The Wisdom of The Council: The Master’s Game of Life

council of light @ era of light dot comWe are so pleased and delighted to have the opportunity to speak with you on this joyful day indeed. We remind you that, while our words to you are important, this is a vibrational experience of remembering who you really are as you come into the realization of the truth of you and the God that you are, the divine being that you are, the Creator that you are within your own creation.

You are here. You are in this now, and everything you could ever dream of and more is here in this now moment. It is here. It is available to you. It is within you, and it is moving towards you in perfect harmony, in divine right time, in the fullness of all of creation. You are indeed creators of a New Earth reality where there is peace and joy and harmony for all beings and where all beings live in harmony with one another and the animals and your planet. Even though you are all masterful creators of your own reality there can still be harmony amongst you all.

You are naturally joyful, you are naturally abundant, and you are naturally cooperative. You naturally desire harmony. That is a state of being that is natural for you when you do not create stories and beliefs and limitations that keep you in lack and limitation and separation.

You are now in a time, in a state of consciousness, and in a potential within the human experience for something unimaginable: the realization of New Earth for all who are ready. There’s a great amount of new energy and new consciousness that is here and now. All that is asked of you is to embrace it, to allow it, to open to it, to tune to it, to be aware of it, to focus on it, and to feel it.

You are the creators of a New Earth. Not because there’s anything wrong with the old Earth, but because there is an expansion into more that you yourself have made possible. There is a reason you are here. There is a purpose for your life, and you matter. And you being on this planet in human form at this time is the most important thing you could do. All else will be done through you, and the more you can allow all of the energy and all of the light that is here for you, the more you will come into the knowing of who you really are and why you are here and what you intended when you chose this magnificent life experience on Earth at this exact time. 

You are here to raise the consciousness, and you are here to raise the vibration within your collective human consciousness, but you only do so by raising your own. You only do so by coming fully into the moment, into your power as the creator that you are, and through you you will seed human consciousness with potentials and possibilities.

You each have a unique chosen purpose, and it’s not as specific as you may think it is. Your purpose has nothing to do with any sort of lack or limitation. Your purpose has nothing to do with fear and separation. Your purpose has nothing to do with pain and suffering. Your purpose has everything to do with joy, with love, with abundance, with wellbeing, and with freedom. 

Your purpose is freedom. Your purpose is wellbeing. Your purpose is abundance. Your purpose is love. And your purpose is joy. And you choose the highest expression of these creations, and as you express them and as you realize them and as you come into that state of being you infuse humanity, the planet, and the collective consciousness with more joy, more love, more peace, more harmony, more abundance, more wellbeing, more freedom.

You are free. If in some lifetime or even within this lifetime you felt like you had entanglements or contracts or responsibilities or karma, maybe that is so. We do not take that belief from you, but we assure you now there is nothing keeping you from experiencing the freedom of your soul while fully expressing all that you are within this human experience, living fully and loving fully every moment of every day as creator of a New Earth, creator of Heaven on Earth, creator of your reality.

And indeed, while all things are here and all things are now and all things are available to you, you are in an experience of form. And while the complete totality of everything that you will ever create is available to you now, there is great joy in this journey to becoming all that you are while also knowing that you are everything you wish to be, you already are.

This is an adventure. This is a masterful game you are playing. Play it as a master. Don’t play this game as a beginner because you are not. Do not play this game as a novice because you are not. Do not play this game as anything less than a master because that is what you are.

You are realized. Whenever you hear this, whoever you are, you are realized, and all you need do is embrace that and allow that. When you say to yourself out loud, ‘I am realized, I am Creator, I am master of my reality, Creator within my own creation, the realized, embodied, enlightened master that I am, I Am That I Am, and I am the Creator frequency, I am the Creator frequency, I carry within me the frequency of all of creation,’ and when you say that—I am the Creator frequency of all of creation—you are fully allowing and embracing the highest potential, the highest possibility, the highest level of creation and manifestation to present itself to you easily, effortlessly, harmoniously.

The energy that is here for you is infinite, eternal, limitless. The light that is here for you is infinite, eternal, limitless. Anything and everything is possible for you, and yet many of your hopes and dreams are still barely beyond lack, limitation, fear, and separation. 

You didn’t come here to be satisfied with getting by, barely surviving, making it through, doing okay. You came here as Creator, as a master, as the enlightened master that you are. You are a master at this game. You came here to play the master’s game of life. And so it is.

The master’s game of life is really fun, and the master’s game of life is really playful, and the master’s game of life is very powerful, and the master’s game of life is bold. Is boldThe master has the audacity to experience great love and great abundance and great joy and great levels of wellbeing and great levels of freedom. You are playing the master’s game of life, and there’s nothing that you cannot realize in the realization of the master that you are.

We speak with a cadence so that you may realize fully the vibration and frequency within our words to you. You are a realized, enlightened, embodied master here on Earth at this time. You matter. Your life matters. Your creations matter. Your dreams matter.

We hear your questions. We hear your hopes and your dreams. We hear your fears. And we tell you again and again you are everything you wish to be. You already are. It is all within you, and it always has been. And if you will just feel the truth of our words to you from the vibration and the frequency that is aligned to the truth of who you really are, you will realize everything you dream of and so much more.

We invite you to go on a journey with us into new levels of consciousness within this human experience where few have ever gone before, a journey of living as a fully enlightened ascended master on Earth at this time, a journey to exploring how a master plays this game of life.

We invite you to let go of everything you have believed yourself to be. We invite you to let go of the old stories. We invite you to release your attachments. We invite you to release your entanglements. We invite you into this moment to set yourself free. Set yourself free. Set yourself free.

Feel into this moment and focus into the space where you have your mind. Go into the space that is your brain and allow a conscious, intentional upgrade to your operating system. See every neural pathway of potential and possibility lighting up in your brain. See every neural pathway of prosperity and positivity and potential lighting up in your brain. Nothing specific, no stories, just upgrading a new operating system within the space that is your brain, the control panel.

And when it has been installed, there is a little button deep within your brain that says, POWER ON. When you are ready, press that button within your brain and turn the power on—the power of your mind, the power of your potential, the power of all possibility, the power of all of your ability. Turn it on, power on, and feel an energy, a signal, a frequency go from your brain into every cell of your body, down your neck, down your back, over your shoulders, down your arms, into your fingertips, down your chest, into your abdomen, down to the base of your spine, down your legs, over your knees, through your shins, to the bottom of your feet. Every single cell of your body turned on, activated, vibrating, electric, alive.

Feel the frequency. Feel the current go through your body. Power on. Power on. Power on. You are ready. It is now. All of your power is turned on, is activated, is here now. Feel a download of this new operating system in every cell of your body. Feel every cell of your body downloading higher vibrations, higher frequencies, higher levels of light, higher levels of consciousness. Feel your whole body coming alive as your power begins to flow, the current, the frequency, the vibration of the Source that you are and the love that you are and the light that you are and the God that you are flowing into every cell of your body. You are powered on. Powered on. Feel it in every cell of your body.

And feel, like a wave washing over you, this new vibration, this new energy, and this new consciousness that has been installed in you. Feel that a New Earth reality has been installed within you. The new you, the real you, the Creator you lives within you now, exists within you now, shines within you now, and nothing will ever be the same again. It will be brighter. It will be more beautiful. It will be bolder. It will be easier. It will be more abundant and more prosperous. It will be more joyful, more loving, more peaceful, more harmonious. You will feel more vitality than ever before, more wellbeing than ever before, more energy because you have installed the operating system that allows more energy, more light, more consciousness. And so it is.

You are in this moment, and it is eternal. You are in this reality, and you have created it. You are perfect, yet you are always expanding and becoming more. And you are everything you wish to be, and yet the journey of becoming is so beautiful.

We invite you to be in the New Earth reality that you individually and collectively created here and now. Everything is here. Everything is available to you now. So play, create, have fun. You are Creator of a New Earth. You are playing the master’s game of life.

And as you go forth from here into new levels of this journey, into new adventures and new creations and new ways of expansion and the experiences that will result from you focusing on the realities that you choose for you, you will begin to see the New Earth all around you. You will see a beauty and a peace and a harmony that you’ve never seen before. You will see love in your relationships at levels so deep and so beautiful. You will see abundance in everything, and abundance will show up to you in limitless ways. If you can be so bold as to allow the richness of life to present itself to you, you will experience the most extraordinary life if it is your choosing. You don’t all have to choose the same. In fact, no two of you will choose it exactly the same way. And yet that is perfect. That leads to more expansion and more beauty and more potential and more possibilities and more creation and more love and more fun.

You have gone beyond transcendence here to ascend into the highest levels of consciousness available to you. You will create and play in new levels of reality as the master that you are. Remember always that you in any moment can choose to come into awareness, an awareness and a perspective that is aligned to the consciousness of God, the consciousness of unity and oneness, where you remember that you are the universe and the universe is you.

There is so much that you believe still now about your world and your reality that is based in lack and limitation. You believe your universe looks a certain way, that your solar system looks a certain way, that your planet looks a certain way, that the Earth looks a certain way, and yet we see a completely different perspective. We see a completely different universe. Explore everything with new eyes from this new state of consciousness in this new energy as if you have never observed any of this before and you will see realities from an awareness where everything will look new to you.

The old Earth is not a bad Earth. It’s not a wrong Earth. It’s not an Earth that needs to be changed or fixed. It’s a springboard to the new, to the New Earth, to new levels of creation, to new levels of reality, to new potentials and possibilities that were all seeded by you as you focused yourself into this human experience.

You are going to see advancements in human consciousness at expedited rates like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You are going to see innovation and technological advancements in the weeks and months and years to come that will propel your realities into experiences that in this moment you can’t even imagine. And all of it is so good. And you are the creators of a New Earth. You are not the savers of the old Earth. You are not the fixers of the old Earth. You are the creators of a New Earth. Remember.

And ask yourself, especially now, how would the master play this game of life? How would the master play the game of life? Because you are the master. You are the master, and you are playing the master’s game of life. What would the master eat? What would the master drink? What would the master wear? Where would the master go? How would the master speak? How would the master think? What would the master create? How would the master love? How would the master? How would the master? How would the master—the enlightened master, the realized master, the ascended master?

You are us, and we are you, and we are a collective of ascended master beings, which means you are a collective of ascended master beings on Earth. Can you really take that in? We invite you to really take that in. You are us, and we are you, and we are a collective of ascended master beings, which means you are a collective of ascended master beings. You are the master. You are the Creator. You are everything you wish to be. You already are.

So, it is so very important for you to play, for you to have fun, and for you to focus on creating. It is so important for you to feel joy and peace and freedom, and it is so important for you to feel all the love that is within you, and it is so important for you to allow your abundance, and it is so important for you to allow your wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter. Not one thing prior to this moment now matters. Not how many times you have tried to heal that illness or create wealth or make more money or fix that relationship or manifest that soulmate. It doesn’t matter—anything before now—because you have a new operating system now. You’re in a new vibration. You’re in a new frequency. You’re playing a new game. Can you allow healing, abundance, wellbeing, freedom, peace, joy? Can you allow it?

And that doesn’t mean that you don’t have moments where you shed a tear for those that you love or you in a moment wish different of some circumstance or condition. It means that you can stay conscious and present and aware such that in all moments you’re still allowing your wellbeing, you are still allowing peace, you are still allowing love. You can navigate through everything while still allowing joy and peace and love and harmony and wellbeing and abundance and freedom. And the more you play and the more you have fun and the more you experience creativity and expansion and express all that you are and create your experiences, the more you will expand the love and the joy and the peace and harmony and the freedom and the wellbeing and the abundance and the beauty in every aspect of your life, within every dimension of consciousness, to every extension of Source that is the multidimensional being that you are. Play, create, have fun, breathe. And so it is.

**Channel: Sara London


3 Replies to “The Wisdom of The Council: The Master’s Game of Life”

  1. Harriet

    They talk about fun in this article… and this article is fun to read! I’m so inspired and what I’ve been feeling has been confirmed. It’s so refreshing and powerful. Thank you.

      1. Claudia

        “Me too” lol… Couldn´t really read/take it in yesterday but “TODAY I CAN” understand that what “I”´ve understood/learned some years back was all truly true but ONLY NOW I understand WHY this one “I” liked best:

        “I saw/felt/realized” FROM MANY PERSPECTIVES that “THE NEW SYSTEM” had to SERVE EVERYONE EQUALLY!… regardless how evolved or not evolved…

        “FROM A PLACE” where you CAN have everything it´s not hard to realize how uninspiring this is/feels right? How many “STARS” have killed themselves bc of “that void”?… “that has only moved” to a new place now…

        [“JeeesusChrist I´m getting it” WHILE/BECAUSE OF writing this… so now EVEN THAT i felt right about all along… “i” have/had to always “MAKE A FOOL OF MYSELF” by writing what I HAD TO write here “KNOWING” that nobody would understand WHAT GEMS “I” was giving away…]

        So my gratitude goes out to Sara London, Harriet and Mike Ohira bc ALWAYS GIVING CREDIT is another vital rule of “THE GAME”, believe it or not…