lightworker eraoflightdotcomWhile many understand the term “reincarnation” to indicate the journey of a soul through various bodies of incarnation, I’d like to provide another term to help you remember the significance of why we are here during a time of planetary expansion.

A few years ago, the Universe taught me a word called “meta-incarnation”.

It refers to the quantum understanding that not only have we incarnated many times before, but to also acknowledge how this isn’t the first time each of us have lived out this exact lifetime, as the characters we view ourselves to be.

This will explain the phenomenon of intuition as the pings to follow certain courses of action. Why Because you’ve lived this exact lifetime many times before. Intuition is how you begin to remember this truth and why you came again to do things differently.

It’s as if the ascension lifetime is one of the soul’s favorite movies in its cosmic Netflix account. When souls watch movies of lifetimes, they go along for the journey of a main character by incarnating into their world of evolution in an experience called astral projection.

The more times a soul lives out a particular astral-projected incarnation, the faster they wake up within it. The objective is to be as liberated, boundless, infinite, and immortal as the soul experiences itself within the domain of heaven, while incarnated in a world of form. The deeper a soul wakes up in form, the more the world in view transforms into higher frequencies of light.

This may shed greater perspective on why some are so adamant on not wanting to come back. It is a deep-rooted declaration emanating from the soul, indicating that it has learned and grown from this meta-incarnation, to the point of being ready to move on to greater adventures.

This also means you are currently reading these words in Heaven while experiencing yourself as an astral projected character in a world called Earth.

Why doesn’t it feel like Heaven? Perhaps because you thought you were somewhere else.

Why don’t you always feel like an angel in Heaven enjoying multi-dimensional Netflix?

Maybe you were lead to believe you were someone else.

The point isn’t to deny the body, mind, ego, world or dream, but to fully wake up within it for the transformation and expansion of all incarnating dreamers.

This is the heart of realization.

All For Love,