Yeshi: The Role of the ‘Sleepers’

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomMany are in crisis, which can feel painful. You see the naked truth of ‘reality’ as presented in this matrix, and you are also being presented with the truth of you. The difference between the external and internal ‘truths’ is heart-breaking.

Many no longer know where to turn, who to trust, how to cope and how to continue on. This is humanity’s dark night of the soul, and you lightworkers are holding much of the pain and tension that others are currently unable to.

Their seeming inability to process what is happening is not stubbornness, ignorance or arrogance. It is a part of the divine plan. This process of evolution has to strip away everything, absolutely everything associated with all lies and distortions for eons past. It is part of the process of re-balance and it cannot be rushed or avoided.

Those who still appear to sleep are playing their valuable role too. It is because of them that the depth of the illusion is coming to light. If everything had moved on six months ago, think what would not have been exposed to be cleared and purified… Imagine the implications of that in ten years time.

Time is an important factor in this cleansing process, as it allows for physicality to be made manifest. It slows down what is known and instant, to a density that can be seen, lived and transformed.

You as a collective – which includes both the so-called awake and asleep – have ensured that the very bottom of the barrel has become visible; that had to be achieved and the slowing down of the process – as you would see it – was crucial in ensuring that the light shone into the darkest corners.

When Revelations occur, the turnaround will be swifter than you imagine, because the population who appeared sleeping were only waiting.  They, too, were fulfilling their soul contracts.

For this reason, feelings of animosity, anger, resentment or arrogance towards your sisters and brothers who appear to ‘sleep’ is misplaced, and keeps you locked into a ‘them-versus-us’ mentality, a false war grid, an ugly aspect of the past cycle. You are all one and all vital.

This process is an evolution, not a win. More specifically, it is an in-volution. It is a reorientation from the external to the internal, from power given to power owned, from slave to sovereign. Look inside to reclaim your sovereignty, your divine knowing, your Divine Essence.

The fruit and seed of your Divine Essence is love, compassion, kindness, patience, gratitude, humility, collaboration, sharing.

Don’t look outside to others, waiting for change, for relief.  That is as futile as watching paint dry. It is a waste of the divine potency of this now moment. Turn within, master the qualities of Your Divine Essence by living them every day as much as you can, and you will create the quantum break-point that you seek.

The truth is within You.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


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  1. flazak

    Yeah, I guess they have to wait for the alarm clock, who rings the bell? I mean I could ring my tiny bell and wear myself out cause it’s not loud enough vs the sedatives! Sedatives are wearing off? Sedatives no longer working? Maybe many little bells or is it one big bell, or maybe the alarm ringers are busy or being held back from ringing the big bell. Etc etc 🙂

    1. flazak

      I guess it’s the inner bell. People are stirring in their sleep, deep sleep turning into light sleep, light is coming through the window despite efforts to shut it and that usually wakes people up.

  2. Lori Jo

    That last paragraph, for me, is “the key!” As a matter of fact, I wrote about this in my journal yesterday. Knowing this unlocks so much peace, joy and happiness regardless of what is happening around us! We all hold the key…we just have to believe it and use it. Thank you, Yeshi and Jennifer!

    1. Emerson

      I heartily agree with you, and loved your reply, Lori Jo!! That’s the paragraph I read several times just soaking up the beauty, the calm, the sweetness of it, it’s what I attempt to remember, it’s where I go, it’s my safe place, and where Yeshi/Jennifer says “…master the qualities of Your Divine Essence…” I take it, not as behaving a certain way or doing, but a constant knowing.

      Calm, Love, and Light to ALL!!


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