Pure Intent and Authenticity

tune into the light within you eraoflightdotcomThe Divine Source always reads your intent.

At this time, when we are making this huge transition into the New Earth, which is not authentic and truthful will fall away, and indeed you will be challenged in the deepest core to live your truth!

Indeed, certain knowledge is now being returned, and indeed it is there within the deepest awakening of your own soul. Yet, the question is: “What are you going to do with such information, or even the information you seek? How are you going to live this, apply this and indeed bring this to the world?”

All knowledge indeed is like a two-edged sword: It can uplift, it can raise, it can lift other souls through the Power of Love into the full awakening within, it can heal, it can inspire. Yet, it can also misinform, destruct, destroy, harm, etc. if used for self-service and for hidden agendas.

We are in the midst of the greatest purification process we have ever been through. All the old trauma, the old hurts, the old skeletons, the old lies, the deceits, everything which was kept from humankind, will be churned up, and indeed revealed. Individually and collectively. The Old traumas, the old woundedness, everything.

Souls will be stripped naked to the very core.

This stripping indeed makes one vulnerable, and indeed many souls will want to hit back or attack someone or something, because they fear of looking themselves in the eye, and indeed of facing the deepest truths within themselves, and all falsehoods within and all the falsehoods they bought into.

It is all part of a vast healing process, and indeed part of the transfiguration, as the Old Earth dissipates and indeed disintegrates and all everything created when humanity fell into the quagmires and destructive ways of their own making. Yet, the minute the old is released, the minute forgiveness of self and other comes in, and indeed the deepest intent of leave this all behind forever, everything changes! All indeed are freed and lifted into the New, and there is immense joy – a deep homecoming in every sense of the word, of the Soul!

Yet, know that through all the ages, there were those soul who always stayed True, and who were authentic and indeed serve selflessly and with great Love, and so often paid the highest price because of it.

No matter how hard someone will try to cling onto the old, they will find they are standing on shifting sands. Untruth will show up, and so will false information and false programming in any form or way.

We are moving into much higher vibrational frequency bands, and the lower the vibration, the more it will disintegrate, because if cannot hold form in the highest frequencies.

Once one has been lifted into the highest vibrations, and live in that frequency band, you indeed operate on a much higher level and thus live life from that level.

This indeed what this time is all about.

If you try to be someone you are not, you will not make it. You are not meant to be someone else – or emulate them, or be them, you are meant to be your own truthful soul self and live this from the heart and soul and all that you are, with great love!

Again, when you seek certain degrees of higher ascension, your highest guides will always first read your intent. They will test you on that intent. For indeed what will show up is all within you, that you still need to bring into order, to release, to let go of and indeed all which is hindering you, from stepping higher. As long as impurities are there, you will not be given what you are seeking, until you finally release the blocks, and all which is there keeping from moving forward, and only then, when you in highest alignment with the Truth within, will the doors open.

All the Great Teachers who ever lived on earth experienced this. They were enlightened and indeed lived their truth – but their disciples and followers, only had limited understanding, and so often the master’s truths, were distorted and the teachings misinterpreted and misunderstood and indeed later bent to the will of those who proclaimed they were speaking for the Master, when indeed, they were speaking for themselves.

During this time of purification, all will come to the fore, which is untruth or not serving the highest good of yourself and the rest of humanity.

For indeed as the New Earth makes her presence felt more and more, she will indeed be like spotlight on the Old as it disintegrates more and more. We will suddenly see, what we could not see before, as the blindfolds are lifted off and veils too.

What a time to be alive and well and on planet earth.

**By Judith Kusel