Ashtar: Negative Entities Removed

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomDear Brothers and Sisters,

I am Ashtar the Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light, I am happy to communicate telepathically with everyone today. I have been very busy with everything, what is happening in our dimension and yours.

The Negative Entities on Mars have been completely removed, as they became a threat to us and the Milky Galaxy. If someone claims that Orions, Greys, Reptilians and etc. are still there, that is not correct. Right now, the Dark Forces are looking for a new planet to use as a base, so they can continue planning their next attack.

Unfortunately, some of the Light Community buy their lies. Same goes for the Secret Space Program, which has been operating for a long time and hidden from the Earth population. Recently, we captured a few of their ships and dismantled them.

I mentioned before that we Galactics are not going to allow for the Negative Forces to destroy or create a dangerous situation in the Milky Galaxy or somewhere else in the Cosmos. It could kill trillions of beings, what Supreme Father or Prime Creator would never allow to happen.

I am dishearten by the fact that some of the truth seekers are fooled by the Dark Entities and read sources of information full of negative codes. Also, I want to add to the claim about psychics with superpowers from the Secret Space Program. None human with the most extraordinary psychic abilities could affect anyone negatively in a long range distance of over 400 miles as humans in 3D can’t exercise these kind of powers.

Please, don’t worry about someone who could attack or influence you with their negative energy. You can easily raise your vibrations through meditation, so if anyone, who wants to attack you, they can’t harm you in high energies.

Your meditations can help you and others, please, continue to spread the Light. Remember, you have a free will and nobody can’t tell you or force you to do undesirable things. The Darkness has been using scare tactics and mind manipulations for a very long time. Now, each day more and more people are starting to question their surroundings, their Dark agenda is failing, and the Light continues to spread.

The New Earth is ready to accept 5D Galactic Humans, she is waiting for your arrival. The power within you is your guide, and just follow your heart, on which path to take. Ascension is a personal choice. A specific number of humankind are going to stay in the Matrix, as they are not ready to ascend. Others can’t wait, when this event takes place. It’s coming in Divine Timing, only the Fathers know, when exactly it’s going to occur.

Bad weather and other events had been orchestrated by the corrupted souls. Not all of the incidents were by them, Mother Gaia is cleansing the planet by preparing herself to welcome humanity to a New Earth.

Regarding the dinosaurs myth, that they were flesh eaters, that is not true. The ones who survived, live now in Hollow Earth and in Inner Earth with Anshar Civilization, and all of them are plant eaters including the 50 feet tall T-Rex.

I want to assure you, that everything is going by the Divine Plan, and the Galactic Federation of Light, and I, Ashtar are going to continue to assist your civilization and keep everyone safe in the Milky Galaxy. Gratitude to the Universal Channel for delivering this transmission. Thank you.

You are Beacons of Light
Be Brave and Strong


**Channel: Erena Velazquez

14 Replies to “Ashtar: Negative Entities Removed”

  1. John L

    The useful phrase “Ascending harmonious hearts, beating as One Love”, to be able to really feel the true dynamic of the words One Love, is so important. You will Know what I am talking about when you get there! Perhaps it has to get ugly to a certain degree or those who are snoring would not wake up. Trust the plan and play your part. From what I understand, this is just a false reality echo we are in now, in order to wake up those that are still asleep. The Real Joy McCoy is already set up, and I can already feel it in a way because I/We are already there. Practice gently pushing your ego self off to the side and allowing your higher self to be present or whatever works for you.

  2. Emerson

    I hear you Sutter, but it seems the way is not about death or punishment to the “bad guys”. There are no bad guys. If the so-called good guys crush the so-called bad guys, then we just have a new sheriff in town, to play itself out all over again! NO! We all desire and deserve something MUCH BETTER!..and we are here to help create and enjoy something much better!
    All actors are here in their places at this perfect time, to act out a play. Everyone is on cue and perfectly in character for the rising of ALL!…that NO ONE be lost. All are Divine, only some have deeply forgotten, but “What they intend for evil, Divine Love will use for good”!..the good and the rising of the ALL!!

    Much love, peace and light to all!

  3. vincent jake

    Everything will come true in due time … There are things that are
    made in a certain way that most of us do not understand but there
    is a reason to be made that way…Keep the faith in the DIVINE CREATOR
    and all be find … With love to all…

  4. John Sutter

    Can we remove the negative entities here? I don’t see much hope in the masses. The Cult is planning new lockdowns, new mask mandates, vaccine passports, total destruction of the Western world and European peoples that they see as their greatest threat to total planetary hegemony. And now they are slowly instituting more coercive measures to force this fake vaccine on the people against a fake virus for a fake pandemic that is propagated by a fake test.

    No one is fighting back. I don’t see any way out of this except a very violent and bloody revolution. The vaxxed portion of humanity is already doomed and we don’t know how many have taken it, but there are many.

    Why hold back on making contact and actually removing this spider’s web of control of the many by the few?

    Would not freeing the minds of so many under the media and government propaganda spell make this 5D ascension process easier?

    Everyday I pray that these monsters receive the justice they deserve and their spell and power be broken.

    1. Gisela Rosa

      It´s NOT the galactics job to “save” us…they are here to support our liberation, to help, they are NOT our saviors.
      We have to do our part, it´s been very tough I agree…but at least they have guaranteed that we will ascend.

      1. Franciely Loffler

        Oi Gisela. Posso tirar algumas duvidas com vc? Primeiramente são sobre as energias se vc puder me ajudar claro eu agradeço muito. Sabe eu venho sentindo imensamente as energias entrando com a sensação como se eu fosse desintegrar de tão forte que vem sendo. Eu ainda não tenho claro o meu papel/missão mas penso que seja na parte da transmutação e os pleiadianos no último boletim pela canalização do Gabriel RL disseram que não era pra gente se preocupar caso não estivessemos fazendo trabalhos extraordinários já que fazemos bastante só de estar aqui e usar nossos campos de energia. Mas o que me deixa muito angustiada e perdida é que não sinto a minha sabedoria interna, não sinto aquela confiança e certeza vindo do meu coração. E todos os dias, todos mesmo eu tento fazer meditações e me aprofundar para entrar no espaço do coraçao e ouvir alguma orientação interior e me conectar com meu Eu Sou mas não acontece nada. Eu nem sequer consigo relaxar proundamente. Isso é que me deixa impotente… parece que essa sabedoria interna que todos tem parece que ela não existe em mim… ao inves disso no centro do meu coração sinto um vazio, angustias, desesperos e muito pânico vindo daqui de dentro. Não sei se isso é devido as curas e limpezas que ainda estão acontecendo em nós?

      2. John Sutter

        I’ve heard this before. The GF can’t remove these dark forces because that would be interference, but it is okay for negative ET’s to interfere in our lives.

        You don’t see something wrong in this?

        Maybe there just aren’t any Galactics on our side.

        1. star_struck

          They are removing them. The dark forces broke the peace agreement between them two. We as gods, creators have to use master our minds and use our creator muscles. We volunteer to be here this time. The galactics do not want to take this opportunity away from us. If you are waiting for a savior, you have forgotten Who You Are!

      3. Divsy Pafe

        Agreed we have to do our part; so with this fight in place what stops the ascension process from dragging on eternally?

        1. Emerson

          I will venture a response to this question about the Ascension process dragging on eternally…Loving Divine Source is moving us along as quickly as our mind/ego can can keep up, without us simply “checking out” of life. At the same time, since God is infinite and we are God, we will be eternally discovering our divinity; the Ascension process will go on eternally. That’s the best that comes to me, but I would be very interested if others with deeper wisdom and greater “Ascension experience“ would weigh in on this topic also.

          Peace and love, and all my best to ALL!

  5. Tylette Crosby

    Thank you over weeks. I. Heard some unreal things that persons are saying you have too used your mind on what is true a picture says many thing. It’s best to take your own. But. Anyway our prime creator is the way thanks every thing you do. ❤️ and soul