Saint Germain: You Have The Power

Breathe deeply now. Deep breaths. Letting go of your bodies. Focus on relaxing. Focus on letting go. Go deeper with each breath. As you breathe in the breath of life and you exhale out anything that is not the life. Breath in the light, and exhale out the darkness. Breath in the light, and exhale out the darkness. Breathe in the light, and exhale out the darkness.

Now focus on your etheric body and your chakra centers. And see all your chakras in alignment up your spinal cord, and all with their respective colors, and the vibration within those colors is especially important.

And the more you focus on your chakras from here on out, focus on the vibration within them. Because as you have been told many times and have been given this information many times, everything is consciousness and vibration. There is nothing, and no thing, that is not vibration and consciousness.

So focus on those chakras now and feel the energy within them. Don’t just see the energy. Don’t just visualize it, although that is important. But feel the energy. Feel it within you. Your etheric body is within you. It connects to your physical body. It is part of you. So feel the connection there. Feel your etheric body, the chakras coming alive now, the respective colors: red, orange, yellow, blue-green, magenta, sky blue, purple or indigo, and the crown chakra gold or violet or silver. And the eighth: the soul star chakra, brilliant pure white.

And again, not only see the colors, but feel the colors. Feel the vibration in the colors. For colors give off vibration. You know that. How you feel when you are around the higher vibrational colors. It was not given that term for no reason. They are higher vibrational. They are higher frequency colors. So feel it within them. Feel the energy. And even more importantly now, be that energy.

And now, yes, the Violet Flame. Feel it growing within you. Feel it expanding. Expanding until it has expanded all around your physical body. Your etheric body is putting off this Violet Flame. The Violet Flame, though, is part of the etheric body. It is part of you. And yes, it has been dormant in mankind for a long time. But it is awakened once again. So feel it all around you. Feel yourself within the Violet Flame.

Feel yourself now in the I AM presence, the I AM presence that is you, that is the God Source within you. I AM, that I AM. Feel it. Know it. Experience it. And yes, more importantly, be it. Be the I AM every moment of your life. I AM. I AM powerful. I AM one with all things. I AM one with God and the universe. For I AM God and the universe. I AM God. I AM the universe. Know this now.

Know and feel the power within you as this Violet Flame now continues to expand and grow, and touching everyone in this room right now, as your Violet Flame touches the next one, and the next one, forming a complete circle of Violet Flame.

And in the center of this circle is a beam of energy, a beam of pink light coming down from the Source, from the universal source of all of creation. A beam of energy, a pulse of light, a pillar of light coming right down into the center of this room.

And those of you that are not here in physical form, you are here anyway. You do not have to be here physically. It is only the mind that expects more from the physical expression. The heart knows differently.

So feel the energy coming down into the center of this room and into those crystals that are right here in the middle of this room, and imbuing those crystals now. Just as you did last evening. But now these crystals are imbued with the power from the Central Sun of the universe. And spreading out now to the crystals that are all around this room as well. And again, those of you that are not here in physical form, be here anyway. And your crystals, if you have them with you, are also being imbued in this way. For the crystals in the middle of this room and within the Violet Flame circle that is here now and everyone here, see this circle of Violet Flame. Everyone’s Violet Flame touching, forming a perfect circle. And this beam of energy coming down into these crystals in the middle of the room. And then shooting out to the crystals that are all around you and connecting with this beam of energy, with this beam of Source energy that is coming from the great cosmic source.

And now your Violet Flames expanding out more and more, shooting out in all directions, out, encompassing this home, encompassing this neighborhood, this town, and expanding out, and expanding out further and further to encompass the state you are in of Arizona. And out further and further to the next state and to the next one. Spreading out as a circle. Let it be as a circle. Spreading out further and further. Or, to give another analogy, as a tsunami, a wave of Violet Flame just spreading out in all directions at once, encompassing state by state, encompassing this entire country. Encompassing Central America, South America. Spreading out northward into Canada, to Greenland. Across the ocean, the Atlantic to Europe. To the Middle East, to Egypt, to Africa, to China, to Russia, and all the countries surrounding Russia. To Japan, to Australia, and to the Arctic and the Antarctic. Spreading out further and further until the entire planet is the Violet Flame. One huge Violet Flame. But don’t stop there. Let it continue to expand out past the Earth’s atmosphere, encompassing all of the ships and the planets here in the solar system. And the sun itself. All being fueled by this beam of energy that came down from the Great Central Source of this universe. Feel the power that is in that beam, that energy beam. And all of the Earth, all of Gaia is responding now to this wave of Violet Flame that has encompassed the entire planet.

If you want, if you haven’t already, you could have lifted yourself out into your astral body. You do not need to be shown how to do that anymore. You can do it in a moment, and just be, looking down now at everything that is happening as a result of this Violet Flame spreading around the planet.

And yes, we have done this before, but never like this. Never with the consciousness, the full consciousness of the Great Central Cosmic Source of the universe. The Universal God, Prime Creator is behind this, and is with you in this.

So as you heard, and have heard, that it takes the completion of the Crystalline Grid, the Christ Consciousness Grid to be completed in order to bring the event, know that right now in this NOW moment, in the I AM presence in this moment, you are commanding calling forth for the completion of this grid. You have the power to do that. We all have the power together to do that.

But you must go beyond your mind, and your disbelieving mind, and that ego that is there mocking you and saying, “no, you have no power, you have no power over me.” But you do. You have the power. You are the power. You are the presence of God working within you right now.

Complete the grid. Complete it in an etheric form right now. See it completed. Right now. All of you. Complete the grid. See the final electrical or light completion make its connection wherever that might be. For many it would be in the Middle Eastern area. Also in Africa. Some in South America. And in the Antarctic region. But see it completing. Make that last connection as if you were putting a puzzle together. Thousands and thousands and thousands of pieces going into that puzzle. And you have one left. One to put into that puzzle that you have been working on for many, many, many lifetimes. One. One last piece. Put it into place now. Make that last connection. It is up to you. Not up to use. It is up to you.

Be the power. Be the God Source within you now. I AM the power. I AM the light. I AM the love. I AM the One.

And now, once that last piece is put in, the last connection is made, see the results of that. Visualize those results now in this NOW moment, in the higher dimensional frequencies, what is happening right now in this moment. And your Schumann Resonance is going off the planet right now!

And you, you, this group, Ancient Awakenings, is doing this! Why do you think we have been so diligent in working with you each and every week, coming together bringing more and different ways of helping you to this point? We could not do it ourselves. We are not allowed to. If we could, we would have ended this long ago. But it is not for us to do that. It is for you…’with a little help from your friends.’

See now what happens and what will happen after The Event occurs. See it. As the last piece has gone in, The Event can happen now any time. But it is up to the collective consciousness of man to bring this about. But you, those of you, seemingly few, are many. Many in the one. And the one in the many.

Trust yourselves. Trust in the power within you. The power incarnate within you. You have always had this power. It has never left you, except in your mind’s programming. Seize it now. Accept it now. Be it now. Feel the almighty presence now within you! As you say force as one voice to the heavens: “It is finished!” Group: “It is finished!” Feel it, though. Feel it deeply within you. Feel the power rising within you as you say it again now: (group:) “It is finished!” Believe it and you will see it.

There is nothing, and no thing, stopping it now. And the rest of mankind, the rest of the collective consciousness of man, will either come aboard or they will not. But that is not for you to determine.

It is for you to assist when the call goes out to you, just as you came when the call went out to you long ago and you came to assist. When one calls to you, be ready. Be ready there to go about your Father’s mission. For it is your mission. That’s what you came here for.

Now, let yourselves breathe, come back. Come back from the incredible high that you are on now.

For power does bring that high! Why do you think those of the forces of darkness want the power? They know what it is like. But their power ends as the vibrations increase. That is why they have done everything that they can to hold the vibrations down on this planet, to hold the planet in fear, to hold the population in fear so that they could control and keep the vibrations down. They have known all about vibrations for thousands and thousands of years. But their time is over. The low vibrations are giving way now to the higher vibrations. The forces of darkness are giving way now to the power of the light, the power of love.

And as you have heard before, it is no longer the love of power, it is the power of love. But even though that is said, it is your power within you, your righteous power, your power of light, your power of love, that will continue to catapult this planet into the New Golden Age of Gaia, into the Aquarian Age. The age that has been foretold for many, many millennia now. And you are now in it. This is it. You are at the crest of the wave, or the cusp, or the finish line, or the crescendo, or any other term that you want to use now.

And you are right on the verge, the verge of realizing the Great Ones that came before you, and which some of you were part of those Great Ones, part of the Founding Fathers here. Yes: some of you were those. We are not going to tell you who. But I, as Saint Germain, was there, and I know many of you from that time. For I encouraged you then to sign that document, just as I am encouraging you now to step forth once again out in your power and let go of all that has been holding you back.

Let go of fear! Let go of uncertainty! Just let go now. And be who you were destined to be, when you stepped forth and said, “I will go; I will go,” and you went. And you came. And you are here. And you are done.

And I am done.

**Channel: James McConnell

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  1. Douglas A James

    Red yellow orange green blue Violet indigo gold silver white.. this message was moving .. so many left all their homes and families to incarnate on a prison planet to raise the awareness raise the light quotient so this beautiful planet and humanity could shift up to 5D could escape the enslavement could remember who they were and have their abilities returned to them! No more poverty abuse trafficking drugs pain and suffering no more duality! No more evil! Lessons learned! I invoke the Event wave now in this now! Let it be so! Doug

  2. The🌈NOW🌈Team

    🌈 NOW 🌈

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    June 14, 2021 at 4:34 pm


  5. Onepresent heart

    This is so beautiful and emppwering
    I love the part about imagining the connections of light all over the planet and we put that last peice in and complete the network of Love Light now. We are doing this. I am so blessed to be given a chance to participate in this highest deed for all of the Universes. I take my work seriously and never forget a day.
    Thankyou St Germaine for your Love. The reminders are needed as we have been put to sleep by those who would use our God Source energy for their dark deeds. No more. We stand up in the power of Love and bring the Age of Golden Light to this earth. We join together as One, and our little planet ripples out across the universe in shining love light.
    Onepresentheart (on youtube)