ProjectPositivity; An Exciting Experiment In Consciousness

How powerful are you, really?  
Could it be that reality itself dances to accommodate your every single whim and fancy?

Could it be that but a single potent intention of yours holds within it the power to transform entire worlds?  
Could it be that you could rewrite the very course of omniversal history itself through but a few dedicated thoughts alone?
Guess it’s time to find out!  
The following project is an experiment in consciousness. An experiment with the soul intention of reacquainting you to your true, RAW power as a Divine Source Being incarnate within a physical reality.  
Additionally, the experiment aims to show you not only your own immense power as an individualized extension of the One Infinite Creator; but also does it yearn to show you the power that all of us here hold together, as a divinely inspired collective of ridiculously powerful proportions no less.
And last, but by no means the least, this experiment simply cannot fail because Gods don’t fail.  
(It’s true! It said so in the manual I swear!)  
(Anyways, it really is true, just so you know).
THE AIM:: Seed ALL Mass Media and Social Media outlets with INTENSE Love-Light to permanently uplift their vibrational frequencies.
Let’s face it; humanity has a helluva lot on its plate (to deal with) at the moment.
A situation that is so NOT being helped (whatsoever) by our ever zestful Social Media and Mainstream News Media outlets.
These outlets, for whatever reasons, continue to show folks only one side of the overall picture (that is the human collective consciousness). Whether you open your Facebook or your Twitter; your Fox News or your CNN; the picture is overall of the same (vibrational frequency and quality). Darkness, negativity, fear, anger, tragedy…you know the mix. There’s not much to be added to that.
Above and beyond even that, it’s not even as if any of that is actually honest and factual reporting of any sort in there either. The content on these platforms ranges from utterly made-up stories and false flags; to (so called) “news” items that have less to do with promoting Love, Peace, Clarity, Joy, Hope, Abundance, Unity and TRUTH; and more to do with promoting the exact opposite (ideas and energies). In short, these outlets exist primarily for the sole purpose of promoting separation (over Unity Consciousness), lack (over Abundance), and war (over Peace). Instead of holding space for our collective Growth, promoting TRUTH, bringing forth Clarity, and helping up-lift the collective vibrational frequencies; these outlets have a penchant for doing the exact opposite.  
We SO DON’T HAVE TO put up with any of THAT S#!T.  
Just a few of us uniting in conscious intention can put an end to this madness with remarkable ease. With a swiftness that defies the very limits of believability and an attitude that defies all imaginable (and unimaginable) odds. But most of you reading this already know that. So now, the real question (that remains) is, will you?  
Even amongst the spiritually awakened populace, the general sentiments regarding these things range from, “Such things are utterly and totally OUTSIDE our control”, to “Everything is just PERFECT as it is”. And while these sentiments are admirable indeed, they kind of seem to miss a very critical point: The very reason that so many of us chose to incarnate in here, at just this exact point in time, was to, well, actually do something about all of this!
We came here to be Creator-Incarnates and NOT Victim-Incarnates. To be ACTIVE in our service towards humanity and NOT merely Passive Observers who just “let things be as they are”. Not that there is any judgement here with regards to either of the above two given approaches (and Free Will rules supreme anyways); but it is important that we at least take but a moment in here to ask ourselves:: What’s even the point of being CREATOR Beings in SERVICE if we are neither CREATING, nor SERVING?  
Sure it’s all an illusion at the end of the day. And yet, from a relative perspective, the struggles are (very much so) REAL.  
If it was that unimportant or pointless (to the rest of Creation), this whole Ascension thingy wouldn’t even be happening in here (and with this much fanfare at that!) It’s not as if all super-advanced and hyper-enlightened civilizations out there are suddenly finding it all hip to shoot starseeds in here as part of their (graded?) Gardening Assignments or something! Not that simple.
Besides, the very idea that we “can’t do a damn thing about any of this” absolutely reeks of victim consciousness.
Victim Consciousness: The one thing that all we came here to uproot for good.  
So, let’s DO this.  
(Or just BE in your highest possible frequency and make it ALL happen regardless! Either way works just fine!)  
THE METHOD:: Put up a “light show” unlike anything that this very universe has ever seen before.
Being a lightwarrior can be super FUN ya know. Because there’s no real rules as to just what you can do (and what not!)  
For starters, ALL of us reading this can start getting together each day at 11:11 am G.M.T. AND 11:11 pm G.M.T. to set an intention to seed LOVE and LIGHT into the energies/consciousnesses that represent (all forms and manners of) Mass Media and Social Media. You could do this either by setting Intentions (either via thoughts, or even better, Verbally); or Praying; or Blessing; or by absolutely any given Visualization techniques of your highest liking. For instance, you could imagine your respective Facebook/YouTube/Twitter feeds being filled with news items about acts of Kindness and Charity; and overall emitting a powerful vibration of Love, Light, Joy and Abundance through all of the content that occupies its feed. You could imagine people responding to each other (in the comments sections) with Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness and Love. You could imagine ALL Social Media outlets as well as ALL News outlets (be they Online/Offline/TV/Radio/What-Else-Have-You) beaming Positive and truly Uplifting News; acts of Kindness/Charity/Love; Disclosures (regarding ALL things hidden till now from humanity); increasing updates about new Advancements that will uplift humanity back into Abundance, Wellbeing, Health, Wellness, Power, Ease-Of-Living and perfect harmony with Mother Nature alike, and so much more! The sky is the limit here! (And we can even beat that one, just so you know!)
You only need but a minute of your day (each day) to set this intention / do this visualization (although you can do this for AS LONG as you like, and AS MANY TIMES a day as you possibly so like!) The mass meditation timings provided here have been chosen so as to give both sides of our planet a fair chance at participating in this meditation (on a collective level and scale, essentially). G.M.T. has been chosen here as the human collective consciousness currently sees it as its official linear time beginning marker; whereas the 11:11 portal/gateway has been chosen as the official meditation time for its numerological efficacy with respect to intention setting and such!
Please note here that this mass meditation/intention-setting works at its most powerful when everyone shows up to do it at the exact same time (globally). You are, however, more than welcome to add to the intention/energies of this delightful new initiative all throughout the rest of your day in here as well (whenever you so can)! As a matter of fact, the more the merrier!  
Also note here that it is highly recommended here that you telepathically invite ALL benevolent physical/nonphysical beings and energies who are willing to bless/assist you in this endeavour; and ask them to assist us all in any ways that they so can, here. And to amplify your own energies and intentions for you in here, all whilst adding in their own special blend of benevolent energies, blessings and intentions to the whole mix of things (for the very highest benefit of all concerned!) So you’ll need to specifically REQUEST THIS of them, as they simply CANNOT ASSIST YOU without your express FREE WILL PERMISSION to do the same. So go make the most of this (total) freebie!  
Intend, imagine, and visualize this effort of yours transforming the entire world for the better; raising the very vibration of our entire planet (and the human collective) in the process; uplifting all beings upon this world; bringing Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance and Upliftment to one and all; and restoring Equality and Unity Consciousness throughout the world by promoting Compassion, Forgiveness and true Connection in its wake!
FEEL THIS REALITY as deeply as you so can, and then, just let go of it ALL, totally and completely.  
That’s all it really even takes.  
THE BONUS:: Ground your intentions with inspired action.  
Yes, manifestation is more about the BE-ing and less about the DO-ing. Doesn’t necessarily mean that the do-ing doesn’t come with some epic FUN and magic moments of its very own either! Especially go for it if/when you have the inclination, inspiration, energy, excitement, AND, most importantly, the sheer time to do so. Because, why not?  
And here’s how…  
ONE: JUST IN CASE you are active on absolutely any kind of Social Media outlets; first, tell the whole world out there about this initiative! Shout about this stuff from the rooftops if you so have to! You’ll be surprised (and shocked!) as to just how many people resonate with this sentiment of yours! Trust me, nearly everyone’s sick of all of that negativity that gets pushed around all across Social Media/Mass Media these days (and the amount of people that are awake to this is surprisingly high, just so you know). So you only need to merely as much as mention this idea; and it will take off like a wildfire from there on! In fact, feel free to hashtag that with #ProjectPositivity and set it loose! Not like you have anything to lose, eh?
TWO: Once done, then, set an example by only and ONLY putting up Useful, Helpful, Inspiring, Hopeful, Empowering, Enlightening, Powerful and Uplifting posts and content out there (whenever you so get the chance!) Feel free to keep the exact same (Uplifting, Kind, Compassionate, Helpful and Loving) vibe and tone with/in your responses and comments to all other peoples’ posts and comments out there as well! Go all out.  
THREE: If you’re a Blogger, YouTuber, Podcaster, Broadcaster, or absolutely any other kind of Social Media/Mass Media Influencer at all; go tell everyone else about this cool new initiative and get more members to join you on board with this with each passing day! Or simply link them up to this very post if you’re running short on time/space/energy! Whatever works best (for you!)  
FOUR: If you’re a journalist; or you hold absolutely any influential role whatsoever within absolutely any of the major mass media news networks out there; think of some FUN and innovative new ways by which you could start bringing in this incredible new energy in/through to the masses; or, at the very least, within your very office environment (at the bare minimum here) no less!
FIVE: And finally, be sure to tell all of your friends and family members about it. There’s no paranormal-stuff / conspiracy-theory / other-worldly-nonsense sort of vibe or stigma attached to absolutely any of this at ALL, so feel free to make THE MOST of it! Promote the concept in/across ALL of your online/offline Spiritual Communities, Awakened/Awakening Circles and Communities, and any and all Social Groups that you are a part of to boot! Put it up on your TikTok videos and even your Tinder profiles if you so have to. And in your Memes. Don’t forget the memes.  
Even your LinkedIn Profile isn’t untouchable here, just so you know!
SIX: Or, if nothing else, simply translate the above text into your own local/native languages (so that it may reach out to all the more people); and put it up somewhere where more and more and all the more people can see/find/access it with ease! Or make a YouTube video on it. Or just read it out aloud, record it, and put it up somewhere from where it may reach out to the visually-disabled/dyslexic ones amongst us too! (Every small effort counts!)  
Every new seed planted is a new tree birthed. Coz seeds of consciousness NEVER go to waste. Never ever ever.
So leave no stones unturned.
Be bold and speak up openly about this with anyone that is (genuinely!) willing to give this a listen. For if not now then when?  
Everything that you do adds up to the overall energy of this manifestation, and grounds it into the human collective consciousness all the more strongly, powerfully and tangibly no less.
Merely a handful of people (such as us, ourselves) getting together with a common passion; and a powerful, benevolent intention/dream to boot; can effortlessly transform the entire world within a matter of but a few weeks.  
And you (of all people) already know this to be the TRUTH in any case.
Not to mention the fact that but even the tiniest of benevolent intentions (or actions) being made by anyone right now for the highest common good of all are being Supported, Amplified, and Magnified INFINITELY (by the universe) just about right now.  
Go make the most of it!
THE RESULTS:: A great way to keep track of our (100% guaranteed) progress, is to keep track of ALL of the results that we so start getting accordingly, as and when we start getting them. Not only does this keep all of our things truly verifiable (and thus ‘scientific’, to say the very least), but also does it give us all a Case Study of our own collective God-power (of great use later in our lives when many of us become teachers/guides etc.) here no less. Win—-Win!  
More importantly, every single tangible RESULT (that we ever gain from this) becomes a powerful evidence of our collective manifestation powers and potentials; and a powerful encouragement/acknowledgement no less for all others who are utterly and totally new to this whole manifestation thingy here. With every new piece of evidence thus uncovered, people’s faith in their own innate God powers increases, eventually creating a truly empowered race of Self-Trusting, All-Powerful, Creator Gods (in the flesh). Aka Ascension!  
So, any time after today that you see but the very slightest evidence of this initiative succeeding (which you will see growing and showing up all of the time with each passing day with absolutely one hundred percent certainty); be sure to record it, screenshot it, capture it; and, ultimately, share it with all of us here in the comments. Every small evidence counts. Every small effort counts. No stones unturned.  
And with every small piece of evidence thus brought to light; many, many more people out there will find irrefutable, rock solid evidence of their very own, incredible, innate, and infinite POWER as Divine Creator God Beings; and with more faith occur even more powerful manifestations, more upliftment, more higher vibrations, more inspirations (for taking up other acts/initiatives that Serve ALL), and more of everything that is desirable upon this immensely beautiful world of ours right now.
So now…
Let’s go do this.  
Let’s go Project Positivity.
(And don’t forget to spread the word around too!)
In Love and Light,