Dr. Peebles: Break Free of Enslavement to the Mind

beyond3dgames eraoflightdotcom“It is important that when you are looking at your work in the world as you are choosing it, if you choose it, to assist to dissolve the enslavement factor, that you don’t go into doing this with your enslaved mind.”

This dialog occurred during a recent session with Dr. Peebles.

CV: I have a strong sense that I am here to help “upend” or overthrow the slave codes. What can you tell me about that?

Dr. Peebles: What do you mean about the slave codes, my dear, what does this mean to you?

CV: To me it means people being enslaved to the mind, really. In a world sense, people being enslaved to what many call the globalists, or the controllers who are taking away freedom. That’s the outward sense of it. But also, like you were talking about earlier, maybe more the sense of being enslaved to the mind, or to logic. Or to needing to prove something instead of coming from the heart or the higher dimensions.

Dr. P: Yes. So what you are tapping in to right here and right now, as you mentioned, the awareness that it is not just the slave codes, as you might call them, of individuals being enslaved to another individual, or another group of people, but it is absolutely the experience of the enslavement to the mind.

The enslavement to the mind is what creates enslavement of the body.

Those that would enslave others are doing it because of their attachment to the way that the mind works. The mind will say, I don’t have enough, and therefore I need to enslave these individuals to help me have enough, or to have more than enough. Or the mind will say, I am right and they are wrong, therefore I’ll enslave these individuals to compress them, to keep them unavailable to their good.

Or the mind will say, these individuals don’t know what’s good for them, therefore I will enslave them to do what’s best for them.

Enslavement occurs because of the enslavement of the mind of the individual. That who would enslave another, they are connected to their own mind. They’re thinking with their ego and not their heart.

An individual allows themself to be enslaved because of the enslavement of the mind. The individual might say to themselves, I don’t have power over this person. Or, they are quite right, I don’t know what’s best for me. Or, I don’t want to think for myself. Or, I am outnumbered, I don’t have enough power, etc.

So these are also concepts of the mind. That which would enslave individuals is doing it out of the ego and out of the mind, and that who would be enslaved, is also doing it out of the ego and the mind.

It’s all fear. It’s just all different versions of fear. So it is important that when you are looking at your work in the world as you are choosing it, if you choose it, to assist to dissolve the enslavement factor, that you don’t go into doing this with your enslaved mind.

So, you can’t remove individuals from slavery, who are there because of the enslavement of their own mind, while you are processing most deeply from your ego, saying, those who are enslaved are victims. Those who are enslaving are tyrants.

The back and forth, the ins, the outs, the goods, the bads, the higher and lessers—all of that is still your enslaved mind.

So you can’t solve a problem with the very action, or the very energy, that created it, so to speak.

So, then, what to do?

Like you were speaking at the very beginning of today’s session, your body is wanting for you to feel peace not just so that you don’t feel fear. But so that you get a taste of what peace feels like. So that you can feel, ah ha, this is also available.

So what we would like for you to consider, just to consider, is that instead of putting your focus upon removing slavery, whether or not of the physical dimension or of the mind, instead of removing slavery, what we would encourage is that you focus your attention upon accessing what you might call the peace. The freedom. The expansion. The vastness, the true possibility, the potentiality.

So that you are coming from: that all things are possible and truly, I am available to the all-good. You’re coming from that aspect. And your main objective is to allow not only for you, but also other individuals, to feel their true potential. To access life from their heart, first and foremost. To feel into the truth of who they are as consciousness, as God, as light, as love. As peace.

Does it make sense to you, my dear?

CV: Yes, it does, thank you!

**Channel: Natalie Gianelli