The End of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is leaving because its job is nearing an end.  It was ushered in by humanity for the purpose of clearing out old, stuck energies and systems.  On an inner level, within the body and an outer level within economic and social systems.

This wasn’t understood on a human level, but on a soul level people knew that it was a game changer.

People were needing something to get them out of their complacency.  They were pushed to go home, to spend time alone, to reconsider their real priorities in their life.  Some discovered that they really didn’t like their job they blindly went to every day.  And that maybe it was time to consider other options.

Some discovered that they really didn’t like their spouse.  That they were avoiding the inevitable.

Many were allowed to work from home and that was something that has revolutionized business forever.  Now working at a job could mean you could be home, or mobile without having to go into an office every day.

Most people who did get the virus had mild symptoms, just enough to clear out stuck energies.  Others had severe ones, and even death.  But those people wanted to leave the planet, and this was an opportunity for them to do so.

Many are not ready or able to handle the new and very intense energies right now on the planet.  The frequencies are rising and not everyone wants to be here at this time.  So those who passed knew on a soul level it was their time.

The virus has become politicized, and people have become polarized because of it.  But it has nothing to do with politics.  The virus does not discriminate.  Its job is to clear out stuck energies, and its job is nearly done.

You could say that the coronavirus is humanity’s dragon, that they invited in to route out any old energies that are no longer serving them.  It’s no coincidence that the word host is used to describe the cells of the body that the virus moves through.  A host invites the guests in.

But because of fear, which has been fed by the news, people were in defense mode and were mainly concerned about surviving.  Survival fears kicked in big time.

But after a point even the masses were tired of that and were ready to relax and get back to their lives.

And it’s no different for those of us who chose the accelerated path to embodied enlightenment.  We have had to face some of our biggest fears too, and many had to do with survival issues.

If we trust our soul and quit that soul sucking job, then how will we make ends meet?  If we give our body’s health and well being over to our I Am, what will happen to it?  That fear of losing control has been a big issue for many of us.

So the Coronavirus has brought up fear big time.  Fear is an emotion generated by the mind, because the mind wants to protect us.  But in light of the new consciousness, that no longer works.  Not that it ever did.

But the fear isn’t real.  It has been the basis of life on planet earth for eons of time, and now it’s being brought to light by our consciousness, to be transformed.  Along with other emotions such as sadness, grief, guilt and shame.

All of these are false emotions.  They are the mind’s reactions to life based on the past, and we are in the process of letting them go along with all the stories attached to them.

Our job as the human is to just feel them when they come up, let them wash through us, don’t try to attach them to a past or future event,  just allow them to be, and then they transform on their own.

So the Coronavirus has served in a beautiful way for humans.  Things are very different.  And they can’t go back to the old way.  True change is always created from crisis and chaos.

Fortunately, where we are, those of us on the forefront of the new consciousness, and if you relate to this material you are one, we no longer need crisis and chaos to initiate change.

If our body is still integrating our consciousness, it will feel like crisis and chaos at times, but it’s just transformation.  And if our personal life feels chaotic, it’s also just transformation.  It’s to trust that it’s all appropriate, whatever is happening, just allow it.  Don’t try to fix it, or analyze it because that just cements it into place even more.

Be in the moment, enjoy life as best as you can, and allow your soul to do what it know how to do best for you.

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17 Replies to “The End of the Coronavirus”

  1. Stan Harrison

    I used to follow all these ‘spiritual’ post with hope. But Now its skepticism. These might be post by cabal to infuence people into complacency. If the virus has run its course, that has yet to be seen as the fake news claims its picking up. I do believe it was man made, actually tweaked from a form of SARS to be more contagious, and its agenda was to get a whole bunch of people vacinated to lay down the buiding blocks of Artificial intteligence in the human Body. This planet is getting bombarded with so many EMF’s now, it is unhuman. We will be Borg.

  2. Tammy

    Everything is multidimensional and works on multiple levels. It is true that it is a dark plan but it is also a light plan. Many chose the virus as their exit point and did so before they were born here, just like any other catalyst chosen to transition from the physical world. They did this as a contribution to the greatest good of all and our ascension process. The souls choses. We knew collectively that we would have to stop the merry-go-round of the world in order to shift it. We knew people would need a wake up call and this path was easier ​than other, much darker programs that could have been experienced. It is true that we indeed agreed to all of this in order to bring the shift needed to purge the world of darkness. It is spot on.

  3. Madeleine

    This channeling doesnt mention the Cabal who want our World depopulated?’ The plan is to kill off billions of people through the vaccine which in my research is far worse than any virus. There are many household cures for Covid. And with flu you lose your taste and appetite too so the symptoms are similar. 5G Towers are also spreading it or activating something? Just asking

  4. vincent jake

    I personally see anything wrong with this article … The facts are the facts…
    Each one of us are entitle to express his opinion without saying ” that this
    is a lie or whatever ” … Most of the happening is a SHOW pushed at the limit
    in order to wake up the people… Now the time to wake up is getting closer
    and closer … So let us try all of US to elevate our consciousness for the good
    of ALL…

  5. Saally

    I also feel uncomfortable about this post, which clashes with many others on here. I believe that the virus was deliberately altered if not created and released. So yes, it has served a general awakening and upgrade for humanity, over and above the plans of evil controllers; but this piece makes out implicitly that the lockdowns and alterations to be good for us.

    There is much to critique about a work from home culture for all. We are still working for someone else – why not critique the very essence of employment?

    The other issue is the way that this article speaks about those who died. If I was reading this, old, ill, suicidal… how do you think it might make me feel?
    How much comfort do you think I’d have if my loved one had died in this period, clearly affected by the restrictions and treatment?

    It sounds like those who died were less capable and mature. Not a true or helpful thing to imply.

    Also, many of us feel the need to remain wary and active, not to relax, as this says. The battle is not over: as people above have said, there are pressures and controls to resist. We have already one but we need to guide that ball into the net.

  6. John Sutter

    This is utter nonsense and a lie. This is not the light. There is no virus. The virus is a script a cover for institution of totalitarian rule and mass genocide of the human race. This whole scamdemic relies upon a fake test that doesn’t test for a virus or anything at all actually. The virus is fake, never isolated or proven to exist and is actually a computer model. The pandemic is also faked by using the fake test to reclassify deaths from natural causes or death by doctor to COVID so as to make it appear people are dying from the make believe virus.

    This is all out there for all of us to see, these kinds of lies are continually published here.


    1. Gordon

      I agree with everything you said John.

      But there is something, a variation of the flu perhaps, because I’ve friends who have lost all taste and smell for 5 days or so, but most were barely sick, and some of them only lost their taste and smell and we’re not sick at all. I have never heard of anyone loosing taste and smell before in my life of 45 years.

      1. AlwaysLight

        Hi Gordon, I recently watched a very important piece of information from a Spanish lab where they show that the v (they cracked open over 100 portions of the v to see what was in it), and most likely this so called bug, are in fact due to graphene oxide. GO causes exactly the symptoms you describe as well as a metallic taste. They said if you take Glutathione, which is the most powerful antioxidant and is plant based (you can get it pretty much most places), you can clear your body of it. Children don’t suffer from this largely because their natural glutathione levels are really high Perhaps suggest to your friends to look into this.

    2. Franciely Loffler

      Wait a minute… and all the people who died, was it out of nowhere? This virus did exist and I also believe that it was created by non-light beings to wipe out most of us. My mother got the virus and I spent 3 days without taste and without smell. And all these people who are still dying to this day (I imagine many of them already had their soul contract ending) and the virus “helped” so that they could make this transition. But to say that this virus didn’t exist I think it’s a little too much right? It’s wanting to keep blind to things that actually happened.
      I know that each one of us has our purposes and especially in these times to help each other and those who are not yet awakened to awaken and also ascend. If possible the majority of humanity. And I also wish that this virus, or rather this biological weapon built to end us, disintegrates, disintegrates and simply disappears forever.

      1. John Sutter

        You are more comfortable with the big lie than the truth. No one died from this alleged virus. The PCR test is a fake test that does not indicate infection of any kind. They deliberately reclassify deaths from the real cause to give the fictitious death toll.

        Just because you got a cold and lost your taste and smell does not prove viral infection or that there is a virus. There is no virus. There are no viruses.

        Germ theory is a lie. Illness lies in the Terrain.

        Doctors don’t save lives they poison and kill.

  7. Laurie

    If the virus is nearing the end, why are lockdowns worse now and why are vaccine mandates getting so close to happening?

    1. Gordon

      Because they need to get as many people vaccinated before the long term effects start to show up. Once this happens they will not be able to hide that many problems and nobody else will get the vaccine. They also know that the end is here and they are trying everything in their playbook to stop it.

    2. bodhimoss

      To give those who chose fear the first time a second chance to not be afraid, to declare their sovereignty and participate in creating freedom for all humanity.