The Pleiadian Collective: What is Beneficial to Soul

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBeloved Friends Of Light!

Stand Strong And Be Of Good Courage!

All Is Well And You Are Enough!

From The Vantage Point Of Your Home Where You Entertain Yourselves With Endless News Repeating Or Mindless Movies That Are More Negative Than The News, We Offer You Wisdom.


Turn It Off And Become Very Silent!

Going Within And Connecting Vibrationally To What Is Real, Will Bring Strength To Your Being.

You Long For Health And Peace, Yet You Must Fully Decide The Cost.

Choose That Which Is Beneficial First To Your Soul, Then To All Others.

For Unless You Truly Love The Being That You Are NOW, It Is Not Possible To Give Love To Another.

You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have.

Cultivate Kindness To Your Body Form With Movement And Clean Food.

Do The Best You Can With The Provisions Gifted To You!

Do Not Compare Yourself To Another Body Form Or The Manner In Which Another Lives.

You Have Looked As They Look And Had Far Less And Far More In Millions Of Waking Dreams.

Make A Habit Of Rising Each Morning With ‘Thank You, God, For Life!’

Gratitude Will Propel You Into The Greatest Moments From This Point.

Visit Gratitude So Naturally That It Becomes As Drinking Water!

Pleasant And Necessary!

In This Journey Of The Sacred Soul, You Have Discovered Your Creativity As You Maneuver Through The Dream.

You Have Tapped Into Your Deep Consciousness And Discovered Art, Writing, Dance And Cooking In Ways That You Amaze Yourself And Others!

You Are Sharing These Vibrations Of Energy As All Grow And Thrive With New Ideas And Projects That Seem So New, Yet Are Steeped With The History Of Planet Earth And Your Star Planet Of Origin.

Your Temporary Home Of Such Duality Has Thrived On Constant Change As You Seek For Balance.

You Are Divided By Culture That You Have Created In Your Mind And We Are Amused To Watch The Patterns Of Makeup, Hair Coloring, Head Shaving, Beard Growing, Body Revealing Clothing, Head To Toe Covering, And Let’s Not Forget Face Covering!

All Done As Though It Has Any Meaning At All!

We Say To You, JUST BE.

Allow Your True Essence To Flow.

Allow Others To Fumble And Get Up Again As Well.

All Of You Are Magnificent And Here By Design.

You Must Look Through Your Eyes And Know The One Looking Is The Observer Of All You Call Your Life!

You Most Definitely Have An Identity But This Is Not Who You Are.

For This Reason, Lighten Up!

You Are More Powerful Than You Can Comprehend!

Indeed, Do You Not Understand That The Creator Of All Is Breathing You And Part Of The Very Essence Of All You Do?

It Is The Moment To Stop Blaming Others, Or The Stars, Or Any Circumstance For Every Little Perceived Occurrence That Plays Out.

There Is ONE That Is Observing The Struggles And Joy In This Brief Gifted Story Of You.

Find The ONE.

Be Aware Of This Power And You Will Know Your Path.

As You Move Forward Toward The Grand Shift, Do Your Best To Respond Without Reaction.

Choose Power And Wisdom When Speaking And Give Love Genuinely When It Is There To Give Freely.

Heal Your Planet!

You Are The Collective And This Should Bring You Unity And Peace.

Until You Fully Understand This, You Will Never View The ONENESS That You Are!

We Are Moving Closer To The Grand Shift As Each Is Understanding Their Role In Consciously Uniting.

You Are ONE Of Many.

Live As This!


We Are ONE.

Be At Peace!

We Love You So!

**Channel: Judith