Bethulia: Earth’s Sister Planet

earth shining eraoflightdotcom(I am seeing a green planet that is bursting with life, covered in all shades of green. The air is fragrant and filled with life.) I am Bethulia. I am watching your progress upon my sister planet, Gaia. We are energetically linked for we have had similar experiences in many ways. I have ascended beyond my pain and I am assisting with sending my love to your planet, my dear friend, moment by moment. We planetary grid members are banding together more and more to offer our support and love for you and for Gaia, for we are like the neurons in your brain. We are always firing messages to each other and together create a pulsing white grid of light, of interdimensional consciousness and deep community.

I am Bethulia, planet of the heart, offering my waves of unconditional love and intergalactic consciousness to you Gaians now and most specifically to my energetic sister, Gaia. I am an older planet. I was an apt participant in hiding the galactic refugees that needed relocation options during the intergalactic wars and skirmishes. I am filled with extremely large inter-dimensional crystals that fill my core with the Christed light consciousness, that fill me up deeply with love from Source. I have much love. I am a planet of love and deep healing. I offer my planetary energies to you now, unabridged and unbridled, untamed. All is healing on your sphere in due time and that time is most quickly approaching when the great split, the great separation of that which is love and that which is not love will be revealed, so that it can be healed. You reading this have tremendous potential and opportunities to spiritually expand and expound upon these most vast inner truths, for all will be made well aware of the shenanigans upon your sphere and much healing will be needed. We planetary matrix keepers are forwarding our light and love rapidly, vastly, and with extreme surgical precision. This will be much like a love surgery. I use these terms for my channel is of the medical profession and is aware of how even a tenth of a millimeter makes a difference. We are sending love beams to you now, we of the planetary grid. I Bethulia am an old and wise member, just like the wrinkled grandmother that we are showing this one, full of smiles, full of love, full of a little bit of mischief when needed to lighten the hearts of those who surround. But grandmothers can be fierce and strong too, of this I am well aware. For when one’s voice has been honed over time and one is aware and in touch with their higher self, one has had ample time to hone and get in touch with their inner power, their inner light. Our inner lights are shining on you, dear ones, dearest warriors of the greatest tenacity. Thank you. Thank you for caring for my sister, Gaia. I say sister, for she is. We have known each other a long time. We are from the same breath of the Mother’s creation. We were once both very bright green before her water came out of balance in an attempt to energetically balance things on her surface. She was much more green. More water was inside of her. She was greener from space. She will realign. Do not be afraid. Many of you will be inside or outside looking down upon her as she heals, that is a long ways off, but time is relative. You are talking with a very old, extremely old planet and so time means little to me. But I am deeply involved in my own way with Gaia. I have been her mentor, her energetic support, one of many. We all love Gaia.

I am Bethulia. I am far and yet nearby. I am within reach of a powerhouse intergalactic gateway. Your sector is so popular with the travelers because of the massive super-galactic gateway that is very nearby your sun, in fact your sun is an aspect of this portal. You will begin to see ships coming through your sun more commonly. Our energies, because of this intergalactic super highway, are able to flow, to funnel, to bathe you all with higher dimensional light. (I am seeing an ice cream cone with a pointed end tripping drops of ice cream.) We are funneling our love and light from all of our spaces to you, but now it is more than a drip, dear. You are being washed in ice cream of the higher dimensional love light! That is why you feel so clobbered and have had so many ascension symptoms of late.

I am Bethulia. I love my sweet sister, Gaia and I love those upon her. Much like the star network that this one has communicated with before, the planets of course have our energetic network that we offer. Creator planned exquisitely to further utilize this super galactic highway to further hone energies by pulling all of those energies of the higher dimensional planets and higher dimensional gateways into a funnel of light to further bathe this sector that has grown so full of cobwebs into pure light. (I am seeing cobwebs dissolve into light by a blast of light. I am seeing vortexes of wormholes being filled with plasma-prism light surrounding Gaia, dancing into a beautiful spiral of light around her.)

I am Bethulia, green planet of higher dimensional love and healing, energetic sister to Gaia and long time mentor. I am so honored to have shared this journey and experience with you, with Gaia. I send my energies of deep emerald green to you now. Feel my heart. Feel my love. Feel your entire bodies being awash with green. This is the best medicine for now. This is who and what you are. You are love, the love of consciousness, the creativity of love in form. Feel the heat expand in your heart space. You are being activated. Feel the spin in your forehead as it connects with your heart. The mind must connect with the heart. The heart-mind is the new way of logical thinking in this expanding realm. This entire neighborhood of this universal sector is being uplifted, raised higher, expanded, renewed. You are being renewed. (I am feeling tremendous pressure and heat in my heart move up into my head. I am seeing galaxies swirling in my head and have tremendous ringing in my ears, like a bell. I feel like it is the tuning fork frequency of the heart and I am seeing that this love vibration is ringing through space.) Your entire universe is ringing with light, brimming with excitement about what you are about to experience. Little Gaians, I Bethulia, lead member of the intergalactic planetary grid, offer you my love. Whenever you see deep green, think of me. I am filled with crystals, literally! Connect your grounding crystals to my energies and this will assist as well, for it will further bridge the connection. We are uplifting her in every way possible. We love her so. I am Bethulia.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

5 Replies to “Bethulia: Earth’s Sister Planet”


    Dearest – most Dearest Bethulia.
    How nice to be aware of Your apperance- presence-light-and love sent to our Mother Earth, especially this pereiod.
    Much of LOVE

  2. Petar

    Hvala ti draga Betulija na divnim rečima podrške i ljubavi. Jako nam je teško ovde na zemlji, ali ne damo se. Borimo se za bolji život, za ljubav, lepotu i bolje sutra.

  3. Deb

    I am already seeing a greener earth.
    Our garden is soooo BIG this year.
    Plants, like perennial strawberries are 30% taller, and produced more fruit.
    (we’ve been gardening for 26 years.)
    Once they stopped the chemtrails, things started healing, fast.