Over 300,000 Demand Probe Into ‘Biden Family Corruption’

in other news eraoflightdotcomFrom The Washington Examiner:

Over 300,000 have signed a petition from one of Washington’s top watch dogs demanding that a special counsel be appointed to investigate allegations that President Biden and family members, notably budding artist and son Hunter Biden, have profited off public service.

Judicial Watch, which has documented Hunter Biden’s travels on Air Force One and Air Force Two, said that 309,229 have signed its petition posted on Change.org, the latest indication that — at least among conservatives — questions about Hunter and his father allegedly profiting in China and Ukraine won’t go away.

Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch president, said, “There is plenty of substantial evidence, from documents and witness statements, that the Biden family, including President Joe Biden, may have been involved in criminal activity involving, among other issues, foreign entities tied to Ukraine and China.”

He added, “Hunter has acknowledged that he is the target of an FBI criminal investigation and he’s onto his next corrupt enterprise — secretly selling his ‘ink blow’ paintings, in a scheme concocted by the Biden White House. A special counsel needs to be appointed immediately, because the Biden Justice Department is conflicted in investigating any matter that could implicate President Biden or his immediate family.”