Time of Transition and Transfiguration

light waves eraoflightdotcomDuring this great time of transition and transfiguration, know that all the old muck, the old dirt, the old, suppressed pain, trauma, anger, hatred, etc. will be churned up. Chaos and destruction will reign in some form or another. Yet, within the midst of severe storms and seeing chaos the seeds of renewal and rebirth are sown, as well as that of New Beginnings.

Indeed, the Old Earth needs to dissolve and all ever created within it, and thus the old duality, the old divisions, and all which came with it. The destructive ways.

We, as Lightworkers, need to heed that we do not get pulled into the mass hysteria, as the chaos is being churned up. We need to keep ascending every higher into the New Earth and thus rising above it all, while firmly centered within, thus as ONE with the Divine.

In my own country there is intense chaos and destruction happening, as is elsewhere, yet in the midst of this, let us stay centered in the knowing, that this is all part of the last death throws of the Old Earth and the Old Humanity.

We cannot allow ourselves to be pulled into the chaos and quagmire, nor into the old division and old dualities.

There is something profound happening now, as I was shown this morning. This purification in the highest levels, and indeed, those stuck in the old dualities will not know how to handle this. They will often wish to lash out, to try their best to still keep dualities and divisions in place, and in the midst of it all, they will find that all the old strategies and old way of operations, and belief systems are falling more and more apart at the seams.

We as Lightworkers, now need to truly rise above this, and stay firmly anchored within, and indeed now become Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Wisdom and fully embrace our new embodiment in the New Earth.

We cannot afford to look back. Nor can we afford to get caught in the old again. We have transcended it.

When there is inner peace, and inner harmony then, no matter what is happening in and around us, we will not be moved. Just like the eye of a hurricane is the still point, we indeed become the still point for the rest of humanity, as we indeed now lead from the front with great unconditional love. We become the vast Beacons of Love and Light, showing the way, and indeed being lifted into ever higher levels, as we fully step into the New Earth.

More than this, we need to also ground in the work, by truly starting loving and supportive communities, organic community gardens growing vegetables and fruit, and indeed becoming self-sufficient in all ways. Learning to live off the Grid, so to speak. Things are going to unravel more and more, of the seeming structures we once knew, and thus we need now to sow the seeds for totally new beginnings, and thus Unity, Harmony and working together for the common good.

Yet, these communities, will be based on purity of heart, unconditional love, and thus a nurturing of the soul, as much as that of the physical embodiment, and thus all 12 bodies, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual – all 12. Wholeness. AS ONE with the Divine embracing Divinity within, and thus embracing the Divinity with all other souls AS ONE.

All now become Acts of pure unconditional Love.

Plant the seeds of the New Earth and New Beginnings, with great unconditional love, and devotion, in the here and now!

It is time!

Judith Kusel