Ashian: Which Do You Choose?

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomHumans have a history of exploiting natural resources and leaving destruction in their path.  Humans also have a history of going above and beyond for their brothers and sisters, of going out of their way to protect, nurture and assist each other.

The true ‘war’ of this now moment can be seen as a battle between these two aspects of your persona: self versus Self, me versus we.  We would gently suggest that overcoming the lower patterns and dynamics of ego is the pathway of ascension.

But let us make that clearer.  We are aware that some light workers and truthers see those who have chosen differently from them as inferior, stupid or in some way ‘less than’.  Cutting yourself off from those you have judged comes from ego and wounding, it is not coming from the unconditional love of Creator Source, Divine Essence.

You are united by your common humanity in this now moment.  Yes, two of you may stand at the same spot, one may look east and see the dawn, while the other may look west and see the darkness, before the reflection of the dawn is perceived.  But you are in the same spot, under the same sky, sharing the same experience of perception through a human form.

Those who would divide you will try everything to divide you, to set you apart from each other, to have you distrust each other rather than unite against their darkness.  It is the light that dissolves the darkness, it is the higher qualities of love that pave the pathway of ascension, dissolving the lower qualities of the wounded ego.

Not everything that is presented as ‘truth’ really is True.  We ask you to go deeper, to really develop your discernment about ‘truth’, to understand that it is beyond the creation of division, resentment, anger and impatience, no matter how justified or righteous these perceptions may seem to be.

Dearest brothers and sisters, you are more than this war, you are Divine Essence incarnate.  You are a shared humanity: move into understanding, compassion, tolerance and kindness for all, because at the deepest levels you are All.

What affects one of you, affects all of you.  What frees one of you, assists in freeing all of you.

This now moment is, above and beyond all else, an Ascension journey, therefore the qualities of the ascended Divine Source are the qualities that will win.

We are with you, we are holding the knowing of your Ascended Self, in order that you may embody these ascended qualities with greater ease and grace in your daily now moments.

**Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


2 Replies to “Ashian: Which Do You Choose?”

  1. Evelyn D Dassau

    please verify your source. ask them to acknowledge HOLY and this is not to say “yes” but to say; I acknowledge that I AM Holy and that you are Holy… if they do not then do not use them longer… this is not. a joke or criticism. I AM.