In Response To Simon Parkes Unintentionally Warmongering Post

parisseIn Response To Simon Parkes Unintentionally Warmongering Post

Parisse Deza

This short piece comprises an email letter I sent to the Arizona state coordinator for Connecting Consciousness, Simon Parkes group, of which I am a member. I wrote to her in response to Simon’s posting of a video on his site today (7/6/21) which I found disturbing in a variety of ways.

Knowing so many folks write to Simon, I decided to send the email to her requesting she get it to Simon, so strongly do I believe a redirect is necessary.

I have written three articles in the last few months attempting to clarify the central shift needed for moving into a new age of unity consciousness. Those articles are:

For Those Fighting A War With Evil – That Is Not How We Create Peace

A Radical Examination of Freedom and Happiness in America

The Key To Changing The World Is In Changing Perspective

The central tenet of these articles is simply that to be in the fifth dimension we must act fifth-dimensionally. Our thinking must not be duality-based, but unity-based, or we will just recreate the situations we are having now. That means we must stop viewing our situation as a fight against evil – which implies that we are victims to stronger forces – and instead use our divinely-bestowed prayer power – our imaginations directed by positive intention – to create something that replaces what we have that we don’t like now. When enough of us do that en masse, there will be no stopping a higher vibrational experience from permeating our present one.

It is my intention now to inspire others to pick up the ball and write to leaders like Simon to get them to change their wording in order to lift the minds of their followers to a Christ consciousness-empowered level. When we do this together, enough of us, the changes will manifest spontaneously in our Earth field without effort. Things that were previously thought to be impossible will just happen. That’s how the lifeforce works. (Our job is to say what we want. The “how” of it is the job of the divine.) The third-dimensionally-focused mind of the ego cannot understand this. That is why it is necessary for those of us who have a glimmer of unity consciousness and are brazen enough to want to be Christed beings have to go all out now and claim that power and that new world we desire to live in. We are not here to wait for an Alliance to save us. We are here to create our heaven on Earth by acknowledging our true nature as dynamically creative expressions of the Source of all life. In doing this, we empower actions by positive entities both physical and otherwise to work for us. The fact that we haven’t done this yet is why the changes we want have not yet taken place.

Here is the email…

Hello Susan,

I am writing to you because I wish you to direct my message to Simon, as I feel that if I try sending it directly to him he will never get it, as so many write to him, and it is critical that this idea becomes widespread.



Today I watched a video you just put on your site which was deeply disturbing to me. The soldier claiming to have secret information and blatantly war-mongering.

I am disturbed whenever I hear anyone working for the Light claiming that we are in a war and have to fight evil. This way of thinking is strictly third-dimensional and dualistic, and has nothing to do with our transition into the fifth dimensional experience of unity consciousness. I have occasionally heard you refer to us as being in a war, though you are more soft-spoken about it than most. I joined CC because I feel that you are a conscious being with good intention, but I know all of us have things to work out of our systems. I have written several articles which have been published on many sites such as Operation Disclosure, Intel Dinar Chronicles, Era of Light, and others explaining this most basic understanding so to inspire others to let go of the dysfunctional viewpoint and behavior associated with the idea that fighting off evil will actually create a new age. It is a gross misunderstanding, contrary to nature and reason and all common sense. It is counter-productive, as something new is never created by trying to destroy the old to get there. If you pour gasoline on a fire you make it worse. The antidote to fire is water. In order to enter a fifth dimensional experience we cannot operate third-dimensionally; we must think and act fifth-dimensionally, and that means through unity consciousness and by putting all our energy into creating what we want to replace the old. Those fighting evil are trying to overpower darkness instead of ingesting it alchemically by using our divine power to create, letting the Lifeforce do what needs to be done with the transgressors.

Simon, when Nature creates a new season, a new age, She does not try to obliterate the old one to do so. She pulls her attention and energy out of the old one and puts it into the new one exclusively, and the old one dies from neglect, its parts composted to feed the new. We are participating in a creative project co-creating the new age with Source, not fighting to overcome evil so we can win and then be free. That doesn’t resolve alchemically any of the energies that made the duality possible in the first place. That viewpoint is totally futile and keeps us embroiled in conflict, which is exactly what the dark forces want us to do. Ultimately, light fighting to overcome darkness is the same as one part of an individual’s ego fighting to overcome another part it believes is working against it. In the end, only through integration of the two by the whole self is the situation resolved. They both have their purposes. We have yet to decide to act from our whole self.

Please stop promoting war and conflict. Make this your statement so others get it: Work fifth-dimensionally to create what you wantWithdraw all your energy from the old in any way possible and do not fight with any of it. Withdrawing our energy from the old starves it of lifeforce. This is the big lesson for humanity now. We cannot act in old ways and expect to make new things. No great being in life, from Jesus to Gandhi, would recommend fighting against an enemy to conquer it so we can be free. Gandhi freed all of India by not fighting with the British. He simply told them the Indians would no longer obey them and that they had to leave. “In the end,” he said, “you will see the wisdom of leaving.” And they did.

When we stop fighting we will stop creating the very conflict we are trying to get free of now. When enough of us see this most basic truth and follow it, we will have our new age. The reason we don’t yet is because we are still locked in third-dimensional duality thinking and are frightened of what might happen, instead of trusting that our new world is now being made. We are, in essence, fighting with ourselves when we should be using our creative imagination – which is pure divine power – to make what we want in place of what we don’t. This is the primary shift in consciousness needed for humanity, those who can, to move into unity consciousness. We are not victims to the dark. We are creators of a new reality.

Please take this message seriously and act on it.

Thanks and blessings, Parisse Deza

Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 48 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, visual artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

You are always welcome and encouraged to share my writing, respecting my rights and needs as an author. If you use excerpts, be sure to leave them in the form they came in, employing “…” between passages you want to shorten. This way the work keeps its integrity. Thanks.

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27 Replies to “In Response To Simon Parkes Unintentionally Warmongering Post”

  1. AwakeEyes

    Ego is a fatal flaw in all humans.
    Message over messenger.
    Research for yourself.
    Facts Matter.
    Truth Resonates.
    Trust yourself.

  2. joe soap

    Why would a former driving instructor have access to all this information. Think about it for just a minute

  3. AlwaysLight

    This is an interesting topic with many perspectives on different parts of the spectrum. I believe there is truth on both sides. You see the ultimate pinnacle of this conundrum of good and evil lies in the respect of free will. For example, if source wanted to, this entire problem could simply be dissolved in love and all would be well. However, source 100%, no exceptions honors free will. The free will to choose to be light or dark. This is the problem. If a being as become so lost, beyond the point of no return, where by their application of free will is so absolutely mired in darkness that they would never choose light. At this point, there is so much force of will to be dark, there is no longer any potential for them to self release themselves from it due to the respect of their free will. You see, if a person will not let light in to this extent, there is no hope for them as they will not let the healing light transition them out of such a deep deep unconsciousness. This is why the galactics, first offer the beings the chance to turn to the light, and if they refuse, they are sent to a higher body to determine what to do with them. From there, they are offered a further chance for rehabilitation. But many still refuse (to deeply entrenched). These are taken to the great central sun to be disintegrated so that the soul can begin again from the beginning (the only last remaining way to solve their self stuckness in darkness). So yes, I agree that love is always the way forward. But there is a point where certain beings have turned their free will against themselves and locked themselves in an unsolvable puzzle that can only be solved by disintegration, this has been happening for a while now. So there is the peaceful approach, but there is also the necessity for military action also. This issue cannot be solved by peaceful action alone. Yes, individually, to ascend, you cannot but achieve personal peace, but that doesn’t mean the galactics, who have already attained this peace, are not engaged in battle with those who are stuck in the self imposed downward spiral of lostness. So I would recommend a wider view point as this is a very complex plan and situation. Love and peace will certainly help those that have not already reached that point of no return, but there are others that are beyond this, purely due to the respect of free will.

    1. G15gR400)K

      Mr Brammer… do you connect to a higher aspect of yourself? If you do? Does your higher self tell you that Simon is not of the light? Please tell us about your connection with your evolved self and its message to you about Simon Parkes Many thanks for your future efforts add clarity to the contest of your statement. If Simon’s connection to others is your only source of information, you may want to seek a more evolved connection.

      1. Gordon Brammer

        Dear G15gR400)K,

        How well do you know Simon Parkes?

        Have you followed him for, say, 10 years or so?

        I have.

        From his spurious beginnings, claiming to have had sex with aliens at the age of 5. I followed him through his years as a driving instructor in Whitby and as a town councillor. His claims to be legitimate backed up by the fact he was re-elected to the post of town councillor (if you know the U.K. and what a town councillor is and how many people want to be one, you should have no difficulty grasping the fact that winning a one horse race does not bestow credibility).

        More recently Simons CC group is growing and gaining a lot of members in the U.S. Regular updates have been given by Simon on his website. Since the end of 2020 and into 2021 these updates have had a great deal of information and data. Please check the claims that Simon has made this year alone on his updates. Check what was predicted against what has actually transpired. I have done this and know that Simon has a very low accuracy when it comes to his predictions. I used the term “useful idiot” for a reason. Simon never reveals the source of his information. He is being fed information that he passes on as Gospel. People believe him, he believes it. But the information is inaccurate. While he may not be a deliberate disinformation agent he plays the role of such. He is in fact played by his source into putting out false information and he does this frequently.

        More troubling, however, is his CC organisation. With a network of regional and local directors drilling down to the individual members, CC is a fair sized network of willing people. People who all look up to Simon and hang on his every word. People that will become angry and defensive when any criticism is laid at Simons door. Understand this, CC generates an income for Simon. Not as much as mr Charlie Ward earns from his website but an income nonetheless.

        To put Simon and CC into correct context, bluntly, you are dealing with a cult leader and a cult. Simon is not a very good cult leader because he isn’t very intelligent (useful idiot). Regardless of that, people follow Simon and give him money and defend him. If you would care to look into David Koresh and the Branch Davidians you will see some parallels. I pray it doesn’t turn out that way with Simon and CC.

        You asked me if I connect to a higher aspect of myself. You immediately take the higher spiritual ground as you will claim to connect to yours and suggest that gives you greater insight than I into Simon. You would be incorrect to claim spiritual superiority over anyone, we are all equal remember.

        I decline to answer that question but would suggest that 23 years as a police officer, 7 of which were in CID gives me an insight into the workings of the criminal mind.I know a con man when I see one (mr Charlie Ward) and I know what a cult leader looks like and Simon, unfortunately, is just that.

        1. Ed

          Gordon… I am 65yrs old. I have followed Simon for longer than the 10 years you mention. I know people who have interacted with him directly and many who connect with him on a regular basis. I never said I connect to my higher self. You must have assumed that from my question. I asked you, if you did, and you declined to answer.

          It is obvious that you are a sincere, caring and dedicated man. Even so… I have my doubts that you have had much of a metaphysical experience in this life.

          If you want to understand more of this reality I would assist you in making that leap.If you already know all that you want to know of what exists beyond what you can see with your eyes… I get it.

          My father had psychic abilities that I witnessed from early childhood. I never had the choice to deny such abilities… as they were a part of my life as long as I can remember.

          I literally have dozens of friends that are members of Connecting Consciousness. It is a group of people who are looking for answers. Who share what they have experienced in life with each other. They find comfort in connecting with others who have had some of the same experiences.

          Simon is not acting as a god to those listen to what he has to say. He does not present himself as such. Those who have had experiences of the type that are discussed by him and his members… we are kindred spirits. I understand what they are seeking.

          I also understand that some of them send money to Simon. Even though none that I know… have ever sent him a penny. Connecting Consciousness is not a cult. You are mistaken.

          I encourage you to expand some of your beliefs. Yes, there are plenty of people who do fit the description that you present. But I assure you, Simon is no more of cult leader than the average CEO of a corporation.

          I don’t expect that I will have changed your mind. Rest assured you will not change mine. Nor will you be successful in saving any of us from Simon… that is a laughable concept.



        2. AwakeEyes

          Ego is a fatal flaw in all humans.
          Message over messenger.
          Research for yourself.
          Facts Matter.
          Truth Resonates.
          Trust yourself.

    2. Karina Krainer

      Dear Parisse, I absolutley enjoyed your straight and very clear words and I can subscribe most of them on the perception of this 3D illusional “game-field”. A lot of “false perception” comes from a deep mis-understanding of this experience in a human vessel and that all of this is always just a question of perception and if somebody is able to understand the tools of creation during the experience of using an Avatar. People have to understand that their wish to “battle” or “fight” against evil brings exactly the opposite they want. More fights and battlers. All is energy and vibrational frequency. And as you mentioned – if humans were able to expand their awareness and rise in vibrational frequenxy “evil” wouldn`t exist because it`s a “product” of the “global consciousness” and is just existing in this containment of limited perception. But as the highest directive for this game is FREE WILL, it must be respected that there is the free will NOT TO SEE the truth. And the only to get to the core of what it means to have a “human experience” as a higher dimensional being ( and not all humans are this) is to get in alignement with your 5D (or higher) consciousness.

  4. Parisse Deza


    It is interesting to notice how we misrepresent to ourselves something someone has said, as in some of the comments below, and make reactive comments when we become defensive. That tendency to become defensive – which comes from fear – is the very fighting spirit we must put down in order to raise our vibration past duality.

    I have great respect for Simon, but like I said, he is definitely, though unintentionally, war-mongering (“mongering” means “selling”) if he is speaking the words “We are at war with evil” or is posting things on his site (which means he recommends their messages) like the soldier in reference who is blatantly trying to hypnotize his viewers to accept his warlike position and go fight the enemy. Everyone has a limit to their consciousness. Simon is at a level of development where he may believe that war is a viable answer to our situation. I do not. In fact, all the historical and metaphysical evidence we have shows that it is not. You cannot create peace by going to war. This kind of thinking is a remnant of our past, our primitive consciousness which is reptilian in nature. It is purely an emotional reaction, rather than a creative action. You do not change current reality by fighting against it. Like Buckminster Fuller so eloquently said:

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

    That literally means think and act differently from the norm. The norm is duality and fighting to get things to change, the track record of which is a dismal failure. Our true and natural way is to emanate our divinely-bestowed creative power through focused intention. When we shift into the frequency of mind that understands this we see how useless fighting really is. A perfect comparison would be the doctor who uses pharmaceuticals to kill symptoms as opposed to the one who uses energy medicine (acupuncture, for instance) to get the flow of natural energy going again so health returns. Cooperation with Nature is the way, not competition against “something” we imagine has attacked us. I know it is difficult to stop hating when we are afraid and feeling like victims, and when we turn into angry, self-righteous judges who want to punish criminals, but that is not the way out. Forgiveness is not the same as condoning, either.

    What we are witnessing in the world today is the out-playing of the current and expanding, evolving level of consciousness of humanity’s global psyche. Don’t take literally what you see, as it is a reflection of the constantly shifting psychological state of all of us put together, our group soul-mind, as we go through experience, so we can forget who we learned to be and remember what we really are. My intention with this publication about Simon and all my other articles is to inspire us to move in that direction.

    Blessings, Parisse Deza

  5. Vicki

    I think this is harsh toward Simon. We are 3D how many millions are still fast asleep and unaware? How are they ever to wake up?, they don’t even know anything other than their life that is happening, they don’t want to know. I agree Lorraine. Maybe everyone else sees this as unawakened, I certainly know that I have a lot to learn, but I am awake and aware. I think Simon is great and certainly kind. Warmongering? Not even close.

  6. TeeLight

    Murder to stop murder.
    Poisons to poison health.
    New Earth still out of reach, and will remain so until we stop seeing evil as separate, or even as strong as, Creator.

    Want the torture of children to stop?
    Send the abusers love and compassion.
    Want it to continue?
    Murder the person and I will guarantee the situation will begin again.

    Until you forgive your attackers and abusers you feed their strength.

    All around me I see the Light still being used by the dark.

    The Light is in no fight, only the Dark fights.

    Which side are you on?

  7. T J

    We are in 3d and 5d at the same time. We have to address both. Please don’t call people war mongers. That moniker is reserved for those we wish to enslave us. if I may be so bold to say what is obvious.

  8. Phil

    I believe we will have to forgive the DS if we are to get rid of them. That’s the challenge!

  9. Teresa

    Parisse. Thank you for your wise words. I agree with you whole heartedly. We each have the ability to set an intention to create our chosen reality. Quantum Physics explains it all. If we continue to wail on about the ‘evil’ in the world we will reinforce that experience. If we are Love in the world we will be love. If we smile and embrace compassion for ALL, we will see a compassionate world. We cannot fight hate and fear with hate and fear. We can only be love, filled with compassion and kindness.
    What we are is the world, we will experience. Warring with those who have a different philosophy, will not give us peace. We must be peace and then we will see peace and be peace.
    I have a saying: “Everyone is where there are.” And I experience love, joy and compassion.
    I too have noticed some in the ‘spiritual’ world that seem to be fighting to overcome hate, etc.
    I think they need to be what they want to see.
    So: love, joy, and compassion for all is what I want to see and feel and fill up with.
    So that is what I practice in my world and that is what I find. My head is not buried in the sand, but I believe in setting an intention energized with Love. It works every time. Some days can be challenging, but forgiveness for myself and all in the world give me the view of a beautiful future for ALL.

  10. Serenity Now

    The author makes a good point. Fighting and violence are 3rd density concepts. One comment says “evil creatures that did those horrific things to children and literally consumed other human beings must be annihilated for the good of all living beings.” But does that actually happen? No, all beings, even those who do horrific things in this illusion are part of Source. Neither they nor anyone else ever dies. They are not annihilated, only in the limited physical sense. Their bodies cease to function. They cease to have an avatar in the 3rd density video game temporarily.

    But yes, I agree that their actions are distressing and should be ceased. Can Source come up with a better way to do this than destruction? I’d like to think so. When the army of one country invades another, the 3rd density response is to raise an army and shoot back. But is there a 5th density response to such a provocation? Would 5th density beings be capable of turning the invading armies weapons to oatmeal* and simply making them forget where they are and what they were intending to do? Would this stop the invasion in its tracks? I’d suggest it would and make the invaders think twice about mounting another one. This, of course is not possible in 3rd density but likely is in 5th.

    *Quantum physics tells us everything is energy, there is no solid matter. Matter is an illusion. Weapons can become oatmeal. it’s an easy task for an evolved being.

  11. lightseeker

    A balance between the two ABOVE presented choices is likely the optimal answer.

    If praying evil away worked… it would be gone.

    Placing all of ones attention on the destruction of evil.. only strengthens the energy.

    Someone please offer us a middle ground between the two choices presented.

    How do we take a physical stand against evil while maintaining a focus on a future where it does not exist?

    I agree… if all of humanity were able to focus on a new reality we would instantly create it.

    All of humanity cannot agree ON ANYTHING. Even that the planet is a sphere. As such the collective consciousness of humanity is fragmented beyond such manifestation.

    So… for the sake of those who seek a solution to the optimal focus of mind/spirit… what say you on this subject?

  12. Tiffany Farley

    Lorraine, I couldn’t agree with you more! We are still communicating with 3D even though many are in 5D. The words, fighting evil, have to be used in order for the current 3D individuals to understand. The shift is already happening, nothing will stop it at this point! Mr. Deza has very good points, however, he should think before speaking. Hasn’t HE, by his public post, just created low vibration feedback? Certainly has in my book. Mr. Deza, leave Simon alone, he is doing just fine! I commend him for everything he is doing. 🙏

  13. Teresa

    I’m trying to understand two things. I understand the intention of love and staying in a higher vibration. But…… First, why be so public about this? It seems like a personal matter that should be addressed one on one. Second, some of us are happy to be warriors for the light and we take our jobs very seriously. We happily wear the Armor of God into the dark places that need us to do our jobs. Beings who are dark must be handled. Handling them means acknowledging them; Simon was correct about this. It is all part of existence on this planet. And some of us have to work hard eradicating the darkness for the sake of the light. Sadly, we aren’t there yet. But we are close.
    So, please don’t minimize what the Warriors do or even ignore the fact that there still remains evil on this realm. Keep the positive affirmations flowing. We all need them.

  14. Daedalus

    Sorry, Parisse Deza – you are fake, fake to yourself, first and foremost.

    The purge of negativity is what is occuring now with every human. It is not only perfectly normal, it is a NECESSITY.

    Parisse Deza obviously is one of those similar false “lightworkers” or “love and lighters” who think that negativity should be avoided by all means. Thats wrong… it keeps the people anchored in same spot for years, some even for decades.

    You cannot skip lessons, and purging the negativity is one of those lessons.

  15. Gmayo

    I totally agree with you.
    Who ever wrote this stupid article need help themselves.
    Simon park is of a high frequency and you can not Handel it.

  16. G Mayo.

    It looks to me that you are the person that is in need of raising your consciousness
    Not Simons park.
    And your frequency are measured low.
    Help yourself we are good

  17. Lorraine

    Simon merely shared a post that had been on many websites as a service. I understand what you are saying however Simon is NOT a war monger except from your perspective. Those evil creatures that did those horrific things to children and literally consumed other human beings must be annihilated for the good of all living beings to whom Source has given free will. You can love darkness into non-existence all you wish, that is your choice. You cannot rehabilitate darkness with love since love is not something that is part of their reality or perception. Ignoring them is what had gotten us into this mess in the first place. Consider annihilation as our way to telling darkness to be gone

    1. Ann

      I agree, Simon is one of the few truth bringers I follow closely. He is honest, truthful, compassionate and sincere.

  18. Gordon Brammer

    It should be obvious by now that Simon Parkes is a deep state stooge, a useful idiot.

    His praise for “dr Charlie Ward” should be further evidence that Simon is not working for the light. Mr Ward has been convicted of fraud previously and while he isn’t a deep state operative he is an habitual liar and fraud. Simon is guilty of promoting Mr Ward’s lies, lies which are turning a very tidy profit for him.

    My advice is to walk away now from Simon Parkes and Mr Ward if you have followed him as well.

    1. Karina Krainer

      I don`t want to in assumptions who and what Simon Parks is. But I am listening to his videos and we all know the Family history (M6 and M5). I think it shoukd be no secret to the really awakened peope who are in real alignment with their 5D and higher consciousness that in general the kids of MI5/6 parents were taken for MK mind programming. And let us be straight about – this happens absolutley with the permission of the parents. Anyway – the real problem is that people who are “red pilled” by Q, Trump, the Patriots or Donald Duck shall have the impression to be “awakend”. And nothing could be further away from the truth because all of the above mentioned psy.ops or entities serving also just one reason – more seperation. People don`t understand yet that all of this is literally a film or a show. People don`t know why for example the Rothschilds became mire rich with every war, whereever it wento on. The reason – they had both parties, countries, nations in their hands (finances). So it didn`t matter who won. And this is exactly what we are watching – “good cop/bad cop” – but both are working for the absolutley same goal. A old/new world order under the reign of the Illuminati By now awakened people, in using this body just as a vessel for this short experience, should know that Trump belongs to the same “Elite” /Illuminati like for ex Biden does. And i am empathic and I feel sad for all the people falling for this”Masterpieve” of deception/programming. And Simon Parks is also a part of it. Listen what he had to say about Ascension and that humans are like pets and extra-terristial races don`t have a concept for “pets”. But as the highest directive in this dame is free will, I will not “violate” it in telling more of the real truth. You ARE NOT your human body and you are not where you think you are. But with more awareness and a higher level of consciousness you will get the key to unlock wisdom and knowledge. It may take 100 or 1000 or 10000 incarnations – but it`s your right also NOT TO YOU AND STAY IN THE FAME until it`s over. What happend already 3 times before. I wish you the best for the game