The Lions Gate, 2021 ~ Plasma Transmissions: Lightbody Upgrade

lions portal eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

As we continue navigating throughout this changing year, approaching August, the energies intensify. Energies that are already strongly felt, as August is a month whose energies are already very present. Since two months ago our Planet began the preparation cycle to receive the plasma transmissions that are already surrounding us, and that will keep massively descending upon our planet, reaching their peak on August 8, assisting those who are ready to co-create with them to upgrade their lightbody. Frequencies that will also help us balance polarities, whose healing essence is introduced by the Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23.

A moon that sets the harmonic frequency that many need for the process of self-synthesis. This is the first step to prepare ourselves for the light body upgrade process that is coming, and that will last for a few months. It will depend on where we are in our journey, as well as the devotion and inner work that we are willing to take.

A harmonizing process that has already occurred, as many grid workers know, in our Planet’s grids, as the first step for us to be able to have access to these benevolent transmissions. As planetary healers, many will be already involved in this process of star alignment, to help anchoring these codes on Earth, as New Earth’s anchors, to set an example of the many working at a planetary level.

There are many missions, as there are also those fully immersed in the creation of light cities, in co-creation with the Arcturians, for the purpose of anchoring fifth-dimensional energies, and higher ones, all depends if the anchoring can be possible in a certain space-place, that are constantly working on transmuting old energies, clearing them, to create fifth-dimensional spaces, as the main step towards the creation of a more illumined Earth.

During the Lionsgate our Planet will align with the Star Sirius, the Galactic Center, and with many sacred places on Earth, as it is Giza Pyramid, giving us the opportunity to connect with the Cosmic Heart and other civilizations that have been following our human evolution, as our cosmic forefathers from Sirius, who have been assisting in the awakening of humanity for a long time, especially after the original Adamic DNA was manipulated – impeding us to fully be aware, as other cosmic civilizations are, of our True Divine Essence.

This is a time of profound awakening in the planet, as even though we may be told many lies to believe otherwise, there is a great awakening taking place, that involves the challenge to look at ourselves, embrace all aspects of who we are, and begin the endless path of non-judgment and hence, polarity integration. This path is not easy and this is why many, in their initial stages, fall into old patterns or unconscious acts. However, we all have our unique time to remember and awaken into who we truly are. This is why compassion is essential, for we have walked the path of shadows before, and the only way in which we can assist is to be neutral-loving witnesses.

This year the Lions Gate’s energies will be totally different from other years, for Earth is now ready to receive seventh-dimensional energies, as many Earth fabrics have been already restructured and can now be anchored. Energies that will help in the current transfiguration process that many are experiencing, a process in which the literal death of the ego is finally taking place, preparing themselves for the activation of their light body.

At a time of profound human liberation, one that involves the disappointment that comes when we realize that all we were told was not authentic, the Lions Gate frequencies come to trigger the process of physical ascension, for the first time within our human history. The time has finally come for us to choose whether to evolve and leave this earthly plane if we have fulfilled our soul desire to evolve within it, and be of assistance, or to continue fomenting the 3D illusion.

At a planetary level, the Lions Gate’s frequencies are placed in the planetary grid in the form of light symbol codes that generate certain energy – mathematical, geometrical codes – that release the many manipulated structures. It is now that everything is being dismantled and we are finally able to welcome and integrate these energies.

Each year Earth, as well as those who wish to continue evolving, takes another step further within this endless spiral of Creation.

To help us integrate these energies my Guides share some universal tools for all who desire to align with them and begin a ninety-day process to embody and direct these plasma transmissions from the Lions Gate, for ascension is a long process that involves daily inner work and long periods of integration.

Activation exercise: Prepare yourself for meditation, breathe at least three times, and begin to move your consciousness from your physical body to your heart center, from where we begin to connect and commune with our soul, Monad and Avatar Presence.

The visualize, a bright orb made of liquid light – gas – descending upon your heart center, take it with your hands, and consciously integrate it in your heart chakra. When you feel the activation, move it into your solar plexus chakra.

As you do this exercise, repeat these words to help you integrate them and give them purpose, for these energies will only go to those whose main wish is to serve Creation and their own evolution.

As I always say, take what resonates and above all, you can create your own statement or decree, for this is just an example.

I__(your name) thank my Unified Self, Guides team ( and other benevolent beings you would like to call upon) for supporting me in this activation.

Thank you for your protection and assistance light team.

I__(your name)__ welcome these benevolent Lions Gate frequencies, for the purpose of Lightbody activation and realignment.

I embrace these plasma transmissions for my physical ascension, inviting them to trigger the necessary transformation for my body to continue its crystalization process.

I, therefore, ask my DNA and body cells to release all false programs and implants and embrace these energies, and hence God’s Truth.

I invite these energies into my entire being, healing, clearing, and restoring all that has been distorted by my own self-programming, and my other manipulative tactics.

My intention with this activation is to consciously ascend, through the embodiment of Divine Consciousness, as I help the whole too in this process by healing and clearing myself first.

As these energies clear and move throughout my entire body, helping me regaining consciousness, I restore my soul records, remembering what is best for me at the moment to know, for my personal human journey, accessing what is yet unknown with the purpose of soul mission integration/expansion.

My intention and will by embracing these loving and transformational frequencies is one of unconditional love to All Creation.

I thank these benevolent energies, my Unified Self, guides, and all Creation for the assistance received.

I therefore now proclaim myself as a crystalline being in service to All humanity.

Crystals: Guides share that ocean jasper, as well as clear quartz crystal, are two of the best conductors to work with the Lion’s Gate, for their essence resonates with everyone, for as you know we all have our own frequency and may not always be in perfect resonance with a certain crystal. While the clear crystal integrates, directs, and conduit the energies, the ocean jasper, regenerates, purify and soothes our bodies.

Sound healing frequency: 88HZ. This is the frequency that Guides shared is the one that we could listen to align with the current energies and begin the process of mental preparation to hold them, as in the moment we consciously welcome them into our bodies, the transformation process will begin, and then we will need support to conduct, manage and program them.

The 88HZ frequency is one that goes beyond the human significance of abundance. This frequency supports transformation, its subsequent stabilization and healing, and above all, the balance that our bodies need to continue healthily and empowered.

Universal geometry pattern: Flower of life. As you know it consists of nineteen interlocking circles. It is a perfect conductor as well for these energies, whether you visualize it, paint it, or wear it as a pendant, the most important thing is visualization though, for the tools in themselves do not do the inner work for us.

The flower of life represents the interconnectedness of All things within Creation. It is the Life Force that is in All things and that is transmitted to All beings and life forms. It is then up to us to direct this Life precious Force for benevolent or non-benevolent purposes. The energies flow to All, and as we activate them, we too do so for those who are ready, connecting with them, and with everything that holds the same loving frequency.

It is precisely this interconnectedness the one that we shall search in all we think, feel, and do, remembering unity above the egoic illusion of separation.

This sacred geometry figure allows us to remember the Divine Presence in All, as well as its perfect order.

Planetary work: Emerald Ray for those who desire to anchor these frequencies. Remember that all life forms, plants, etc. also upgrade themselves, as we all evolve as one, and it is part of our mission to also help them in many ways, especially by protecting them, into their own unique process. The emerald ray will bathe all life forms that are as well transitioning into a more crystalline essence.

I hope this helps you in the embodiment of these benevolent, but very intense energies, Beloved Ones.

I wish you a loving and soothing Lions Gates!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba


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    There is NO NEUTRAL, this is about good vs evil. Pick a side and stand up for our children.