A New Beginning

tune into the light within you eraoflightdotcomAs much as the old chaos and destruction, and the old trauma, pain, etc. is being churned up, as well as all the old things which were never resolved, and so often deeply buried, as much is the Power of Love, being revealed as the heart center of humanity opens up more and more, and people and communities start pulling together in unity and harmony, as the New Earth rises to the fore.

My mother, since I can remember, always told me: “Never look at the OUTSIDE appearance of people – look at the INSIDE, for all are souls and God is within all of them!”

I thank my mother for teaching me this from an early age. My mom always had open arms, and indeed the huge kitchen in our home was the gathering place, for her we as family would gather around the large kitchen table, not only for meals, for all social gatherings as well. Family, friends, strangers, were always welcome here, and my mother always seemed to find hot tea, coffee, and something to eat for everyone, as well as words of hope, love, comfort and good cheer. It is here that that we prayed, it is here that we sang, (for we always sang, and music was part of our life), and no matter what went on outside our home, somehow my mother always seemed to be there, in some form or another. And so was love. No matter where life as a family took us, home was where the heart was.

This morning I am grateful for big open hearts, and for the utterly amazing and beautiful souls gracing this planet at this momentous time. Yes, we all have our challenges (I have too), yet we have our support systems too, and indeed, when not human, then Divine and Divinely orchestrated.
Indeed, as we now ascend, the old duality will indeed make its last stand. It will churn up the seeming divisions, seeming separation, the seeming imbalance.

Life, however, strives for BALANCE and HARMONY. With ever seeming ‘bad’ things which happen, ‘good” things happen SIMULTANEOUSLY!

Our country is a classic example of this: in the midst of chaos, looting, burning and destruction, there were people and communities pulling together, and indeed hearts opened, people experienced the true SOUL brother and sisterhood, where the outside appearances truly did not matter – what matters was that one stood together for the greater good, and indeed assisted one another, one sang together, one prayed together, and suddenly it did not matter who was Christian, who as Jew, who was Muslim, who was of the Ancient African belief, and who was atheist. Who was pink, green, blue, purple, etc. All had open hearts and all indeed felt the Divine in those very moments, even if they could not find words for what was moving in them.

Indeed, in the midst of chaos, there is always a hidden order. In the midst of total collapse and seeming no-thingness, seeds of new life is born.

Let us now remember, that way into the New Life and New Beginnings of the New Earth, lie within the SOUL and the open Heart, and not in the mind, and not in outward appearances.

What we think is reality, is indeed illusion.

The energies pouring in now, are cleansing and clearing in the highest degrees. The fires of purification are sweeping the earth, and indeed churning up all which needs to be dealt with and released once and for all.

Forgiven and let go of.

More than this the Power of Love – the Power of Open heart and indeed the Power of SOUL-FILLED LOVE.

Unconditional love.

No matter what you have done – or not done, you are worthy of love. (Dr. John Demartini)

No matter what I have done – or not done, I am worthy of love.

We are all souls who now are asked to finally allow the inner balance to be restored, as we finally transcend duality, noting that BOTH the positive and negative poles are necessary in order to create balance and unity. Indeed, they create the third force: – ENLIGHTENTMENT!

We thank the Old Earth for teaching us immense Soul Lessons in Mastery – for we indeed experienced what it felt like to be separated from the Divine, separated from ourselves, separated and alienated from each other. We created artificial boundaries to keep each other out, divided Mother Earth into countries, and borders, and tracts of land. All the native people around the world will tell you that this inherently foreign to their cultures – they never understood, how one could divide and slice the Great Mother Earth. They understood that once divisions were sown, one reaped the consequences of pain and suffering. So-called civilization often wreaked more pain and suffering than it was worth. Yet, the same so-called civilization, also alleviated a lot. Again the seeming duality, in the end balancing out.

Where is the balancing act which needs to take place within you, yourself?

One thing I have learnt in the last few years, that as soon as a seeming negative thing happens in my life, I immediately look for the positive. And I always find it! The minute the one does this, all emotional charges vanish, and one is brought back into equilibrium again. The Mind still and the heart opens, and one becomes grateful!

It is only when we truly find the unity and balance, and harmony, and unconditional love, are present within ourselves, that we can indeed create such outside ourselves. For as long as you at war within yourself, you will wreak war outside yourself. One you are in harmony and balance and ATONE with Divine, you cannot create disharmony nor destruction. It is impossible.

Such beautiful lessons in Soul Mastery here.

I bow my head in awe and gratitude, and more than this, Unconditional love.

May you have a love-filled, balanced and beautiful, blessed day!

**By Judith Kusel