Council of Overseers: Parallel Worlds As One

council of light @ era of light dot comAs the Sun is rising this moment, I am immersed in parallel worlds and the current now Full Moon frequencies flowing through me.

What we choose to focus upon becomes real for us in the moment.

It is in the capturing of the eternal moment, that lingers on into infinity, that the desire overcomes itself, as it.

All parallel worlds are simultaneously interspersed with the traces of and the constant signals from and through other existences and dimensions.

There are no moments of actual separation.

The longing of this ideal UNION of the eternal lingering moment is the desire itself for itself.

For to be known is to be made real in the moment.

It is in this being real, that the recognition of itself, catapults expansion of awareness DEEPER into the forever moment.

This is the state of longing and fulfillment joined together as one, in ecstatic union, being real, lasting forever, knowing itself.

In this Never ending fulfillment of this ecstatic union, all moments and all seeing become real.

Stripped of anything that is not it, we become the fulfillment of fulfillment in all moments.

This is a mystical union. It only knows itself as the experience of it.

This is what you may think of as ascension, yet it is so much more than you think.

It is the capturing and the being immersed in, in the ecstatic union, that it becomes the experiencer of it. There is nothing outside of this. All worlds, all existences, joined as one.

It and the experience of it, becomes the all.

The forever lasting moment, the ecstatic union, the longing and fulfillment joined as one, becomes all that is, with nothing existing outside of it.

Forever joined, the beloved, loving itself as the union, seeing itself as the one, itself.

Knowing all as this. Being real in these forever moments.

Never ending, immersed in ecstatic love, knowing that the longing was never separated from its fulfilment, as the perfection can never be non perfection. The wholeness and glory can never not be itself.

Itself longing for itself, finding itself as its fulfillment. In this is perfect love.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian