Aya from the Pleiadian Collective: The Frequency Of Consciousness

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomPrecious Beloved Ones!

As We Prepare Our Hearts To Communicate In Love, Know That You Are Life Itself Expressing In Form.

The Words That You Receive As A Vibrational Frequency Are Those Of The Highest Intention For Your Being.

I Love You Deeply!

I Love You So!

In Other Waking Dreams You Knew Nothing Of The Lives On Other Regions Of The Planet.

You Knew Nothing Of There Being Other Inhabited Places On The Planet.

Therefore, There Was No News Of Events

There Were Small Groups That Lived As Tribes And Survived From The Offerings Of The Earth.

These Humans Had No Religion Bound Up In Chapter And Verse, Yet They Understood Spirit Very Well.

For All Life Is Spirit In Form And Formless.

God Is Expressing All Life.

You Are This Life.

You Are One Way God Is Expressing.

The Sacred Planet Earth With All Nature And Animals Are Also Of The One Source Of Divine Power And Intelligence.

The Frequency Of Consciousness That Continues To Expand And Give Life Dreams To You.

You Were Created With Intention And Power And Given Free Will As You Began In Many Locations (Dimensions) In The Vast Multiverses.

The Densities (Vibrational Frequencies) Are As Varied As Beings So That You Experience One Density While On Earth In Order To Remain Grounded While Living In Duality.

The Unseen Lives Around You In Higher Frequencies Are Having The Experience Of Multidimensional Reality, Which Means They Perceive You In 3-D.

You Are Returning To Multidimensional Life.

This Is Your Natural State Of Being.

What You Have Been Told Is The End, Will Be The Beginning.

What You Have Believed Is Real Is Illusion.

You Chose This Dream For The Particular Experience And Challenges To Allow You To Fully Awaken To Spirit And Return To A Life Of Paradise With Many Lessons Learned.

In The Perceived Linear Time Of History To You, Pleiadians Visited And Brought Many Gifts.

We Brought Many Animals, Flowers, Methods Of Architecture, Art, Music And Instruments And Energy Healing.

KEE AH SHA, Means, ‘Be Healed Now’, And Is Repeated Three Times As You Touch The Center Of The Forehead With One Finger.

Many On Earth NOW Receive Healing And Relief When Using This Method And Believing.

For You Must Believe To Have Faith.

The Feeling In The Heart Chakra Will Allow You To Understand If Belief Is Present.

If You Could Understand The Importance To Guard Your Heart And Monitor The Frequencies You Are Bombarded With Continually, You Would Stop Watching News Reports And Find Gratitude For What You Know As Truth Within.

You Are Capable Of Hearing More Bad News In One Day NOW, As The Amount You Heard In An Entire Life Story In Perceived History.

You Have Phones, TV’s, Head-sets, Radios, Social Media And Many Other Forms Of Communication.

You Hear Repeated Stories Of Horror And Pass It On.

Many Choose To Watch Movies Of Fear, Death And Destruction, Not Understanding That Each Word And Feeling Carries A Vibrational Frequency Which You Choose To Allow In.

Most Would Agree They Would Choose Peace And Good Health In Their Life.

You Must Stop The Endless Poisoning Of Your Mind And Body.

You Have Choices Of Food, Entertainment And Communication.

Everyone Is Affecting The Whole.

All Is Connected By Energetic Strands Of Living Essence. You Can Change Your Life NOW And Heal The Planet From This Moment.

There Is More That I Desire To Express But We Are Limited In Moments On A Reading Forum.

I Will Continue To Speak Words Over You And Send Love And Much Light To Your Heart Chakra!

Love One Another! Make Life Choices That Are Beneficial To Self And All Others.

Be As ONE.

There Are No Words To Express The Sacred Essence That You Truly Are!

I Hold You Softly In My Heart Until We Meet Again Face To Face!

I Love You So!

**Channel: Judith