, for indeed it is time to step fully into the New Earth and New Embodiment, and leave all the old false beliefs behind, the old false programming, and un-wholeness, the brokenness, forever.

Nowhere will this now be more felt than in what is now to come: the waves upon waves up waves of the deepest clearing of all which is still hindering the full heart and soul opening of humanity at large.

You will be cleaved open to the core of your soul – where you cannot hide anymore and the Truth will find you and set you free, in all ways and every form so that you can step through the Golden Gateways, into the New Earth.

What is now coming cannot be put into human words, for indeed we will lose the need for words, and indeed will return to telepathy and heart to heart, mind to mind, and soul to soul communication, in truth!

I have spoken.

**By Judith Kusel


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