The Pleiadians: Initiation and Support

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomYour structures will start to reform and shape themselves into ways that are familiar to you all and feel “regular”. We don’t even want to use the word “normal” with you. We suggest that you remove that word from your vocabulary as much as possible because using the word normal causes you to want to reset back to the timelines that existed prior to the pandemic, to the timelines that existed, frankly, prior to the Winter Solstice of 2012. That was the epicenter of your shift. That is when you transited through that gateway in that December Solstice of 2012 when all of your contracts became null and void. You began to consciously access your higher selves, your fifth dimensional consciousnesses from within your own bodies, and disconnect from the idea that suffering is necessary, needed, and good on your world. That there is a benefit to it.

Things will start to look like they always did and yet nothing is going to feel like it did. Nothing. And this will be true for everyone. Some of this is happening already, as you all start to dance again on your world in ways that you did prior to the beginning of the pandemic. Nothing is feeling as it did before, and you are all finding that a lot of the things that you thought were bringing you joy or were fun or were exciting to you, or things that you have to do, or things that you don’t really want to be engaging with right now but sometimes you have to put yourself in that experience to recognize, “Ah, no, that is right I don’t really like this.”

This is part of the process that you are in right now. This is going to get bigger for the collective once you step past the equinox gateway at the end of September. There are going to be bigger acknowledgments of, “Ah, the regularity of this reality is not “regular”, it is not what we want to sync up with any longer.”

You’re staying collectively now on a higher bandwidth, which means more is possible for you. Ways of interacting with one another that seemed too challenging or difficult or just not doable are going to seem simpler for you now. They are going to seem easier for you now as a piece of this shift that occurred as a result of the Solstice. One of the things that happened as a part of, (we are going to go back further a bit now, both of the eclipses and some of the other astrological aspects that were happening and then the solstices itself), one of the things that occurred for most of you was the revisiting of childhood wounds, traumas, abuse, pain, things that you had dealt with in the past in a healing capacity, coming back to grab your attention. So you have done a lot of work, all of you, in cleaning up and clearing up a lot of that remaining energy, and this is what has been really kind of smoothing out now for you all as of just the last couple of days. You are exiting the intensity of that process of re-examining these old wounds. Part of the reason that you did that was so that you could clearly acknowledge the suffering did not benefit you. So you could put that perspective on it.

Another part of the reason you did it is because of the throat chakra activation that you all experienced over the last couple of months. So you are coming now into a phase where it is going to be easier and easier for you to both clearly identify that which does bring you joy, that which feels supportive to you, that which is exciting for you, and also those things which are not. As that inner clarity occurs, (this will happen more in your third chakra and your heart center, that’s where this will happen), then this throat chakra activation that you experienced will enable you to begin to more clearly both speak about it, just in everyday conversation, to those you love, to those who you are friends with, to those that you are doing visioning work with. When we say “Those that you love and those that you’re friends with”, when you speak aloud your dreams and your desires, to those that you love, this is visioning work. That is a very specific kind of magic, where you are sharing your vulnerability and your desires with those around you. What you will notice is more and more you are going to pull into your world those who reflect back to you support in their excitement, in receiving your ideas and your visions about what you desire for yourself. It is not that they are going to have to do anything for you, they are not really there to in any way physically assist you, although of course, that can happen.

Truly, the bigger magic is in when you share it in this way, verbally, with those whom you love and trust, and they reflect your excitement back, this magnifies your magic, and then allows you to begin initiating. As you initiate, and more often than not you will find yourself initiating, taking a step, without yet feeling like you have accumulated the support you need to make this thing happen because an initiation then brings in the physical support. Physical initiation brings in the physical support. So usually you will find yourself having to dip your toe out further, just a bit further, than perhaps you are fully comfortable with, i.e. take a little risk. We will just simplify that for you there, or something that will feel like a risk. More often than not there is really no risk at all, but it is going to feel that way to you. It is going to feel like there is a risk here because you are expanding. You are stepping out, and as you do that you expand your field. You can feel it as we say it. When you dip your toe into uncharted waters, go further, beyond that which you went before this expands your energy field which then allows you to bring in more support. And then you have to watch for it. You have to notice it, look for where it is coming from, where it is being offered to you, and then receive it.

More often than not the support will show up in ways that your mental body doesn’t construct. So the support will show up, and sometimes you won’t recognize it as support, because the story you’re telling yourself is, “Well, to do the thing I want to do I have to have X many dollars.”

This is almost always what it comes down to, on your world, because money is what you are all using, as the physical representation of energy. So it is what you are using in your creationary process. So you will tell yourself, “I need this many dollars to make this happen”, and then the support shows up, and perhaps it is not quite what you need, or perhaps it isn’t money at all. Perhaps it is something else altogether, and you might want to miss it then. You might want to overlook it. You might want to not define it as support. And we will say to you, any being who shows up, who is willing to help in any way, even if it is a word of encouragement, this is support. This is real physical support.

So give yourself permission to, once you stick your toe over that line, slow down enough then to recognize the support when it arrives. Then receive it, even if it looks completely different from what you think you need. Because if it really is X number of dollars that you need, by receiving, saying “Thank you”, to that which initially arrives, that will then open you up to receiving more.

**Channel: Nora Herold


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