Archangel Michael: Moving Beyond the Illusion

archangel michael 2 eraoflightdotcomI AM Archangel Michael. I am here at this time to be with you to continue to bring these energies to you.

Rather, not bring the energies to you, but bring your conscious awareness of these energies to you so that you are re-awakened to who you are. To be able to understand more and more that your consciousness is not the consciousness that you have grown up to know here.

Your consciousness has increased tremendously, beyond what it was even five, ten years ago. Even months ago in some respects. You have increased in vibration. Your DNA process is reconnecting once again.

You may not be aware of it, but every time that you feel the synchronicities happening in your life: that is an awareness. And the more that you are aware of those synchronicities happening, the more they will continue to happen. And the more they continue to happen, the more you will realize that the veil is gone. It is no longer there. It hasn’t been there for a long time for many of you. But it is the programming within you, the old programming, that continues to hold you down. Continues to keep you down in the illusion here, the third-dimensional illusion.

But I say to you now: ask, call for help, call for guidance, call for assistance from whoever your guides are. Call myself, Archangel Michael, and ask that I come and bring my Flaming Blue Sword of Truth and sever any of the psychic ties that still hold you down to this illusion of separation here on this planet.

And remember that it is simply an illusion. It is nothing more than that. You have all moved beyond this illusion if you allow yourself to do it. You have all moved beyond the matrix. You have all become the Neo of the matrix if you allow it, if you believe it.

You’ve heard many times, ‘believing is seeing.’ And the more and more that you do that, the more and more that you realize and, even more, remember that for all of you had that within you in your earlier civilizations, in her earlier lifetimes here on this planet.

You all had the realization and the understanding that you were one with the I AM Presence within you, with the Great Consciousness within you. All of you had this. And many of you are coming back to this remembrance now, realizing that you are sovereign beings within yourself–have always been, are now, and always will be, just as the God-Source within you. You are pure consciousness, pure vibration within the Great Source Consciousness within you.

And the more you come to realize, understand, and remember this, the more you will find that joy in every moment of your life, no matter what is happening around you. It matters not what is happening around you. No matter the news, no matter the programming that you hear, no matter the propaganda that is brought forth from the many different sources. For you will be able to look at that, listen to that, and move beyond it. You will know that it is not for you any longer. You will know that you have moved beyond it. Because you are beyond it. Each and every one of you on this call, or that read these words and resonate to these words later, each and every one of you are beyond that now. You are beyond the illusion, if you allow yourselves to be.

But it is always coming back, that lower vibration within you, that ego sense within you, the lower ego, that still attempts to hold you back, to hold you down. Some of you called it ‘the devil’ earlier. And in many respects, yes, it is. It is the Shadow-Self within each of you. But the ego itself is not bad. The ego itself will continue on within you. It is a part of you. But the lower ego will be left behind. And the Higher Ego will continue on, and will continue to sustain you in the higher vibrations.

Remember, each and every one of you: you are sovereign free beings, each one of you. Each one of you came here to be a part of this evolution and revolution that is happening here at this time.

So know that, and realize that indeed everything is happening for a reason. Everything is happening exactly as it needs to in the moment now. And in the next moment, it happens again exactly as it needs to. It is all about the creative process within each and every one of you, individually and as a collective. You are all creating this New Golden Age on Gaia and of Gaia. We are all creating this together.

Will we all move forward within this New Golden Age? No. Many have chosen their exit points already. Many have chosen the exit point that is still yet to come for themselves. But that is not your concern.

Your concern is yourself and assisting those who are ready to be assisted. Just as we assist you as you are ready to be assisted. So call on us whenever you need guidance, whenever you are looking for that assistance, whenever you are looking for a different perspective perhaps, and we will be there always, and in all ways. For you are Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light.

I AM Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And may you continue to share the knowing within each of you, and with all those that are ready to move beyond the illusion of separation, and to realize once and for all that the veil is gone. Or from the ‘Matrix,’ there is no spoon.

Peace and love be with all of you.

**Channel: James McConnell

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4 Replies to “Archangel Michael: Moving Beyond the Illusion”

  1. Jani DiStasio

    Reading these words from ArchAngel Michael uplifts the confidence buried within me that I need. And the synchronicities are becoming more plentiful throughout my day. Thankfully I am able to move past the lies and find the truth. Blessings be to all and thank you for bringing this to us who believe know and understand.

  2. Lori Jo

    Thank you Archangel Michael, and James, for this beautiful, affirming, encouraging message! With each passing day, I increasingly sense that we will all be needed to assist so many others as truths are revealed and made known, and eyes are opened. Taking care of ourselves, resting when we need to, meditating, praying will help us to grow in spiritual strength for when we are needed the most by others who awaken.

    1. Hannah j schneider

      Thank You, for this beautiful message, it is astounding and amazing seeing messages. Like this. !! 🙂