Ascension Update; Realizations

Beloved Ones,

During this portal month, as it acts as an open gateway for all the new energies that are being descended into our Planet, we are having many planetary events, as the Saturn square Uranus, and then sextile Chiron, that represent, in a macro level, the planetary shift in consciousness, that all, in our unique way, are experiencing, at this moment.

This is a time for collective awakenings, for inner realizations, and above all, for learning how to direct the change that has initiated within and whose outcome will depend on how we deal with it. Taking responsibility for the change that we have chosen to experience is pivotal, for once we enter into this conscious evolutionary path there is no one to blame anymore.

This is what many are healing at the moment, the profound deception that comes when we fully awaken and begin to realize that all we thought true was not as authentic as we believed. Many are living in fear, one that has been deeply infused upon them, and that will take time and devotion to dissolve.

Fear of not being in control of their lives. Fear of not being adequate, and once they realize who they are, fear of their true potential and how they manage it. This is why it is so important to act as humble way-showers at this time, for once we walk the path, as compassionate beings, it is pivotal to show others what we have learned.

We initiate this personal shift, with the catalyst Saturn, which is a very important energy this month, and during this changeable year. Saturn precisely invites us to take full responsibility for everything we think, feel, and therefore create, and we do so with the awareness enough of knowing that as we create, we destroy, and no one else can do that in our personal reality but ourselves. Therefore think, feel and act wisely, lovingly, and intuitively, for all you do impact All.

This is an Era for us to act fully conscious of who we are, of where we desire to be, what we wish to create next, and with whom. We now possess the knowledge required to know what are the next steps our soul wishes to accomplish and what are the things that impede us to do, and hence, need to be healed.

To help us healing and expanding within new dimensions, we have Jupiter on June 20 retrograde, although as I always share, this is just a fomented illusion in the collective that has become real, to some extend. There is nothing ever retrograde or in slow motion within Creation. Jupiter as well as the main essence of this month it is about expanding ourselves from within, as there is a vast world within ourselves from where all we desire to see in the physical emerges: communication, healing, and above all the guidance that we so await to come to us from the outside.

A few days later, on June 24, we also have another wonderful planetary alignment – Saturn sextile Chiron – that is going to provide us massive healing, one that comes to complement the impact of Saturn-Uranus squares, as they are triggering awakening and the profound inner shift, and its subsequent challenge, that comes with it.

Chiron sextile Chiron seeds healing and it is our personal choice to commune and call upon these planetary frequencies that can co-create with us to help us dissolve all that is limited and that Jupiter on the other hand, will help to expand. An expansion that consists in the conscious elimination of old beliefs, false programs, and other distortions that we may have created ourselves, and substitute them for the new truths that we are embodying and that will distill the ones that were meant to make us believe that we were inadequate.

A time to find karmic balance, which is nothing but the recognition, the responsibility that we shall take, once we begin this conscious journey, of all the actions we have made, healing the unconscious unloving ones with kind benevolent acts that come now from a loving heart space of compassion and support to All.

Separation from the authentic self, from the love that we are and from All, is what causes pain. It is then that we act unconsciously, for we do not want to live under the illusion of being fragmented from Source’s Love. The moment we awake to the truth that this love was always within us and that is All That Is, we being acting from a totally different perspective, allowing us to heal our wounded self and beginning to walk a path of unconditional love and compassion.

This is a month that will challenge many to go within and to visit the depths of their soul, communing with their feelings and embracing them as equal. This is a process that many avoid as it is not comfortable to confront our inner shadows. However, it is only once we embrace it all, that we can finally move on from what truly damages us – separation, from our own God Self, and hence from Source.

At this time, it is pivotal that rather than expecting something from the outside, we work with ourselves, learning how to adapt to the particular change that we are experiencing and how to flow with it, whether we understand it or not yet at all.

During this month, which is one for personal reflection and integration, it is important to take some time daily to commune with our soul and begin a process of self-discernment, realizing where we resist change, and what are the blockages that we have created that impede us to surrender to change and move forward.

I wish you a healing reflective passage, Beloveds.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba