Sananda: The 5th Dimension

sananda image eraoflightdotcomDear sons and daughters of planet Earth, I AM SANANDA!

Once again I am here to help you with my teachings. I wanted to come back here today because I have put many doubts and a feeling of guilt in the hearts of many. So I want to say the following: As I said yesterday, I didn’t make a judgment, I just made an observation. So today I’m going to talk about the path to the Fifth Dimension.

“What is it to walk the path to the Fifth Dimension? What to do, what to think, what to say, how to act, so that I become a human being ready for the Fifth Dimension?” These are your questions all the time, daily. First of all, I am not going to go into the details of what a dimension is here, but you need to know that it is not a place; no one will leave the planet, for another planet Earth in the Fifth Dimension.

Quickly, imagine the planet with several circles around it. It doesn’t matter how big you leave between the circles, it’s not relevant. But imagine that each circle you place around the planet, is a vibrational frequency. The closer to the planet, the lower the frequency; the further away, the higher the frequency. This is not reality, I am demonstrating for you to understand, the difference between one dimension and another. So I would say to you, that every interval between one circle and another is a dimension. So you have a range of values, a range with a minimum value and a maximum value, which are contained within that dimension. I will repeat: This is not how it happens, this is just so that you understand that these are vibratory ranges.When we tell you that you can vibrate low and vibrate high, it all depend

s on what you think, what you say, what you eat, how you act; this you are already tired of knowing. So you as human beings don’t have a single frequency. Each one of you is vibrating at a frequency within the Third Dimension, in a range, in a value range, that is contained within this Third Dimension. So I might say that at certain times of the day when you meditate, when you give yourself to the moment of a meditation, when you put your mind fully into that meditation, you go up in frequency and you come out of the Third Dimension. You get to the Fourth, you get to the Fifth, even higher. And when there is contact with beings, with messages, it’s not within the Third Dimension, it’s a contact that happens in higher dimensions.

So you who are preparing yourselves, you move between dimensions all the time, depending very much on what you think, talk, etc. So, I would say that you could be with your family members, all non-awake and vibrating Fifth Dimension; and be there with them, talking happily and being in a very high frequency. Then I ask you: Are you somewhere else? No, you are not. You are still here on the planet, still inside your homes, or somewhere else with your family members. But you are so happy, you are vibrating so high, that the frequency at that moment is a Fifth Dimensional frequency. And you at that moment may have episodes of encounters, of intuitions, with Fifth Dimensional beings, being physically in the Third.

So let me make it clear to many of you, that no one is physically changing places. So I’ll make a parallel: you can vibrate from Third to much higher, in the same way Gaia also vibrates. So Gaia vibrates Third, vibrates Fourth, vibrates Fifth, vibrates Sixth, and even much higher, depending on the point on the planet. Each point on the planet vibrates in a different range. Then you stop understanding for good. So what I say to you is, don’t get hung up on the geometric and mathematical concepts that you know. Nothing is as defined, as finite as you know it to be.

So from all this that I have explained, you can draw the most correct conclusion, which is: each living being is on its own frequency. And the frequency vibrated by that being is contained in a Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth vibration, and so on. So when we say that the whole planet will vibrate Fifth Dimension, that will be a moment when all those points on the planet, the planet as a whole, will vibrate Fifth Dimension frequencies; that all the inhabitants of the planet will also vibrate Fifth Dimension frequencies. So nobody will be taken from one place and taken to another place.

Understand this: the planet is ascending; as I said, some points are already vibrating Fifth Dimension. And I can say that these points are amplifying. So Gaia is doing her part, Gaia is transforming many points into higher frequency points; in this way, those points can reach the Fifth Dimension. And that’s where all the changes needed to make this happen will happen. It’s important that you realize and understand, that when Gaia finishes this whole process, the whole planet will be in the Fifth Dimension. And where will you stay? Then only those who vibrate at the Fifth Dimension will remain on the surface of the planet. I hope that’s been made very clear in your mind.

So it’s not a place, it’s a state of consciousness. And what is this state of consciousness? This state of consciousness is to vibrate Fifth Dimensional. And what is vibrating Fifth Dimension? It is first of all to emanate unconditional love. This is the first point. Whoever vibrates Fifth Dimension does not judge, does not criticize, does not talk about the other, does not comment on the other, does not emanate low vibration feelings towards the other, does not discriminate against the other, does not separate, does not put the other aside, that is, just loves unconditionally. This is Loving Unconditionally, because when you don’t emanate any kind of feelings against a brother, you automatically love him, even if you don’t even know him. Because when you eliminate those feelings from your mind and heart, you start emanating in the range of love unconsciously.

So there you have unconditional love, where any brother who appears in front of you, you will not vibrate anything negative against him. I can tell you that this is not easy, especially in the world you live in; a world where violence, scarcity, and evil rule all the time. But we are doing all the work so that you, at least, don’t vibrate any low-frequency feeling against any brother. Not even against the one you learn about, or who commits harm or suffering against you. This is the great test, this is the great challenge.

So you keep asking us and you keep wondering, what do you do to vibrate high? Just follow these rules, nothing more. Of course, whatever good you can do, whatever positive feelings you can emanate, raises your vibration; good nutrition raises your vibration; drinking plenty of water to cleanse yourself raises your vibration, for sure. But all that negative stuff I said earlier is what brings your vibration down quickly.

Positive feelings are powerful, yes they are. But for you to raise your vibration just in this way takes time; it takes a lot of constancy to actually have any effect. Now vibrating negative feelings, brings your vibration down quickly. So I’ll give you an example: A positive feeling, to raise your vibration, has the speed of an old jalopy; it goes, but it goes slowly. Now when you vibrate negative, it’s the speed of a race car, it goes downhill fast. So if you at least stop feeding negative feelings, little by little your frequency goes up. That’s how you rise, that’s how you get around in the other dimensions.

So don’t keep asking us how to do it, what it takes, you are already tired of knowing. But you insist on wanting to get a little pill, take it, and soon you are in the Fifth Dimension. Unfortunately, my brothers and sisters, there is no such thing. It is not a recipe that you put the right ingredients in, take or eat, and quickly rise. It is a process every minute, every second. So stop asking us, or wondering, what I need to do. This has already been said at length. Stop fooling yourselves. Change. You keep asking us, hoping that we will say: “Look, every day you can have your quota of nonsense to do. We will never say that. And you are aware that during a whole day you have done a lot of foolish things, and you keep trying to fool yourselves that you are still evolving.

So I say to each one of you, stop fooling yourselves. Because by the time Gaia completes her trajectory for all points on the planet to be in the Fifth Dimension, there will be no room for anyone who is not in the right frequency. Understand this. Whoever is not vibrating at that moment when Gaia fully rises, will not go to the Fifth Dimension. So stop fooling yourselves. And another important thing: stop pushing it to tomorrow. “Oh, tomorrow I start, tomorrow I start changing!” And I tell you that tomorrow is long overdue. You were supposed to start this change years ago. Now everything has to be accelerated, because the higher you vibrate to the detriment of everything that is going to happen on the planet, the easier you will go through the processes. And if you are vibrating low, I say to each one of you, it will be almost impossible for you to get to the Fifth Dimension. Because it won’t be easy to bear being in the Third Dimension, not for those who want to go to the Fifth, and who know everything they have to do.

So, stop fooling yourselves, stop pushing into tomorrow what you should have started years ago. It has been said here before, and I’ll say it again: you have a lot of tools that can lift you up; use, use, use. How many times? As many as you can. Everything that has been taught, so that you can transmute feelings, elevate yourself, can be done as many times as you want. Now, to spend the whole day making all the mistakes that take you to the low dimension, low vibration, and at night transmuting something, I would say to you, you are, as you say, raining on water. You are accomplishing nothing, because everything is a whole. You spend the day being the best examples of yourselves, and at night doing something that helps you transmute a lot of things, then I would say that at the end of the day, you have gained a nice quantum of positive vibration. And that you are moving at almost the speed of a race car.

That, my brothers, is what you need to have in your consciousness. Asking every moment what I need to do doesn’t fit anymore. You have had enough of hearing us say the same thing. And those who keep asking what they need to do, is because deep down they have that hope that we are going to say: “Look, you don’t have to do anything else, everyone is going. “Whew, what a relief, I’ll be able to go on with my life!” Forget it, because that will not happen. The time now is for all of you to change your vibrations, to change your ways of living, to change your ways of thinking.

A Fifth Dimensional being has nothing to do with being who you are here, it’s very different. And you want to go there without changing anything, without changing yourselves, thinking that just being nice, not doing evil, is enough? I would say that it doesn’t help at all, because you may not openly practice evil, but when you judge, you criticize, you curse, you separate; that is a form of practicing evil. So you are not gaining anything. Make no mistake, there is no middle ground here, the elevation of your souls either is or is not, there is no middle ground. Because even the lowest range of the Fifth Dimension, which will exist for the ascension, will not absorb few changes. No one will go perfect, we know that, but they will have to go with a minimum. And I say to you, that you, the vast majority of you, are not even reaching that minimum, because you keep fooling yourselves, you keep thinking that what you do doesn’t lead to anything, or that what you do doesn’t hurt anything. Keep thinking like that, and you really won’t even reach the minimum necessary for the Fifth Dimension.

So for those of you who felt guilty yesterday about what I said, that was not my intention, on the contrary, I wanted to show you, that exactly going two ways doesn’t work. It is as if you come to a crossroads and you have a way to the left and a way to the right. Are you going to split in half to follow the path? You will not. You will have to choose one. That’s it, that’s the sense in which everything was said yesterday. I didn’t want to create guilt in anybody, I just showed that you can’t go two ways; either you go left or you go right. You can’t go both ways at the same time. And this is also a way of elevating yourself. Your choice will or will not contribute to your elevation.

So stop fooling yourselves, correct yourselves. Change your frequencies, change your vibrations. Love unconditionally, and only then, will you have a chance of reaching that minimum needed for the Fifth Dimension. Do the impossible, because the possible you are not doing. Analyze your actions, analyze your thoughts, analyze your words, analyze your feelings; every single second. And you will see, for those who analyze deeply; that you are walking backwards, not forwards.

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21 Replies to “Sananda: The 5th Dimension”

  1. Tim mohan

    And yet, we as “humans”, somehow almost find a way to judge each other every day. This comments section alone shows that. Nobody can tell you what you feel in your heart. Follow your instincts. They are what led me to finding. Well, me! It’s been an amazing journey. For the first time in years. I felt that moment as if a light bulb went on. Ive never been the type to hate for any reason. Not fall for the falsities and indoctrination that we all face today. I wish all of you the very best. Namaste 🙏 Best of luck! And I mean that with all my heart. No matter where you are, who you are. You can do it. If I can, anyone can!

  2. AlwaysLight

    Dear all, I believe it is of paramount importance to discern all message that come through. Many channels are actually heavily filtering the message by overlaying it. It is quite a skill to really allow a message to come through as is and not get in the way or start editing (in part by narrative preference, beliefs and human outlook on the world), often without even realizing it. The vibration of the message is always the tell tale sign that lights everything for the truth it is. No light being would ever say anything but lift another up. There are even some channelers, I have noticed, that place themselves as an important part of that message, rather than the channel through which the message comes. I have to say, this one feels more like the channeller having taken offense and wanted to post a defense. I do not believe a master such as Sananda would be doing such a thing… Meant in truth, peace and clarity

  3. john

    So.. stop anylizing where i am going, open up my heart and let it take me to where i need to go, dissolve judgement and live my life as the free being i am destined to be, now and forever more thank you my brother sananda. love to all beings everywhere.

  4. Franciely

    Many of these messages are not from beings of light. I’ve been feeling it and there are many that are not true. Just emphasizing separation and even putting people down. Messages said to be from “Archangel Michael” simply saying that some were already living in 5D but others were still far behind in their journey, as this process is not a race. But there was no love in the message, just judgment and separation. People need to feel and not just read what is written there.

  5. Douglas A James

    So love those who want to inject us. The Galactics are removing the chimera who were torturing hostages pleidians and others killing them then capturing their soul and reincarnating them and torturing them all over.. I understand we need to keep our vaibration up but hard truths of this prison planet are coming. Thoughts are powerful yes no judging which is damn hard .. go into the woods but dont think of others.. turn off my damn mind that allowed me to wake up.. what a paradox

  6. vincent jake

    I really not to sure if I read this correctly or if my interpretation is correct but
    the way I see it maybe not to many of us will make the ” transition-ascension ”
    I always say to myself that ” I always try to do the best that I can for not judging,
    criticized , and so on … stay positive and trying to love everybody … I do not
    know if this will be enough… I am wondering … and in all of that , i say to myself
    YES I am on the right path…

    With LOVE to ALL …

    The Jake,

    1. Emerson

      I stand with “The Jake”! Sometimes I think I’m missing something or being left out, but then I remember [again] that all three, my being here, awakening, nor growth was my choice, and are therefore not my responsibility! I’m loving it!!..but the moment I start trying to “push it” or act more awakened, or “play the role better, or hasten the clarity, it would be ego and therefore a sham. All I can do is rest in the moment and watch from within.

    1. Susan

      Well if this is so, it seems you have the best chance of getting to 5D if you are a hermit with no access to news of the world. No wonder I’ve been wanting to run away and hide!

  7. PP

    Eles nos ensinam que nossa intuição sempre vai nos dizer se a mensagem veio realmente da luz ou são os enganadores disfarçados… Meus instintos me dizem que algumas palavras fazem sentido, mas essa mensagem não veio de Sananda.

  8. Claudia

    Not that I care too much BUT:
    If one is to raise their vibration during this process of ascension is dependent on “WHO THEY ARE to begin with”…

    As in “The Role of Sleepers” by Jennifer Crokaert mentioned recently “they are a part of the divine plan” and supposed to act/think/speak exactly the way they do for very logical reasons…

    The only thing I DO wonder about is where messages like this one are coming from… (“mistranslation of the receiver” –> I don´t think so…)

    1. Lori Jo

      Thank you, Sananda! My process took 5 years of meditation but I understand what you are explaining to us. The one thing I worry about is “what you eat.” I could easily be a vegan as I LOVE all fruits and vegetables. But my body does not allow this. I have a colon cancer gene, colon cancer family history and other digestive issues and allergies. Unless I want to live on just bread, I cannot be vegan. The pain is so intense! I have been very concerned that I will not be able to ascend fully if I continue to eat meat. I do not consume dairy as I am allergic but I also cannot live solely in vegetables and fruits. Is there any advice you can give me about this? It weighs heavy on my heart. Thank you! ❤❤❤

      1. Phil

        I’m not Sananda but I can help you. As a former vegetarian who made himself sick being vegetarian, I can tell you don’t change anything. We both know Jesus ate meat don’t we? Here are some excellent reasons to eat meat:
        1. meat has more ether than any other food, and ether is absolutely necessary for Ascension
        2. almost everyone is deficient in zinc, and zinc is necessary to develop your third eye. Zinc is found most abundantly in red meat.
        3. Animals are on soul contracts to be food so there is no need to feel guilty about eating them. It’s better to focus on their living conditions so that their passage here was a true opportunity for soul development.
        4. Meat is yang, and everyone is too yin already

        Read this article by the best doctor in the universe

        Good ascension!

        1. Lori Jo

          Phil…thank you so much for your encouraging and uplifting reply, and for the information and article you included. I truly appreciate it!