Solar Maximum Here We Come

The Sun has had an X class solar flare, the largest in 4 years. It happened on Sat July 3, 10.29am, EDT (New York time)…Sun July 4, 12.29am Sydney time. Officials reported it caused a brief radio blackout on Earth.

The Sun experiences 11 year Solar Cycles as it makes its way from Solar Minimum (mild flares) to Solar Maximum (strong flares) and back again. The current 11 year cycle – Solar Cycle 25 – started last year. This recent X Class Solar Flare is the first large flare of this Cycle. Solar physicists expect solar activity to increasingly ramp up from now as we approach Solar Maximum, expected anytime from 2024-2026.

We often unknowingly respond to solar activity and geomagnetic disturbances as a stress response – be it physical, cognitive, behavioural or emotional – which can in itself be stressful if we don’t know the cause! As we approach this next Solar Maximum period, it can be helpful to be aware of any major Solar Flares so that if you do have a stress response, and there is no other explanation for it, you can maybe find an answer on Space Weather!

It tends to take several hours even up to 24 hours for people to start feeling the effects of a Solar Flare. Some people can feel the affects ahead of time even before the Flare officially happens – often not knowing why they’re feeling what they’re feeling.

Solar flares (particularly the larger X Flares and M flares) affect us physically, cognitively and emotionally, with people experiencing disrupted sleep, emotional swings, heart palpitations, anxiety, heightened clarity, vivid dreams, enhanced intuition, increased creativity, extremes of energy – either feeling super-charged or exhausted. Studies have also shown that social unrest and other societal changes are linked to the solar cycles, as they influence our behaviour and psychology.

Flares are energetic intensifiers…you can literally feel yourself “on fire” however that may manifest eg anger, increased adrenalin, energy and productivity, or in some cases actually feeling it physically in your body.

Solar Flares can trigger old issues, emotions and patterns, so you can look at the Flares like energetic cleansers, purifiers and transformers. Use them consciously to shift things that are ready for shifting.

How are you feeling?

**By Dana Mrkich


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    Wow thank you! I searched for this topic already but never got this information when the next solar maximum is happening. Very interesting.