Sananda: What it is to be a Therapist

sananda image eraoflightdotcomDear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!

Once again it is with much gratitude that I am here to pass on some more teachings. Today I am going to talk about a subject, a little generic, but that will fit many of you. Many of you have been asking yourselves lately: What is your great soul mission? Why are you here now incarnated, and what to do with your lives from now on? How to lead your life and your dreams?

To be incarnated at this time is a privilege, even those who have been and gone before, had the knowledge of what would happen on this planet at this time. And they are also privileged, because they will be taking a very important step in the universe. And many other planets are watching what will be happening here, so that they can make the same decisions, and free themselves from the Third Dimension.

But what is the real mission of your souls at this time? Right now you have only one concern, to be on that road to the Fifth Dimension. So I would say that in general terms, your soul mission is to prepare, to try to walk properly, to try to fulfill all that we have been saying for some time now, to get on that road to the 5th Dimension. At the same time, many have felt an immense desire to follow spiritual paths, paths that will do their spirits good.

I would say, this is a concomitant mission to the mission to go to the Fifth Dimension. Because as you set out on that road to the Fifth Dimension, unconditional love begins to grow within your hearts; and it causes you to think not only of yourselves, but of your fellow man, your brothers and sisters. And then the wills, the desires, to help them in some way arise. Those who have this very deep calling, seek therapies, seek to learn how to deal with energies, precisely with the aim of helping themselves and their neighbor. But I would ask a question: Does everyone fit this model? Or don’t many have their ego filling their ears and saying: “Do this, do that, do the other thing” And you do do dozens of therapies, just to accumulate the titles they give you. Because your ego is filling your mind that you have to do that, that it will be good for you, that you have several titles, and that you are that perfect therapist, because you know so much, about so many things.

Then I ask you: How are you applying all this? Did you manage to put it all together to help a brother? Or are you still trying to find out which one of these, out of all the things you have done, will bring you what you hoped for? I would like you to ask yourselves this question. Many people think that filling themselves with titles, being knowledgeable about many therapies is enough; and I would say that it is not. So let’s go back to the beginning. What is it to do or learn a holistic therapy, one that deals with energies? What is it? Is it doing it to get the title? Is it to do it to help a brother? Is it to do it because, “Oh, it will make me a lot of money!”.

So I would say that the main answer you haven’t given, which is to help your evolution, in the first place. Any therapy you do has to be aimed at your growth, at your evolution. If this occurs, everything else comes together. Then you will treat yourself, you will treat the other, and consequently yes, you will get a financial return for your work. So observe, that the greatest objective when doing a new therapy is your evolution. And another point that is very important: you choose a therapy to do; and I would say that many times your masters are the ones who put therapy on your path because they understand that it will be good for you. Very well.

And then you do it, and you’re done. You learned what you had to learn, and you stop there. Is this how you interpret being a therapist? Is this how you understand it, that it is to be trained in therapy? Or would you have to dedicate yourself to study everything related to that therapy? Or would you have to look for teachers, look for colleagues, look for books, it doesn’t matter where you look, but you have to study about it. So I ask you: You are going to work with a therapy and you don’t know anything about it, only what you have learned. So how will you advertise it? What will you tell your clients about your ability to practice that therapy? I would say it will be a poor advertisement, a baseless advertisement, because you just learned what you were taught and it was good for you.

Many of you are desperate, looking for something, looking for a therapy, where you can help the other. Very good. I would say that this is a great goal, but I say again that the greater goal cannot be this. The higher goal has to be your evolution, what you will learn, what you will receive back from the Universe when you practice that therapy, which is your spiritual evolution. So I can say here, that the vast majority of you are doing it all wrong. You are only focusing, either on helping the other, or on having a financial return, to be able to show the title on the wall of a course you took. Wrong way.

The path, first, is your evolution, the path is your learning, the path is your deep study of that therapy you chose. Working with energies is not like a mechanical profession, where you learn how to put screws in a machine and do the same thing every day. You don’t really need to study much there, you just have to learn where to put the screw. Now when you are dealing with human lives, with a brother’s walk, this is not a cake recipe that you repeat and have the same result, because it is not like that. Each one that comes to you will come with a different problem. So which cake recipe to apply? There is no book, showing exactly what you have to do in each case.

There will go the wisdom, the study, the concentration, the dedication, to that therapy. And you, at that moment, will know exactly what to do with that case. But no, most people think that just knowing how to apply what they have been taught is enough. And then they complain, “No, it didn’t work, I couldn’t go forward!” Why is that? Why is that? Could it be that your goal, deep down, was truly your evolution? Could it be that your goal, deep down, was to improve yourself to the maximum, and then help a brother? Or did you think that you just needed to take a single class and you had learned everything; you were already ready to help someone?

Indeed, many of you come ready. What do you mean you come ready? Your souls in other lives already did this, so your own soul already helps you, already shows you the way, gives you intuitions. So for these ones, the path is easy; and it is as if, without much effort, they already know everything, what they have to know about therapy and what they have to know for a service. Whereas many others will try, try, try, and won’t get off the ground, because the focus is being wrong. It is a choice of this life, or it may even be a choice from the distant past of your soul, where everything has to be remembered.

So how to make the path work? Study, deepen yourself, show the universe that you are really interested in what you have done, interested in learning and especially in evolving, in believing in how much that technique will help you on your path. After you do all this initial process, then you will be ready to attend, you will be ready to teach. And each one that comes to you will be a teaching. And then you will gain the famous “experience”. Yes, this is how you grow; this is how you become good therapists.

So, don’t look at therapies as recipes for cake. How you go there, do a single class or more, it doesn’t matter; and you think you’re ready: “Oh, I’m ready to work right now. You don’t even know what it means what you have done. Many times you take the course, enter in one way and leave the same way, without understanding anything; but you have the title in your hand, so you can start working. But then nothing works out, nobody shows up. Why is that? Is it because the universe is trying to show you that you did everything wrong? That you don’t really understand anything? And how do

you want to serve the other? I recognize that working with energies will never hurt anyone, unless you send bad energy, which is not the case with therapies.But I tell you this: When someone seeks therapy, to help themselves, that person is in trouble and they want help. So if you are a good therapist, you will have the ability to help them, effectively you will be helping them. Now, if you are that therapist who just has a title, she will come and go the same way, and she won’t come back to you. So search within your hearts for what it is that you are actually seeking. Don’t get into fads: “Oh, everybody’s doing it, I’ll do it too. What for? Just for the title? There is no cake recipe in holistic therapies. Each patient will be a patient.

So search inside your heart, what you want. And then don’t come out of the courses, complaining that nothing happened. Just listen to your hearts and see what the purpose was that you took that course. It is the same case as doing many and not finding yourself in any one. Why is that? Because you didn’t really dedicate yourself to any of them; you just kept adding titles, that’s all. You didn’t stop to study each one you took, because if you had, you wouldn’t have several, you would have one or a few more, but not many, as many are doing.

This is not evolution. Taking courses does not indicate evolution, evolution is to go deeper into what you have done, to understand the therapy, to seek answers in that therapy and, above all, to treat yourself first. You think it’s nice to open your mouth and say: “I want to treat the other”. After you realize the treatment you have received in that therapy, then you are ready to begin the journey of care.

Desperation leads nowhere. Financial focus also leads nowhere. It is not in this way that you will have the energy of money flowing your way. It will circulate, yes, but as long as it is a consequence, not the main goal.

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    “Right now you have only one concern, -” braking by the guardian angels- to do it all at the same time as Atlantis steered- and lemuria watched with 7D
    no karma since May 2020
    we are free to be happy, successful, healthy
    in this reality only the will is present in reality
    no plans before the implementation here do not work
    do you want to be happy, healthy, wealthy now- please- this is the free will presented in this reality here and now