Galactic Fleet Command: Perceptions

We greet you once again with much love, Beloved Ones! It seems it has been a long time since we have communicated with you here on Era of Light. But you know, ‘time’ does strange things, and at this particular moment it may seem especially strange to you and to all this present humanity. Let’s take a quick look at it and its reality.

Time is indeed doing something quite different from how you perceived it in the past. In actual scientific terms it has sped up. In perception, it can be quite different from that.

Your perception is primarily according to your mind construct… according to where you consciously are when you do your work or living in the 3D world. In reality, you perceive differently when you are coming from the perception of the 4th or 5th dimensional worlds… or beyond.

You currently perceive primarily according to the 3rd dimensional ‘doing’, and you are thus affected by that which is occurring in this 3D world. You all work in many dimensions – (those of you reading this, and others) – but often you have not the awareness of this fact. Therefore, you perceive of all work with only the perception of this dimension. When you move beyond this dimensional thinking – ‘see through new eyes’, so to speak – you then perceive of time differently.

Actually, you perceive all things differently when you see through the eyes of a different reality. Some have achieved this, but most others have not yet. When seen through the eyes of the Soul as the Soul-infused personality – (what is often called the ‘Higher Self’) – the perception of time, of circumstances and events, of love, of the nature of being, of ALL things, is perceived quite differently from those who are yet a part of the race-mind conditioned thinking.

It is this that is in process of being changed (from inside, out) by the new energies of Love and Light that are presently bombarding planet Earth. These are the energies associated with the Higher Self of all beings on planet Earth, and so they are aiding the process of evolution to the Higher Consciousness, as does each one of you aid in that process as you seek to connect with – and receive guidance from – your Higher Self and from those who aid in this most important work of bringing in the ‘New’… the co-creation of the New Earth.

We do thank you for your dedication to the work of service to all Humanity and for the Father-Mother God of All. Our love for you knows no bounds… and our gratitude is eternal!


**Channel: Beth Stormont for Era of Light

2 Replies to “Galactic Fleet Command: Perceptions”

  1. Madeleine Donaldson

    Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the World. In God we Trust Amen <3