Blue Avians: How do Blue Avians help with our Ascension?

blue avians eraoflightdotcom1. Where did you originate from? How long has your planet been around and is it still around?

Blue Avian Tchatchus: Hello. Yes, I am Tchatchus and I originate from our planet.

We have a very large planet. It is many lightyears from your Earth. We are able to project our consciousness far, for there is no such thing as time and space is all relative, and so it is.

Blue Avian Alparabeam: We have taken to space for hundreds of years and we have a spaceship large enough to house many, many of our kind.

There are more than one type of Blue Avian—as I am showing this medium—and some of us are not blue. These are the words that she has used and now what we call ourselves—

We call ourselves the Kir and we are many types of avian looking beings, as you would call us.

We have three different color avians on our ship with slightly different characteristics. I, myself, am mostly blue. There are white Avians and there are orange.

We all live on this ship in harmony for we are of a very high vibrational nature. This is our home.

We dedicate our lives to helping others and we have dedicated our lives, for the past 15 years of your time, to helping Earth ascend. Now we have helped in other capacities before then, but for the past 15 years we have helped Earth with Ascension.

2. What is daily life like on your home planet or spaceship? Is it similar to or different from Earth?

Blue Avian Dwendolyn: I consider myself part of the faction of the space travelers. However, at this time I am on my planet. There are some of us who travel and then come back.

We don’t travel back to the planet of Kir but we are able to send ourselves back in a way that is beyond your understanding at this time. No, we do not beam ourselves long distance if that is what you’re thinking as this one is, but we do. It is complicated.

Let’s move on to more important things that we can share with you at this time. What is life like on our planet?

Our planet has many different types of terrains like Earth. It is a massive planet in comparison to yours. It is of a very high dimension and we live lives that are very different from yours.

Some of us work in higher consciousness, helping others such as the Earthlings. There are some of us who send our help a great distance, for distance does not matter for this type of work. Outside of the third dimensional you will see that all is one and that time and space make no difference. Therefore we send healing and help where needed.

Many of us work in these higher realms in many ways—not just helping beings, such as humans as you call yourselves—but many types of beings and situations and even the fabric of the Universe. We all have jobs such as this for we all work in very high dimensions and we have been around for a very long time. This is an evolution that you will also see in your future as earthlings.

Blue Avian Fallon: I am Fallon. Yes, we have relationships and we have great experiences on our planet. It is beautiful.

We have communities and we have great feelings for each other. This is similar to Earth or how Earth will be in the fifth dimension. For there is no war or poverty or any type or money or barter system. It is unlike the oppressions of your planet.

We are very happy there. It is a beautiful life. Some of you have been there and many of you will do so again.

3. How do Blue Avians help with our Ascension?

Blue Avian Tchatchus: Yes, this is our primary focus right now that we are helping your planet, your bodies and your lightworkers who have come to ascend and help others to ascend. We are helping you all get to Ascension and in this time it is really the time so we are here to help you connect to each other more profoundly. Connecting your light to each other. This is not in a way that will take your energy or destruct you in any way. This has nothing to do with energy cords. This is different. This is more to do with telepathy at this time.

We are connecting your knowledge. We are connecting your light and we are connecting you to the grid that goes around your planet. We cannot start this grid without you. We need your permission, but we have started it and we are ready for you to connect to it.

**Channel: Rachel Chamness


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