The Galactic Center: Gaia’s Ascension Plan

I am the Galactic Center, center point of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose, Galaxy. It is seeming that upon your world there is chaos. There has always been an element of chaos and disorder in the lower dimensional realms where those who would experiment with power-over do so to the chagrin of their higher selves. Consequences occur for individuals who assert their will over another falsely. But this is how we expand, the experiences are treasured moments of catalyzed growth for the soul. (I am in a realm of vast emptiness and potential. I look at myself and I am myself wearing a white dress but I could just as easily be a light blob or a dragon or any way that I wish to present myself as this is a place of creation.) Yes, a place of contemplation and cocreation as well as deep introspection. It is a marvelous place to meditate and I welcome you Lightworkers of Gaia’s ascension plan. Please join me. In the higher realms this is a place of learning what is desired and what is not desired, where one can spin out thought forms and see possible outcomes of their creation, where one can muster will and form and thought with creative potential. It is where many come to practice these things. Perhaps it is time that you practice your own happiness? Lightworkers have had such a challenging road that their happiness seems to be their last concern or priority. But if one is not inwardly happy and balanced, then the energetic alignment for their own creation of happiness will be off, even if by a slight frequency, and their creations and intentions will not bear the desired fruit for their joy.

I am the Galactic Center. Things appear serious upon your world, and they are, for much has to be cleared, and it will be. But there can be joy found in this realization that nothing can continue as it was, for the light has come and the light I see is within you, beautiful creators of light who prior to incarnating would come and sit and be with me. Breathe with me now. Feel the vast space of your own inner void, feel the vast void of myself for I am the pause in between the creation and the outcome. Feel the light that is within you. (Suddenly I feel as if I am only airy and spacious, able to easily float and fly about. I can see me typing but it is my physical me in this time, it is not the true me.) In the vibration of space and peace, feel what you desire. You desire peace on earth. Visualize the words “Peace on Gaia” and see them in front of you. Now fill them with images of what peace looks like to you. (I am seeing the words in front of me but they are filled with images of children and joy and plenty for all where people are whole and families healed and strong.) Now put some of your own desire for happiness within these words, for you are part of the great unfolding of worlds of what was to what is and will be. There is joy in serving and you are serving the entirety of the collective benefiting the All, a tremendous honor. Now see these words “Peace on Gaia” filled with these images of your intention into her heart and it will affect all things. In the galactic center, within myself in the space of my wholeness words uttered are as good as formed. You can experiment with “I am happy” or “I am abundant in all things” or “Love is all around me I am at peace with all things” and these vibrational encodements are very real and very strong. Pull these intentions, these prayers for your own lives into your current reality, into the body that is being still and listening to these energy upgrades sing in the cells and bless yourself with “my body is healthy, my body is whole and complete, perfectly functioning.” It is time for happiness, for blessing, for more joy upon your sphere but there will be more chaos first. But it does not need to be your chaos. You, beloved lightworkers, you are the observers, the light anchors, and so tap into my magnificent field of pure potential, infinite grace and love and feel the deliciousness of the void. It is not to be feared but to be treasured. Fill your void with Source-light, with self love and all will shift for you. You will more easily be the loving observer, and your joy will not be easily taken from you, for it is your joy, it is your hope, it is your light, it is your void. Do you see?

I am the Galactic Center, center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose galaxy. As this golden rose appears before you fill it with your intentions for happiness for Gaia and all upon her and whatever else you wish to fill this with. It is for you. Tuck it in your hearts and plant it into Gaia. You are seeding your future reality of light. You all have been here many times before in between incarnations but it is time that you remember me now, that you crawl into my space and be overwhelmed with the joy of me, for it is you, dear ones. I am also an aspect of Source. I am the energy that has the privilege of holding space. You will be holding space for many of your family members and friends and it will be intense an arduous. But it need not sap your joy. You are bringers of the Golden Rose energies, of the divine feminine anchor. I am here for you as friend and confidant. If you are unsure what you wish to create in your life, I am open to listen and in this space things will become more clear as you will have more access to past versions of you and past lessons will unlock. All will become more clear.

I am the Galactic Center. Hold on to your joy, just as Source is holding on to you. For Source is you, dear ones. And it is an honor to work with you all this day. I am the Galactic Center.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

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    my body is healthy, my body is whole and complete, perfectly functioning.”
    It is time for happiness, for blessing, for more joy upon your sphere