Activating the Vibration of Love

star bright eraoflightdotcomAs a trauma response to those who rewarded you with love and punished through avoidance or abandonment, it is common to have developed this same subconscious framework.

It is done as a primal way of trying to feel more connected to those who offer inconsistent feedback instead of the unconditional love you so deeply craved. It’s as if the subconscious mind decides, “If I can’t be loved more by them, then I’ll be one with their love by being more like them.”

Once this occurs, you may have an orbiting tendency to reward the behavior of others with positive nurturing attention, while justifying avoidant, cold, or callous responses to the actions not meeting the standard of your highest value.

While this pattern is how many believe they keep themselves safe, it as an unconscious way of being that equally reinforces the identity of your earliest wounding and only creates a space of safety for the vibration of fear to be preserved.

On a quantum level, allowing your ego to derive a false sense of security from its need to control reality through reactions of reward and punishment continually instructs the quantum field to keep bringing you disturbing reflections so your ego always has something to decide what is worthy of rewarding or punishing.

As more and more human beings free themselves from the enslavement of subconscious conditioning through a path of self-love, each person becomes even more naturally discerning with their energy and clearer in their boundaries, but with no one to either reward or punish for the overwhelming grief, anxiety, hardship, and despair that causes human suffering to be spread through abuse, domination, abandonment, and neglect.

As greater percentages of humanity learn to love themselves as entry points into a more interconnected reality of liberated existence, there remain fewer and fewer people to reward or punish each other.

In the absence of reward and punishment, there becomes no need for anyone’s ego to demonstrate its false perception of power.

In doing so, all misuses of power existing throughout the world begin dissolving off the face of the Earth. This is simply because there is no longer a collective vibrational match for such atrocious behavior now that human beings begin to see how their once deeply-engrained insistence on punishing unconscionable behavior did more to subconsciously support the existence of atrocity than help bring it to an end.

This may help you see the path of self-love as one of the many crucial ways of co-creating individual and collective evolutionary progress as a steadfast companion to the affirmative actions equally needing to be made on a regular basis throughout each community.

It may also help you see how those insisting to fight against anything in view are not really fighting for the purity of a truth, but using a well-intended cause to maintain a false sense of power by rewarding those who agree with them and punish those who don’t.

Suffice it to say, if human beings are truly yearning for inner freedom and a peaceful world that equally serves the needs, aspirations, and desires of all, then they will fight for truth and freedom, instead of fighting against the perception of opposing forces.

This occurs by bringing the vibration of love more actively into the quantum field, which makes it more available for all to receive, the more your heart is loved.

All For Love,



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  1. Malissa Liburdi

    Well interpreted Matthew, thanks for your info.,

    TLC for ALL Souls inward & outward Journey.