Ashian: The Effect of Words

Greetings to all who feel these words; when we ‘speak’, what we are actually doing is transmitting a frequency that carries a healing vibration within it. This is then stepped down by our channel, Jennifer, so that you may engage with these energies.

As you consider the words, and mull them over, or chew on them, you are allowing these vibrations to filter through you, your consciousness and your vibration to create spaciousness and healing within.

More than that, our energy is designed to trigger or catch your ‘hooks’, those distortions, painful trapped memories and dislocated feelings. The compassionate, healing intelligence inherent in our communication frequency soothes and rebalances distorted energies, so that you come into greater alignment within.

Now, consider this: the opposite is also true. We would advise caution with listening and especially believing what you are told – whether it is from us or from anyone. Many, many use words, they know that every word creates a frequency, and every sentence creates a ‘parcel’, a mental cookie, you could imagine it as, that you ingest.

These lower vibrational constructs/parcels/mental cookies have different intents which create different vibrations, which create different energetic signatures within your toroidal field. The general rule is, if it feels bad, it is bad. What lowers your vibration is indeed toxic to you, a slow form of poison, that has limited your world for millenia.

Can you imagine that you are created by the words you have heard? Or, even more specifically, by the energetics of the words, because words are merely transportation devices for energy – we converse in energy, not words.

J: I know this is obvious, but truthers are saying truth, and that make the sleepers feel bad, so they say it’s all ‘conspiracy’ in the hope of shutting us up. Our words make them feel bad… So are they bad?

A: We love and appreciate your excellent point, because every rule has exceptions. This is one. First, there is the key issue of intentionality: With much/most media, the intention is harm, so the toxic load is dumped inside you immediately, if you believe what they say.

If you are neutral, you are unaffected by their malicious intent, because you are not ‘eating’ the words, you are not ingesting them.

Truthers’ intentions are positive, to wake brothers and sisters from sleep. So, although they reject what they hear, the higher vibration of that information will continue to work for their good, because they were exposed to it. The light is more powerful than the shadow. Open a door into a dark room, the light rushes in: the dark does not rush out.

There are further caveats, for example, truthers who exaggerate to make a point, to wake others up, are not coming from the purest form of love and service. They are creating a distortion, therefore the resonance is not as powerful and it backfires in the long term.

This energy is understandable, and it is all part of the process of evolution; each journey may look like it is going backwards and forwards, but overall, the direction is towards coherence, alliance and ascension.

J: Yes, that all makes sense. Thanks

A: It is our pleasure. You are all bathed in our loving frequencies, whether you are aware of it or not, and reading our words allow you to connect directly to us, to our frequency of divine love and your higher, ascended selves.

(c) 2021 Jennifer Crokaert All rights reserved

3 Replies to “Ashian: The Effect of Words”

  1. Ty Ping

    I agree to the extend that the words being used are meant in the way of their true meaning. But this is not always the case!
    Many use words and do not mean what they say. So, they don’t say what they really mean, they misuse words.

    An example: The word homophobia is commonly defined as the “dislike of or prejudice against gay people” (Google). The origin of the first part of the word is either the Latin ‘homo’ meaning human or as a prefix the Greek ‘homos’ meaning ‘same’. The origin of the second part is the Greek word ‘phobos’ meaning ‘fear’.
    Put together the word homophobia literally means either ‘fear of humans’ or ‘fear of the same’ (as in ‘homosexual’ – sex with partners of ‘same sex’).
    Dislike or prejudice are very different feelings compared to fear, so people say something very different to what they actually mean. Even the word ‘gay’ has compared to modern use historically a very different meaning: brightly coloured; showy.

    One could write a book on this subject since there are so many widespread words falsely used. As long as people speak false words the outcome of their communication will be faulty. It would be better for many to keep their mouths shut instead of babbling crap.
    Definitely, I mean it!

  2. Kathleen Adair

    Thank you! It is very obvious to me when I start reading something whether it resonates with me or not. I have been confused about what to do about this. Should I warn others? But then I realized that this IS the truth to someone else. That is where they are at and what they choose to focus on. I can be of more help by focusing on MY truth of love, light and acceptance. Everything and Everyone has the spark of the One within them. When I can get to that point where I can see that spark in even my worst enemy, and it’s not always easy, I am giving them the space, opportunity and choice to see that spark in themselves. It’s actually a very fun challenge, especially when changes happen. Maybe it’s just me that is changing and seeing the world as more beautiful, but that works for me.
    I see the spark in YOU!

  3. Lumina

    That makes so much sense, truth is like the medicine that no body wants but will take eventually because it cures, no matter how bitter it may be. Thank you x